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  1. So, I've been Agoraphobic for 3 years now. I recently had a doctor come to my house 2 times and each time he has recommended Paxil which I have never heard of. My only problem is I am afraid to even consider it due to the fact Prozac made my anxiety/agoraphobia ignite in the past which was the downfall of me becoming completely housebound in 2014. I did do phone counseling back in February and the counselor said it could of been because Prozac was a anti-depressant and they only gave it to me because it worked on my Mom, when in reality I've thankfully never been depressed just very anxious which the doctor said Paxil is made just for anxiety. Would anyone advise trying it, or just trying to go the natural route. I asked if I could get better by working out, eating better, and just trying to be healthier and he said that it would not work so that's my other dilemma. I only have spoken to him from 2 15-30 minute home appointments and he recommended it in the first 5 minutes of knowing me which just makes it hard to trust his opinion even though he was nice. I am just anxious even considering taking it due to what happened last time.
  2. Thanks guys, I'll have to check out those books. I was thinking about doing a journal but don't know if I would be consistent enough to but I will try to give it a shot. I just wish there was some kind of online therapy/counseling I could find sometime. I have also been trying to eat and drink better on the side to see if it helps.
  3. Just curious, I have had Agoraphobia for 2 years and I really want to get the help I need for it but it's hard since I can't leave the house. Does anyone know of a program for online counseling to help with treating Agoraphobia? I have had no luck finding anything yet but really want to.
  4. Hey Dark, I am in the exact same boat as you. I am also 17, I had to take prozac and made my anxiety and agoraphobia worse, Agoraphobia started in about march, and well I got some things that could help. 1. Trust in someone you know (Like family): I have a hard time getting out myself, I find it to be so much to handle however with someone I trust with me I can get out slowly. 2. Use what you have: When I say that I mean don't jump to the next level, wherever you have trouble getting out the most make that a goal and start with a place that you have trouble getting to but not as bad. Like I can't go to the store however lately I try to take walks around my neighborhood to help either with music or family. 3. Believe in yourself: It is hard, I find myself at times sittintg there wanting my freedom back however the key is that you have your freedom its just blocked by thoughts. I know when people say try to calm its not as easy as it seems however just try to start small but always go one step further than the last time. We will get through this, think of it like this: We are being trained to handle anxiety and agoraphobia to learn and be stronger later, And I know school is hard (I had to drop out and go to online) but there is still hope. Keep fighting, work slowly and try your best and know whatever happens it will be alright. And you know, If you need to talk I am here for you.
  5. You just described what happened to me today actually, I have had the breathing issues for awhile now where it feels like my throat is tight and I get lightheaded, and when I try to lay down it feels worse. At least I know someone else who knows what is happening, are you by any chance feeling the need to drink water for your throat too?
  6. So, It started 2 days ago when I woke up and in bed I felt sick, light headed, and my breathing has been bad too (It gets worse when I lay down) This morning at 1am I woke up to all this plus I had uncontrollable shaky almost to the point I could not move it felt like. I had to call someone to get me water because I felt if I got up I would have passed out. And ever since that time I have been up and terrified to go back to sleep. But I need to sleep eventually. I am tired and I feel like just breaking down. Also ever since that my stomach has hurt very bad too which has not been fun or easy either. Any ideas of what it could be? I probably won't be able to fall asleep anymore if not the same.
  7. I can relate, I have a sense of a taste/smell that causes me to go into panic mode from a past event that happened back in March. Ever since then whenever it pops up I have to leave that area/room.
  8. First off, I just want to get the small story of my anxiety and how it is possible to get though it. Back early 2013 I was diagnosed with Anxiety and Agoraphobia, I was scared and could not really go much places. I had to leave the movie theater one day and to this day never went back. I eventually got slightly better and went of vacation. At the end of that I returned to school. (I am only 16) I got through the first semester ok however after winter break it got bad again. School was stressing me out, they put me on Prozac and after a month of that well that's where it got bad. April 13th this year I remember riding to my doctors appointment and 40 minutes away from home on the free way I got light headed and I was scared for my life, because my anxiety was hard to handle and I found out the Prozac made it worse than it's ever been. I got kicked out of school after I could not go and never went out not even to the closest store. At that point I can admit I just wanted to give up and not try anymore. But at the end of May I really could not stand my anxiety anymore. I developed many ways I could calm myself and I can say I still have my Anxiety and Agoraphobia but I can go places more now, I worry and panic less, and I wanted to share this with you guys because I want to help others. My tips I have used (And still use) are simple once you get used to them, which took me around a week or 2 to get used to them. 1. "If I got through it before and I made it out alright I can get through it this time" That means I may have had a bad panic attack last week going out, however I made it through so I know I will be ok. 2. Think about what you did without anxiety. This one is hard for me because I have changed so much however it is for the best. You tell yourself I used to be able to make it out to these places, and do these things so what is the difference now? Yes anxiety is the difference but really anxiety is what you make of it. (Just a warning, this is what I do. It is different from most things people do to help/calm their panic but I just wanted to share because it's gotten me very far) 3. Test your symptoms. I kind of made this up on my own and it does help me understand I am alright.Now what do I mean by that? One of my bad symptoms is vertigo and lightheadedness, I test it by standing on 1 leg balancing myself and if I can stay balanced I am not really light headed. There has to be a way to test out your symptoms and it would not hurt to try. 4. Start small. Don't worry about people pushing you to do thing you don't want to do. But that doesn't mean to not push yourself. An example is for my agoraphobia I now take daily rides around town as far as I can handle. Do not be afraid to stop early, if you can just get through the small parts you can eventually go for the bigger challenges. 5. This is just something I do, it helps me understand and it may or may not work for others however it's worth sharing. What I do whenever I am in the shower is I start out normal but then turn the water up warmer and warmer to where I it is burning. (I hate hot water because it burns very bad) I put myself through it and say "If I can experience the pain (Anxiety) in the beginning but get used to it and not feel it in the end I can do the same with my anxiety. 6. Believe in yourself. The most important part, if you don't believe in yourself you are telling your mind you don't want to get better. 7. Make yourself confortable. Whatever it takes is what counts. When I go out in public I have to take Jolly ranchers to distract me, my 3ds, Headphones and phone for music, water bottle, and a soda. They are just there to calm me and most of the time I do not need to use them. If there is something that helps calm you down that is portable and easy to bring around do it. It can distract you and even by distracting yourself you are still learning you can face your anxiety. That is what I have done so far to help my anxiety and let me just say the changes have been BIG. One month ago I would cry if I had to go out, Now I can get out and work with my anxiety. I was out 2 days ago for over an hour, I even went to the mall which is farther away from home and crowded. And honestly, if anyone needs someone to talk to let me know, I love helping others feel better and making sure everyone is alright. Because I care about you all and want the same for you. That's why I wrote this long message. Now with that being said I hope this helps as many people as it can and to end this I am going to add some quotes I wrote that can I feel is appropriate to add. "all the problems now are only temporary if you work hard, drive yourself and you will do great" "When people say start out small, listen but take the risks and challenges to grow strong" This post has been promoted to an article
  9. Lately, my anxiety has been messing with me very bad. I have not been outside (Not even made a step outside) in over a week. I have had countless trips to having to sit in the shower for countless hours and coming out to be panicked again. At night when I am in bed I panic and it keeps me awake. Lately though, I have tried my best to stay positive and I thought it would be something to share. The past few weeks I may have had bad anxiety however I have always tried out some things and they are helping. 1 thing I have told myself is nothing will happen, and how do I know nothing will happen because if it did not happen the last 50+ times I have panicked it's not going to happen now. (Note: I am 16 years old however I have had panic attacks for over a year now to the point I got kicked out of school because I could not go) I have done thinking about "Why was I given anxiety and agoraphobia" and "Why do I panic so much". Well, it's hard to deal with and I can't stand it because it has taken a lot away from me.... but has also given me a lot. I can say I do not like dealing with anxiety however I am thankful for it. Now you may be going "Who on earth would be thankful for something like that" It's simple. Back when I did not have anxiety I did not care much about anything. However with anxiety I realized a lot about my life, and still do from it. I feel if I never had anxiety I would not be the person I am today, And I would not. Without anxiety I would have not been able to meet some of my greatest friends, some of them being here on this website. Yes, a lot has changed negativity as in not being able to hang out with friends, go to the movies and enjoy the things I miss out on now with my friends and family, but I have been given the knowledge to help others, to be a more caring person. And truly, to go through all these panic attacks has given me a better view on life and how much it's worth. Right now I have a bit of panic writing this however I am telling myself "I made it this far in life with panic attacks, I can get through the other half just like I did the last time". So, my point being this: Anxiety has caused a lot of negative things in my life, but it has also returned the favor and helping me understand my life more, how to help others through my experiences, and well.... It's given this community and I found some amazing people Anxiety can be hard, but staying positive fights it away. And if anyone needs someone to talk to I am always here, I may only be 16 however I care for anyone of any age, because we should all have someone to when we need someone.
  10. Lately I have had my airway get tight and I don't know but I think it could be my panic however I am not sure. It's lasted for a week or so now and every day it gets slightly worse and I can't sleep well at night because I worry about I will lose oxygen when I go to sleep. I can't go to a doctor because it is over 40+ minutes away and I have bad agoraphobia so I don't know what to do.
  11. Hey. I am new to the forums and looking for some people to talk to about anxiety and agoraphobia. I am 16 years old, I can't leave the house without having a panic attack where I nearly pass out and my school is trying to bill me for absences and I just need to talk and be with people who are like me. I have had anxiety for over a year now however it has hit it's point where I am crying when I have to even go to a store. I hope we can talk soon because I would really appreciate it.