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  1. hey im 21 and im always getting the same feelimgs. most people cant understand what being 21 is like and having anxiety is like. maybe sometime we can talk? your my age which is easier to relate stuff to ha

  2. Alexa


    I'm experiencing a bad bout of insomnia and have been for 2 weeks. I have always had problems sleeping and staying asleep but this is unbareable. I have barely been eating because my appetite is gone for some reason and i'm already underweight. I can't focus properly at college and my grades are going to fall. My physician prescribed me a small dose of Ambien and i'm scared to take it because I read all these scarey possible side effects. My living situation is crappy because I live with my dad, his gf and her children and I hate them all to put it bluntly. I'm close to my grandmother but I don't want to put a burden on her by moving in and I wouldn't be able to take my dog with me. Sorry I went off topic but has anyone taken ambien or other sleeping pills and can offer me some advice?
  3. It sucks hey :/ Oh well at least we're not alone Interesting point crazy Thanks for the replies xo
  4. I find that certain smells trigger feelings of intense panic. It's like I remember the smell and it brings it all back and I get flashbacks almost. Does anyone else find this?
  5. Alexa

    Hi there

    I see a psychiatrist fortnightly which helps a bit but it's still kinda lonely. Glad to hear Nik
  6. Alexa

    Hi there

    Only in the last 2 or 3 years. What about you?
  7. Hello everybody, I'm Alexa, 20, and I suffer from PTSD and GAD. I guess i'm looking for other people who understand what i'm going through because not many people around me do. Peace out.