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  1. Hi! Long story short. I had bm's yesterday and today and they were both the color of dark gray at first glance. I can't even pin point if it's a dark moss green or maybe a mixture of dark brown with dark green. It just looks dark grayish, but not black. I'm not sure why its that color, im freaking out a little. I haven't ate anything that would change the color, Except maybe wine I had two nights ago. This is the first time it's happened, other times its shades of brown. I'm also concerned because I have been having low back pain off and on and my stomach has not been normal, no pain just bloating and gurgling, and some indigestion. Is it all linked together? Should I be concerned or am I overthinking?
  2. Thanks for the quick reply! Easier said then done to not think about it, though I'm trying. Have you had them in both eyes or just one? And I also want to say Holls you're great! I think you've answered a few of my posts before.
  3. Just wondering if anyone had an issue with eye twitching? Both my eyes twitch...a lot randomly during the day. It's kind of concerning. Not at the same time, but one day it will be my left then my right. Yesterday, my left eye was twitching, then all of a sudden I felt tension from my neck up (not sure if this was from anxiety intensifying from the eye twitching) then I had a headache. This is what concerns me. No headache today but now my right eye is twitching. But I'm not even sure if it's from stress, anxiety, or allergies or just not having a good nights sleep since Wednesday. I'm just worried about it.
  4. Ok. My anxiety has gotten the best of me. I was good yesterday and didn't check my neck for the same node and I was fine all day. I checked it today, and it's still there and now I feel overwhelmed because I expected it to be completely gone. It didn't get bigger, and it may have gotten a tiny bit smaller. I decided just call my doctor and I hope to be able to see her soon. I didn't want to because I really don't want to take a tests for it because it adds to my anxiety. Encouragement please.
  5. Thanks for the replies. Hopefully I'll get back the poking and prodding stage. And keep in mind that it may not get back to normal size for a while and that it hasn't grown but has gotten smaller. Easier said then done.
  6. Would you know how long it would take for it to get smaller? Or completely gone? I turn my neck a certain way and I can see a slight shape of flat bump.
  7. Thank you for your reply. I will try my best to not recheck all the time. It's just scary to feel a lump.
  8. Hi. Here's what I'm freaking out about. Last week I got sick on Wednesday had a sore throat until Friday and had the usual stuffy nose and fatigue. On the same Friday I was feeling around my neck in the shower and notice a lumo on my right side the size of a kidney bean! Yikes. My anxiety sky rocketed. Since then I've been rechecking constantly which gives me even more anxiety. I got over being sick, and the lump is still there but feels more like a rice grain and a little flatter. This has never happened before, at least I haven't noticed. I've been to the doctor before a couple years when I was sick in the past and she had said my lympnodes were a little swollen but it was normal. But never really noticed it myself. I'm scared because its still there and hasn't completely gone away! Thinking the worst possible. Please any insight or suggestions.
  9. I really have to work on just flushing. I have a hard time not inspecting or checking. Its also hard for me to accept that stool comes in different shape and sizes every time. Especially when i google and one person had one sided flat stool or an indention in their stool and had anal cancer. But I guess other serious symptoms would be present unless I'm that one person that didn't have any symptoms. Ugh. Here I go with the overthinking. Thanks for your reply.
  10. I haven't checked in for a couple of weeks, Thanks to those that replied! I just don't understand how the shape of my stool can change in a matter of days, mostly at the tip of my stool, the last part of my movement. Today one side of it was flat...days before it wasn't. It varies. Now my fear of colon cancer have changed to anal/rectal cancer. I've had a rectal exam back in July and the doctor saw nothing, could it have just come up?
  11. Hi This morning I had a BM and noticed that at the end part of my stool was super thin! Yikes. It scared me...even though the rest of it was larger. There was no pain, no blood. Just the shape at the last part or tip I should say was super flat and thinner than pencil thin. I'm freaking out because I googled of course and Colon cancer came up, and as I looked at other symptoms Anemia was one of them. I had a blood test taken in January and it showed a borderline low MCHC level which indicates low iron...anemia. So many things going on in my mind right now. I'm trying not to let it get to me. Could it be early signs of cancer? And I not even know it...because of course this is a cancer that usually don't present symptoms until it's too late.
  12. Thanks again for replying. It's appreciated.
  13. Thanks for your reply. Does anyone know if hemorrhoids don't always bleed?
  14. Hi - Need some insight, please. I apologize in advance if this is too much info. Last week Thursday through Saturday I didn't have a BM.( Bloated). On Sunday, I had a large BM, and wasn't completely done I had to go more than once right after the other twice. It felt crampy, and by the second BM my bum was burning. Since then I've had a regular BM maybe every other day, slight burning (possibly from the previous large bms) but no pain, no bleeding. However, yesterday I noticed that the last piece of my BM had a slight indentation all the way through ( 2 or 3 inches)... the other piece was ok. no indentation. Today my BM wasn't as large, but again the last of it had an indentation which was more definite but it wasn't quite all the way through just the last 1/2 inch. The other pieces were ok. no indentation. Hoping this is due to my anal skin tag that may have gotten irritated within my rectum with the constipation and large BM previously last week and the swelling hasn't quite gone down. Being that it only happens at the end of my BM not throughout. My BM's are soft, and is a type 4 on the Bristol Stool chart. I feel like there is tumor I can't feel and it's definite cancer. Am I over reacting? The last time I had a rectal exam was back in July, which was normal.
  15. Thanks for the replies! I feel like me stressing over it, is making it worse. Right now my fear is ovarian cancer among other things going on I've read that it's a symptom of it. And I'm literally thinking about it all day.