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    Movies, SCIFI big time, reading, hiding, NA, being miserable, exercising, and listening to m usic keeps me from hanging myself.

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  1. omg i just went on a date with my cute downstairs neighbor.

  2. Hello jennifer, welcome to the mad house, lol.. no just kidding, all the people here are very understanding and have a lot of experience and knowledge with a wide variety of mental illness. Welcome :-D
  3. I hope not holz, at least its something that can be tested for.
  4. Im so pissed off. Couples months ago I finally got medical insurance but Ive been afraid to go coz id have to explain a lot of scars I have and a few other things that Im uncomfortable talking about. Well this morning I finally made the descion to make an appointment so I can get a referral to go see a psyche and get some blood work done and what does the fucking secretary tell me? The doctor I chose as my primary with my insurance company isnt accepting any new patients. Wtf
  5. Jenny I wish I could help u, I, wish someone could help me. Im lost
  6. Jenny, im sorry hun. What you just wrote sounds so much like what im going thru myself at my new job. Im debating on quitting my new job and returning to my old employer but it means I'll probably wind up losing my medical (which I still havent used) and my new place which ive spent the last 6 month working hard to get/make perfect. Im very depressed and angry at myself and the way that I cant come to grips with any aspect of my life. Im 44 yo and im as confused and scared as i've ever been.. sorry, I didn't offer any help, my emotions/thoughts are in constant turmoil. :'(
  7. I will always be alone, im too afraid :'(

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Holz


      Ur stuck with us mwah ha ha

    3. Jase


      Need real world friends, but thanks

    4. Holz


      Don't we all

  8. Jase

    tablet anxiety

    Well you could paint mervs nails,.that would kill a little bit more time. And if you tell your doc that paint mervs nails they will give you even stronger tablets you can not take
  9. Jase

    anxiety rant

    Never had one, lol. Hugs holz
  10. Hi becca, im very happy you completed your university work. im sorry though your having a rough time of it... just want to say hi and hugs.
  11. Hi coryn, im sorry to here of your troubles. I hope only the best for your future, your meet a lot of wonderful people here.
  12. Jase

    crapping it!!!

    Im with you Holz. ;-)
  13. Your not daft holz, your scared and are obsessing. Fillys right hun your work way to many hours, and you not only need to go to the doctors but do what they suggest you do...sorry u