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Found 5 results

  1. Hi all I am new here I have fought with anxiety mainly health anxiety and ocd for decades. I am on SSI because of it as well as outpatient. I have been married for 20 yrs. I am a mom of a 22 yr old and 16 yr old. very busy and active in our church but deep down I have been fighting since the 90's. & needless to say this new current event that's freaking everyone out is waking up every fear that I have. Jumping out of my sleep and all. really would be great to meet people who can relate. oh yea I am 44 from Philadelphia
  2. I have this issue every time I travel to meet up with my boyfriend in his city or mine i always get really bad anxiety I can’t eat or sleep I feel sick just a little background info I met my boyfriend while on vacation I was coming out of a divorce and stayed single for two years and met him I was so anxious and now I get like that every time I see him please help
  3. Hello again, im recovering from my pneumonia. ive been fine for 2 weeks now but i still have pain in my chest and lungs. especially on the left side of my lung by my heart. Is there anyone that had these symptoms during the recovery from pneumonia? My anxeity says its the heart that is hurting, but i did an ekg and it was fine. im 21 years old and healthy otherwise. Help please ?
  4. ive been experiencing alot of anxeity during my pneumonia illness. Lying afraid to move so the bacteria wont spread to my blood and heart. Even if i was on antibiotics i didnt trust the doctors to make me well. I even told my husband that if i die in my sleep he needs to put a hard surface underneath me so he can do CPR in bed. Things have gone out of control. Ive had multiple panic attacks, i should seek help for this but im too ashamed. And thats how i ended up here. It feels good not to be alone. Maybe this can help me, writing about my anxeity issues.
  5. Many people recently made me scared to open up. I feel like I have to hide and fix myself before I'm really accepted back into society. I've spent day on Instagram and Pinterest typing in "Anxiety" just to see some people do understand, but I don't know them which sucks. When I was little, my grandmother said I was never that happy, I was always sad. I remember going to school and trying to talk and help everyone I could, but I stopped after I turned 7. I stopped trying to make friends. However, I did still help people with their problems. After I helped I was alone again because they moved on to their friends who weren't helping. High school came and I couldn't wait for that bell to ring to go home, back into my room, waiting for the next day to come and go. Never looking forward to nothing. Soon I developed a fear of meeting/talking to people, messing up, public humiliation, leaving my room, going outside for anything. I didn't think too much of it. I thought I was just scared all the time. After giving birth to my daughter, a social worker caught me crying and asked why. I told her I was scared and sad all the time. I got therapy after that. A few months ago, I lost everything. My fiance, my home, most of my friends, my job (that I was forced to get even though I wasn't mentally ready), and my medical. My family made me feel worse. My ex makes me scared to go outside or move on. My friends aren't that supportive. After so many panic attacks, I feel as though I'm not strong enough to make it through. I just don't want to be alone anymore.