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  1. Unfortunately I do feel like that all the time. I also have dejavu feelings as well. Everyone is different though so you can't think what happened to me will happen to you. I've been like this since 2007 and didn't know what it was until years ago. Im sorry you're going through this it was very scary when it first happened to me so I know how you're feeling.
  2. I have that also. Are you taking any meds to help you with this? I started taking klonopin years ago and it's helped me throughout the years. I just started to take lexapro days ago and I'm hoping it does wonders. How have you been feelin? I had so many different effects with it due to my anxiety always being extreme and I can relate to you
  3. I use to have severe ocd where everything had to be done in 3's and I keep wanting to stop my car and hit the ground 3 times. I almost did it today and I had to talk myself out of it. If I start doing it then I'll continue. I can't help but want to keep pulling over and when I stop at a red light or stop sign, I fight the urge to open my door. I don't know where this is coming from.
  4. I keep having these urges to tap my foot on the ground when I'm driving. I'm having a hard time to concentrate on driving with these urges and I'm unsure of what is causing it. I have anxiety and ocd but I'm getting really nervous about this. Any advice on how to stop these thoughts would be great.
  5. I have feelings that everything seems unreal and I also spend way too much time thinking about aging and death. I just turned 40 a few days ago and it hit me hard. I guess we need to stop thinking about death so much and accept that aging is good thing.
  6. You have been through so much so it's understandable why you have been depressed. It's a great thing that you have a loving, supportive husband that you can turn to. I have a journal that I write in to see my progress and remind myself of these anxiety feelings when I get caught back into them moments. Stress can creep up on me out of the blue and hit me like a ton of bricks sometimes. My son and his addiction have really been knocking me down because I as a mother feel so lost, as to what I can do to help him. I've tried everything but he doesn't want to stop these drugs. I feel like I already lost him even though he's still here.
  7. Thanks. A nice long chat with a childhood friend perked me up.
  8. Thanks. Us anxious people can turn congestion into cardiac arrest for some strange reason.
  9. Thanks! I'm feeling much better today and trying to move forward.
  10. I'm sorry about your loss. I've also lost many these past few years and still grieving from my past love which I lost many moons ago. My son is a drug addict and overdosed a few times, although he's still breathing I feel like he's gone. I don't think that I have tears left to cry any longer. I talked to one of my closest childhood friends last night for 3 hours and I'm feeling better. Maybe I just needed a long chat with someone to perk me up and come back to reality. Take care and thank you for your kind words.
  11. I was doing great until a few days ago. It started with my allergies and being so congested from them. I'm constantly worried thinking that my breathing is off and getting ready for a full blown panic attack. I keep thinking about my blood pressure rising, my legs keep hurting and my stomach as well. Of course all of this is giving me episodes of dizziness when I stand up then I worry about that. I'm trying to ease my thoughts by reading a book and thinking about funny things in my past but no luck. Oh man, not a good way to start the New Year off. Any suggestions would be wonderful!
  12. Lulu

    Doctor visit

    If your Dr knows about all of the meds you are on and the new one prescribed would have put a red alert on it if there was an interaction. I work in a medical office and when I put a new prescription in for someone a red alert or yellow warning appears for a medication interaction. So when that's seen we have to get prescribe another medication that won't interact. Plus, the Pharmacist is there to find anything that could interfere. That's 3-4 people seeing if it's safe for you! Start to ease your mind about this.... you're going to be fine!
  13. Lulu

    Doctor visit

    A regular heart rate for men and women is between 60-100 bpm. I think with you sitting in the Drs. Office causing fear may have made it go higher. I have bradicardia and it's usually between 40-50 but when I would get really nervous mine would hit 100. That's what health anxiety does to a person, especially a trip to the Emergency room or doctors because you automatically think they are going to give you horrible news. That "hmm look" was you thinking it was a "hmm look". Trust me on that because I thought plenty of Drs gave me that look and everything came back fine. Chin up buttercup, you've been battling this fear for a long time and everything came back fine. You're a healthy, functional male and I hope one day (very soon) you'll see that about yourself. I hope the beta blockers will help ease your mind ! Take care (hugs)!
  14. I've had Ocd, Anxiety and Panic since I was a teenager. I had a horrible breakdown many years ago and thought I would never feel like myself again. I was constantly thinking that I had some sort of disease, c****r, ect... (thanks to Dr. Google), and in the Emergency room more than anyone that I've ever know. I was so lost with all of these emotions and thought I was doomed every second of the day. Made myself sick to my stomach and was constantly having gastrointestinal issues, developed vertigo symptoms, so many fears came from it as well. What I feared the most was what I use to enjoy the most, driving, relationships, social gatherings and even dancing ( I thought I would have a heart attack). I would cry all the time and wonder if I was crazy and if that was a punishment from God from some unknown reason. So, I made a decision to go back to school and it kept my mind busy. After graduation I started a new job and even going out with my friends again. I'm back to driving without fear and also dancing. I told myself it's in Gods hands and whatever is meant to happen, I must allow and except it. I guess my feelings of giving up and thinking that I was never going to mentally feel better were wrong. I know that I'll never feel like the person I was before all of this happened but I'll take enjoy my happy emotions again... never lose faith and think you'll never feel better. You can and will feel great again but you have to try and focus on positive things. Never look up any symptoms online because it causes so much stress and fear. Take one day at a time and if you live in the past let it remain the past. Nobody can change the past, but, you make future dreams come true. Start a journal and put all of your fears and emotions down. Then months later if you're having that same fear you can reread it and it will reasure you that you're fine. I didn't want to leave my house 2 years ago because I was so scared of everything, now I'm bored being in the house and look forward to the weekend to get out! I wish everyone peace that's struggling with these emotions that anxiety causes. Love to all and never lose Faith!
  15. Sometimes they can make you more energetic and cause more anxiety. Maybe you should see if you can switch to Ativan or Xanax if the Klonopin doesn't work out. We all react differently to medication... best of luck to you!