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  1. Well for over 6 weeks now I have been suffering with pins and needles, body pains and my doctor has put it down to anxiety. Most ppl on here do say these are physical symptoms of anxiety but now I have headaches, shooting pains in fingers and muscle spasms in back and face. My eyes are watering and very itchy. I have been on citalopram nearly 3 weeks and feel it's helped my anxiety but what are all these physical symptoms about??? Surely they can't all be anxiety as I don't feel anxious just now just in agony. Also my feet ache so bad I need to get up and move then I get stabbing pain in back???
  2. Hi everyone well still in pain, seems to be feet and hand pain this week. Doubting very much it anxiety related as I feel ok. So hope to go back to doctor next week.
  3. It's not anxiety because I don't feel anxious and the pain is still there. I have more pain when I try and sleep and diff aches n pains all day.
  4. Hi all. Heart palpitation have stopped but sleeping s hard due to sore arms and legs so finally realised its not due to anxiety as sleeping is worse but not as sore joints when am up. Anxiety without work like that as I have read in post its there all the time.xx
  5. I know you all suffer anxiety and the physical symtoms but I just can't believe that my symtoms are all anxiety. Today I woke and bout my upper leg muscles on top ache. I feel like I have done a 10k. Burning face, sore joints, now I know dr Google is not to be trusted by every symtoms I get are fibro ones. How can I be 100% sure it's anxiety and not fibro. I don't feel as anxious as I have done. It's just hard to believe that it's all anxiety. GP is going to refer me for MRI scan in 3 weeks if my pain continues xx
  6. Yeah I know the feeling. Wish med would hurry and work. I go from tingling to psin then burning! Fed up
  7. Lol.....am just getting so fed up. Docs tell me diff things...trapped nerve..anxiety....but still in a lot off pain. Sick googling...I must off diagnosed my self with at least 20 things since this came on. Just the burning is getting worse, no redness on face but my ears go beetroot and scalp. If I could only believe it's all anxiety and nothing worse xxx
  8. Mark thanks, it's been burning all day since last night, not looking as if it going to stop and don't feel anxious
  9. I don't believe it could be anxiety as I have not felt anxious all day and have been out and about...all these werid symtoms are def worring me as its neurological problems I think. If I don't improve dr said they would refer me for MRI
  10. Hi guy. Not really any improvement but seem to have a burning face....most off the day. Sometimes my ears go really red and burn, unsure what is causing this. I feel anxiety still in morning as hearts pounding when I wake. But burning comes on after I wake....is this another symptom of fibro? Or is it all down to anxiety?
  11. So down tonight everyone. Had acupuncture today hoping it would help but still feel rubbish. Is there no end to this. I feel like there's only one way out....but I have two beautiful kids that mean the world to me....even there smiles struggle to make me smile. I feel like I am dying slowly and each day it getting closer....depression has certainly set in now. Everyone on here is so positive I struggle to even think in to next week as the thought off being in so much pain this week kills me.
  12. Thinking now trapped nerve neck causing the pain in arms. Do trapped nerves heal on there own?
  13. Thanks, I am now thinking my anxiety started due to my psin. My pain and tingle are worse when my arms are lifted so that just proves its something other than anxiety.