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  1. I get this same buzzing sensation but it feels like it's coming from my brain. I especially get it when I'm stressed and anxious. My doctor said it is caused by prolonged anxiety so it maybe your cause too if you have been stressed alot. You have nothing to worry about.
  2. Thank you so much Holls!! I'm sorry to hear that other people are going through what I'm going through but I do feel better knowing that I'm not alone.
  3. About 9 months ago I had sex for the first time. It only lasted about 2 minutes before I noticed he wasnt using protection so I quickly told him to stop and leave. I'm 18 and I'm very scared of std's. So I asked him 24/7 did he have any std's he always said no I even ask him so much till the point where he gets mad and fustrated and told me to go get tested if I didnt believe him. I have since then developed health anxiety. I've been on google ever since the sexual encounter. I've convinced myself that I've had HIV and cancer and a brain tumor. I cant even say these words because everytime I hear or say them I get really weak and sweaty and anxious. Everyday I wake up feeling terrible and I'm really scared to go to the doctor. I stay up late on google just feeling so much worse. No matter what I do I always think I'm dying soon it's always on my mind I cant enjoy life. I have brain zaps, and my skin itches for about 10 minutes everyday and then It leaves, I have really fast heartbeats of over 110 every day, I havent had any weight loss, I have a rash on my leg, I get sweaty sometimes and hot flashes. I havent had any flu like symptoms even tho I do have upset stomach sometimes. I am constantly checking my body everyday for new symptoms and sensations so I can google it and feel even worse. If anyone has these symptoms when they are anxious please let me know I'll feel more relaxed. I just set up an appointment to the doctor next week but I really want something to take my mind off of this until then