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  1. Try Everybody Love Raymond sometime. Pretty funny!:) Seinfeld is my all time favorite. I watch it every day. Still makes me laugh know matter how many times I've seen it!
  2. Hi Flagirl So sorry to hear about your mom. I am facing the same thing. My mother's health is failing and I'm worried sick. I fear loosing her. I'm closer to her than anyone in the world. Yes, I do experience anxiety and panic 24/7. Day after day. It is exhausting but I deal with it the best I can. I accept it and am thankful for the days that are better than others. Hang in there!
  3. I can't watch much tv because it causes me so much anxiety. My favs are Seinfeld, Friends and Everybody Loves Raymond. Yes, brainless and that's what I like!
  4. Cowboy, everything that has been posted is right on. I've been at the same spot you are at right now many many times. Now, they may not agree with me but I'm going to say it anyway. I'm older and I know that sometimes something could be wrong and I am having a panic attack because of it. Oh, how I can relate. If it would make you feel better to go to the ER, then go. They will check your heart and then you can let it go. I've done it before. Know one could tell me any different. I was going regardless of what they were telling me. It is your choice. You want peace of mind. I get it. I've dealt with many mental issues for 15 years and there are still times I can't let it go. Just reading this is causing me to go into panic mode because I know how you feel. I really hate it for you.
  5. Awsome! When you have severe anxiety, panic, depression and so on its hard to have a good outlook on anything. I'm drained around the clock. Lately, I have really worked on the positive. In reality, I have a lot to be thankful for. Yesterday I was at the Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners office which is always a struggle just to sit in waiting area with other patients. Big fear to be there. The man sitting next to me started talking to me and we had a nice conversation. When the Nurse Practitioner opened the door to call me back she saw him talking to me. When the door closed she asked me if I was o.k. She knows how all these things sends my anxiety through the roof. Funny thing is I enjoyed our conversation. He was very polite and friendly. She was very proud that I was comfortable with that. It really lifted my spirits that I didn't crack under the pressure. I thought how nice it was to be social for just a little while!
  6. Hey Dhicks. When my anxiety started many many years ago it took several antidepressants to find one I could take without side effects. Can't remember which one but it caused me to have constant panic attacks. If I were you I would ask your doctor to prescribe a different one to see how it worked for you. People react differently to each one. Its a trial and error kind of thing. Wish you luck. Hang in there!
  7. Bones0013


    Oh how I hate these stomach problems. This last month has set me way back. Then the last two days has just put me in a dark hole. Family issues has gotten the best of me. When this happens the first thing to go is my stomach. Take one bite of food and straight to the bathroom I go. Thank goodness for my immodium.
  8. Well, that's ridiculous! Sounds like they don't take it serious. Just push us aside and maybe we will go away! Hate that for you Angrry. I know you have had this issue for along time. Please hang in there until you can get some comfort. I think when we get to be our age we don't know when we should worry or blow it off to anxiety. My doctor has moved in with some new doctors. I've been in there so many time in the last couple of months that they know me by name. They probably think I'm a hypochondriac on top of everything else. My ear got stopped up right after I had seen my doctor. I was to embarrassed to make another appointment so I've been using home remedies. Yes, scared to death I will damage my ear drum but I haven't yet.
  9. I experience this also. It doesn't happen often but isn't pleasant when it does. For along time I didn't know what was going on until my psychiatric nurse explained it to me. I've had depression, anxiety, panic. . .for many many years. Had it for so long that I thought it was a part of my depression and anxiety. There are so many symptoms that go along with anxiety that any sensations I get I blame it on anxiety. So far, when I am experiencing these they are gone by the next day. Hang in there!
  10. Hey Ant! This goes with the territory. Anxiety and stomach problems go hand in hand. I have the bloating, burping and passing gas more than I would like to say. Definitely don't lay down after eating. Give your body time to digest your food first. I have this daily. My stomach has become so sensitive that I have had to cut a lot of food out of my diet. I stick to a very bland diet. Don't have a problem with constipation. I am on the other end of the spectrum!
  11. OMG Angrry! 12 - 14 month wait! There must be a shortage in your area. My general practitioner got me into a psychiatric nurse practitioner in a month and she got me into one of the counselors in her office in a month. I should count my blessings. I have been seeing them for two years. I can't imagine not having them. Two great women. Hope you can get to counseling much sooner!
  12. Amen! Thanks Joe for sharing this with us. I am also a Christian and my faith is what gets me through all my fears!
  13. Hi Izzy! Trust what everyone is telling you! I have health anxiety also. I will wake up with some kind of symptom almost every day. If there is something I need to do that day I'm sure I can't do it. I push my self to do it any way. BAM, my mind wanders away from that pain without me even realizing it. If I stop and think about it, yep, pain comes back. I've taught myself to get busy and pains go away. I can sit down and I realize my heart is racing. Yea, I will be honest. It scares me but I immediately start my breathing techniques and it will slow down. Health anxiety is tough but once you accept it you will be amazed what it has done to you mind. Hang in there and remember what everyone has told you. We have all been there and some of us still are.