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  1. A great book that I think every teenagers should be required to read, and I actually think they are required to read is The Scarlett Letter. I think the thesis and message in the book is timeless, and teenagers can really learn something from it . I think it was adapted into a fim, but I have yet to watch it. One of my favorite books while I was in high school.
  2. I think a doctor would be good just to be on the safe side. Maybe there is an underlying issure that you are not yet coginizant of, and the doctor might be able to bring that up to the service in order to help you deal with singing in public.
  3. That's is very unfortunate to hear! I am glad CBT is working for you though. I know a lot of people that use yoga for their depression and have fond success. I hope you do as well!
  4. I have not seen Jack and Jill, but I have heard mixed reviews. I think I would prefer Happy Gilmore or Billy Madison if I am going to watch an Adam Sandler movie.
  5. Fear and Loathing made my head hurt. I felt like I myself was on an acid trip. I also liked his character in A Nightmare On Elmstreet. This was his breakout role in my opinion.
  6. I sometimes have this problem as well. Sometimes it comes and goes, but most of the time I can shake it off and move foward with my daily activies. Sometimes thinking about it just makes it worse so I will try to keep my mind busy when these episodes take place.
  7. There have been so many great Jonny Depp movies over the years. For me, one of my favorites was Secret Window. I also enjoyed Public Enemies. What is your favorite Johnny Depp movie and why?
  8. Great share! I thought this video was great!
  9. Thanks for the share. Sounds like a very insightful and helpful book!
  10. Right now I am reading The Hunger Games. The movie made me want to read it so I thought I would give it a try.
  11. I would love to see it adapted into a film. I have read it and I thought the message was great.
  12. One tune that is very relaxing and has a great message for those going through stress or depresion is Breathe by Telepopmusik. Puts me in a better mood everytime.
  13. That is very interesting indeed. I was unaware that genetics could play a vital role in developing ptsd. That is kind of scaring knowing you may not have control over it at all!
  14. I think Steven Gerrad does have OCD. I think hand cleaning is considered a symtom especially if they do it a certain number of times before they do anything else.
  15. That is quite a bit of symptoms. Seems like these symptoms overlap with a lot of other disorders, which would make it hard to diagnose!