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Found 3 results

  1. Is it possible that anxiety can lead to IBS? Every so often, sometimes when I am really stressed and anxious, I get stomach issues. The last couple of weeks I have been more stressed than usual and that has made my anxiety the worst it’s been in a while. I’ve had a lot of gas, stomach pain, and I haven’t been able to go to the bathroom very often. As soon as I was able to go the bloating decreased a lot, but I still feel very gassy and have a stomachache after eating. Could this be caused by IBS or is it something else entirely?
  2. I am not really worried about this symptom, but I am curious if other people are experiencing this. For the past couple of weeks, I have been having pain whenever I swallow a cold drink once it hits my stomach. It only happens when I have swallowed it and lasts for only a couple seconds. It can be water or carbonated drinks. But if I drink anything room temperature or warm, it doesn’t happen. I cannot tell yet if it happens with something like ice cream. Just wanting to see if other people are dealing with this! Thanks
  3. Hey guys. Bear with me, please. I'm desperate for help. This all started last Monday (a week and a half now)..I began having weird upper abdominal pains. This isn't too uncommon because I've had my gallbladder out and have had issues since then. I am also battling Pityriasis Rosea, an awful skin rash that the dr's don't make that much over and is supposedly caused from a virus. This was confirmed by 4 different drs. I went to the dr last Wednesday and all of my labs were fine. He didn't make much of stomach pain but did schedule an ultrasound for this Friday. Thanksgiving Day was good with no pain or discomfort but I got tons worse as the weekend progressed and ended up in the ER on Saturday. My labs were all normal there and my stomach felt normal to the dr upon examination. He sent me home saying I could have food allergy. He said if anything were wrong, it would have showed in labs. I have continued to get worse with each day. I'm so weak I can barely get out of bed. I've lost 4 pounds and don't want to eat. The pain/discomfort usually gets worse in the late afternoon and night. I also feel as if I have the flu. Sore throat and weak. So weak and just don't feel good. The stomach pain is hard to describe. It's upper pain all the way down to below the belly button. It feels like a pulling or ripping... just incredible discomfort. Almost like a nervous feeling. But I haven't taken any pain relievers for it as it seems to that they wouldn't help. It's not that type of pain. I'm so weak though. My stomach gurgles non stop. I had diarrhea on sunday but now it seems like I'm constipated. I'm desperate to know if anyone else has experienced this, if anyone has had Pityriasis Rosea and felt awful during it or to hear anyone's opinions. I have had an extremely stressful week and a half, losing 2 family members in one day. But the initial feeling bad and stomach pain stated before that. Could this just be stress? I also made an appointment with a GI dr for tomorrow morning. Anyone have any ideas? My husband thinks ulcer or just nerves but I'm very strong, grounded and haven't been that upset. Thank you.