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Found 7 results

  1. Hello. I need help with my anxiety. I don't want to take any medications anymore. I don't know how many times I've been to the doctors and hospitals for the last 15 years and it's getting worse. I've already thrown out all medications except 1 that I will use once or twice a week but I don't want to anymore. It's becoming almost impossible for me to stop having anxiety and panic attacks. I get so sick that I can't even leave my room or allot of times I don't want to even leave my own bed. Going out to go grocery shopping or other simple tasks as this are a nightmare to me. And then I become so paranoid & fear kicks in, then my anxiety becomes very high spiked within 2-3 seconds and takes hours or days to yet and stop workout medication. I'm throwing away the rest of the medication. I want to do this on my own. Please help me? I wasn't raised to be like this. There is allot I have to deal with that are major changes from my past, present and future that are hugely effecting me. I'm freaking out about all of it to where my entire body, internal senses and everything else just freeze, cramp up, I can't breathe, I can't think to breathe because I'm freaking out bad at not knowing what's going to happen next in that moment or the future. Does anyone have an good advice that I can try. I've never asked for help like this before. Thank you so much. ?Behealthy ❤️
  2. Sorry, this post may be lacking in structure, but I have so much to get off my chest!! Dx I'm a 21 year old female. Over the past winter I had gotten over a mild case of pneumonia that lasted for about a month and a half, and ever since I'd gotten over it I felt fine aside from the fact that I've had a preoccupation with my breathing (which I was just told I also have sensorimotor OCD, as I also have ruminations with other things that will take too long to explain) and now I have absolutely no idea if my mind is simply catastrophizing the situation and making it much worse than it actually is or if I'm actually getting sick again. This isn't really new for me, but I sometimes can't help thinking that my predictions must be true. I am beginning to despise AND fear living inside of my mind because regardless of how I am able to get over one thing, a new thought introduces itself and creates room for more ruminations, therefore causing a panic attack to occur. I just wish I knew if my symptoms were psychosomatic and not actually real. I've been so focused on breathing that I think I am overdoing it and causing my back to go sore, and each time I feel one small difference in the way I breathe my heart starts to pound and I panic. That just makes me think, gee, if I have problems breathing then it must be serious... I always worry that an illness will attack my lungs and prevent me from living my life the way I want to (I would love to travel, sight see and pursue music). I absolutely hate it and just need a little bit of support in the mean time....thanks in advance :3
  3. I was laying on the couch trying to take a nap and I was having some muscle twitches in my legs and arms. But I had one that felt like it was in my chest and made me take a deep breath. Not really a gasp but just a very deep breath. I wasn't having trouble breathing. Has this happened to anyone? Now I'm afraid to sleep because I'm afraid i'll stop breathing.
  4. Mostly during the day I'm fine, but I've noticed sometimes it feels a little hard to breathe and my heart feels weird, this usually happens if I'm sitting down and not doing anything. If I'm doing something or if I'm with my friends it doesn't happen. Is this general or anxiety or is it something I should get checked out? Like it's not a panic attack or anything, it's just really uncomfortable and annoying, but sometimes it leads on to a panic attack. Thank you to anyone who replies
  5. Just a couple hours ago, I had the worse panic attack I've ever had. I was at my friend's house with 5 of my friends and we were all watching tv and no one was home. I was laying down on the couch when suddenly my throat started burning a lot, like I've never felt that sensation before. So I asked one of my friends to look in my throat with a flashlight and she said my toncils were kind of swollen. For some reason that triggered something and suddenly my throat closed up and I it really felt like I couldn't breathe. I don't remember this, but according to my friends when that happened I fell on the floor, but then after like a second I got back up and I was dizzy and shaking. Then I clutched onto one of my friends shirts and I started screaming at the top of my lungs that I couldn't breathe and that they needed to call the hospital. I then started crying and my friends were hugging me and trying to comfort me. One of my friends called her mom and her mom told them to bring me outside and when we got outside I felt a lot better, but I was shaking violently. I then got picked up and I took a hot shower and I feel a lot better now and tomorrow I'm going to go to the doctors to make sure it's not something more than just a panic attack. It just really freaked me out, that's the worse it's ever gotten and that's the first time I've had one in front of my friends
  6. I just recently got a stuffy nose and a sore throat. Just today I started coughing a lot and my chest is starting to hurt a little because of the coughing. When I cough I don't get any mucus, but when I blow my nose it's yellow. I also can't tell if I'm having shortness of breath because there's a problem or because of my anxiety because I'm constantly thinking about my breathing, does anyone know? Thanks
  7. Hello everyone,....its been quite a while since being on here, ..needless to say, i've been through every possible stage of dealing with anxiety. I have been really getting frequent panic attacks lately, and im not sure why its affecting me so much. Now I find it hard to deal with any form of stress, because my body automatically tightens up and my breathing goes completely out of wack. I recently was diagnosed with sleep apnea, which in my opinion is probably a direct result of being so stressed out. This is getting out of hand and i cant seem to get it under control. For some reason im getting dizzy spells and i just dont feel like my air intake is sufficent. It just seems like my breathing is completely altered and i dont know what to do. All of this due to stress... I have panic attacks at least 3 times a week now... I know how to sort of talk myself out of them so that they dont last long but, it seems like I cant stop them from coming on in the first place. I just feel like I may have a heart condition because the breathlessness and the dizzy spells seem a bit much to just be anxiety.... Does anyone else have breathing issues with their symptoms??? how about dizzy spells?