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Found 4 results

  1. As some of you know, my daughter has been dealing with a virus for the past few days.I took her to the ER on Thursday where they gave her a flu test and told me that the test was negative but could it still be the flu. As of yesterday morning, she no longer has a fever. I kept her home from school today just for good measure but she still has a mild productive cough. I worry that she is still contagious and am unsure if I should send her back to school tomorrow. The school policy is that they have to be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine but I read online that they could be contagious for up to 7 days after the onset of symptoms. The stuffiness and cough is all that is left. I tried calling her pediatrician but they couldn't tell me without seeing her.The problem with that is she doesn't have health insurance until March 1st and we can't afford a 100$ office visit. Do you think I should send her to school or give it another day? I've been treating her cough with Mucinex and cough and cold meds. Honestly, my cough is worse than hers and I just have rhinitis. Also, I'm still limiting her in terms of roaming the house out or fear of her infecting anyone else if she is still contagious. FYI: She is feeling 10x better. She has been playing and laughing all day and even said she WANTS to go back to school which is a miracle in and of itself. Other than a cough once and a while and some stuffiness, she seems fine. My youngest has a cold and has been coughing more than her. UGH. IDK what to do
  2. Hello! My twitches and body buzzing went away. You guys were my real support here. My another problem are infections. I am a primary school teacher. I used to get sick a lot since I have worked at school (7years). Just as a school starts I get sick. Flu, sinusitis, throat. I have to stay at home for1-2 weeks. In March I had severe sinusitis. I was in panic I have tumor or sth but Ct scan is clear. Now, 2 weeks after school starts I am in bed with flu, sore throat, runny nose and headache. I am scared that often infections can be sign of leukemia however, my blood tests are perfect. My doctor said it can be sth wrong with my immune system. But if you google it, terrible things are coming I am scared to go to work again that I will be sick after a week again. My collegues dont get sick so often. I feel weaker than other people, more sick etc. And kind of guilty. Other people work,do a lot of things and when I start to work I get sick. I take vitamins, try to move a lot, eat veggies, fruits but nothing helps.
  3. Hi, all. I've just registered to this site. Yesterday I was diagnosed by a NP with type A flu (tested positive). I'm 17, female, and overweight. I've had the typical symptoms and the fever seems to have gone down. This morning though I discovered some petechiae rashes on my right arm, upper and lower (no where else) I know the difference between small red dots from sun exposure to this. Should I be worried? Thanks for your help they seem to be popping up out of nowhere.
  4. During the latter Spring and entire Summer, I find myself at my most peaceful. Viruses that spread seem to frequent the colder seasons and the holidays/events, which in turn tends to exacerbate the dispersal of those viruses. It's not the trivial colds that frighten me, but the ones that use my emetophobia to bring me to my knees. If someone gets sick, even if it is in an entirely different state on the opposite coast I find myself in a state of panic just by the thought. Lately I have entered a state of introspection that leads me to believe that due to this phobia, among other things, I am a burden to the close few around me. I pushed off seeing my girlfriend of several years by 2 weeks because her household has fell victim to what would clearly immobilize me in both senses. It has planted the thought in my head that she deserves better than someone like me, who would quarantine her for being ill out of pure fear and void of logic. I suppose the purpose of me posting this is to see if others have had similar feelings or situations, or could even offer advice to cope with this madness. It is slowly eating away at me and making life incredibly difficult.