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Found 3 results

  1. Hey all. I was wondering if anyone has these issues and what they did to help. I’m had heart burn/acid reflux for years but lately I’ve been having a new issue. After eating I start to feel real gassy with a heavy feeling in the middle of my chest. Sometimes I will burp and it will go away But other times It’s so bad that burping brings up whole food. It’s quite disgusting. This happens hours after eating too. The other day I drank some water and 5 minutes later I burped and it came up and was still cold almost feels like it’s just stayed in the middle of my chest. It’s kinda freaking me out. Anyone experienced anything like this?!? thanks
  2. So I think I have fat in my stools but my doctors are never concerned. The digestive symptoms have been around for years. My newer doc suspects IBS, but when I took a strong medical probiotic for a week I saw no results. I have not had stool testing. I did have a blood test for my pancreas which showed normal levels of pancreatic enzymes needed to digest fats. My other blood tests were normal but my CRP was elevated (I had a fever the day/night before I took my blood test) I was concerned the elevated CRP could mean Chrons disease instead of just indicating my fever, I also had low white blood cells rather than high. I noticed my triglycerides were in the 30's. I was afraid this meant I wasn't absorbing fat, however my doc said I'm healthy, and that triglycerides varie day to day and I hadn't eaten much given I had a fever at that time. So I tried eating gluten free for a month to see if it is celiac disease, I had great results and no longer had the shiny, sticky, soft/ practically diarrhea stool ... however I now realized none of the food I had eaten had been fattening. I was eating like fish, chicken, and rice and cheese every day, no oils. I then had one day where I cheated my diet with gluten and fats, Since that day I went back to eating fattier more oily food, and I have had the digestive issue everyday, one day I had to go 7x. Even on days I was gluten free but ate oily or fatty food I still had the issue. Can it still be celiac related? What can I do to improve my problem, and do you think this may be chrons disease or celiac rather than IBS? Can IBS become very bad after meals with fat or oils? Thank you for advice or opinions.
  3. So latley I've been having a super bad bloated stomach. I burp and pass gas a lot. When I burp I sometimes taste food I've eaten hours ago. Gross I know. But when I get up after laying down I get this feeling like I want to throw up and my heart races a little. I had blood work chest xray and ekgs all done twice and they came back good. So what's going on? Oh and I'm constipated and when I do pass stool it has some mucas in it and it's kinda patchy. Please help and let me know what it is or might be and ways to relieve it.