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Found 4 results

  1. I love country music and Christian and pop.
  2. So I'm a big music geek and I tend to get a lot of earworms, (songs stuck in my head). I've noticed this seems to be a lot more often than for those around me. This isn't a big worry or anything, as annoying and problematic as my brain can be, I do find the functioning and malfunctioning of the brain kind of interesting. I was just kind of wondering if the high prevalence of earworms was related to my OCD and if this happens to anyone else.
  3. I've been on almost every medicine, and visited multiple psychologists. Actually, I know a lot about OCD now, except how to cure my own situation! ( Actually, there is no cure, you just have to deal with it in some way that suits you. ) I'm a musician, and actually kind of popular, or at least I used to be, before I quit drinking ( great! ) and my alcoholic friends abandoned me. ( wtf? ) I'm naturally antisocial, but have learned to pretend to be social in public! The problem is, I can't admit my OCD, hoarding or other symptoms to my friends, ( I've tried, it just scares people away. This is a cruel world. ) which means that I only have a few close friends and family, and a girlfriend who has her own issues, probably causing us to break up soon. In truth, I am very lonely, depressed, and you might notice, somewhat bitter about it, and I can't admit it, because nobody wants to hear it. But I can tell you people, in the middle of the night, because we don't know eachother IRL! Please offer suggestions, and I'll try to do the same for you. -Rockstar Steve
  4. I just read about this song in a special edition of Time Magazine the other day about Inventors of the Year!? Anyway, supposedly it reduces stress and relaxes you. Can't say if its the truth or not, but here's links to the music and some articles: Marconi Union - Weightless - Youtube Marconi Union - Weightless - Wikipedia Telegraph - Band creates the 'most relaxing tune ever' You can also find the MP3 by doing a Google search, though its not guaranteed to be available forever. Hmm.. I guess this coulda been posted in one of the other sections (youtube, coping..). Just thought it was interesting that this has made Time magazine and other news. cheers