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  1. If I had blood in my semen I'd first check my testicles and prostate but wouldn't even think about pancreas. But you surely need to go to doctor with this issue.
  2. Are you sure it is blood and not feces of that color? If it is blood from distant parts of colon then it should be mixed with feces as I can't imagine blood alone coming from higher intestine. Maybe it is loose stool of that color which was caused by your food?
  3. Hah, this seems to be funny. During past two years due to health anxiety I had 3 MRI scans, 1 CT (full body), 7 ultrasounds, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, 3 FOB tests, 7 general blood tests. They costed lots of nerves.
  4. As I know cancer lymph nodes don't hurt. Lymph nodes usually hurt due to infection or some other kind of inflammation.
  5. I understand you. Try not to look down, just flush it.
  6. It actually helps. Besides of that we must be more relaxed in general because nervous attitude causes problems with health. Especially cardiovascular and GI system. Sometimes it seems like never-ending circle and then it's better to ask for professional help. We are not the firs ones with HA and we are not the last ones. Actually what else helps me is realizing that there are many people with same problems as me and I'm not alone. I wish I found with forum earlier. 😃
  7. See, food affects our stool color a lot but we, who have HA, usually think that it is the end. I'm following flush and go philosophy almost for 2 years now 😃 but sometimes I think what if I don't notice some blood in my stool due to this philosophy. This is two-edged sword.
  8. My carcinophobia started with brain tumor fear when I was 12 years old, I had first CT then. In general, the only thing which helps me to overcome my anxiety is medical examination. I had 2 CT scans and 1 MRI scan to ensure I have clear brain. Lots of bloodwork for leukemia and CT scan of whole body to make sure I have no lymphoma. 3 ea of gastroscopy to eliminate the risk of throat and stomach cancer. Occult blood tests and colonoscopy for checking colon. Besides of that I do a lot of ultra sound in abdomen area if something begins to worry me in that area. Some examinations were made with insurance, some with my own money. Sometimes looking back to all my tests and examinations help me to overcome my fears. I just trying to think rational and think of low risk of something serious though it's not always easy. At the moment I still have fear of colorectal cancer. And I'm just 27 years old.
  9. Hello, Brain tumor, leukemia, throat cancer, colorectal cancer, lymphoma, stomach cancer and out of the blue - systemic scleroderma. Bingo - 3 items correspond to yours.
  10. Hi. Sriracha sauce seems to be a reason. In most cases reddish feces are caused by food. I had the similar thing after eating beet and was freaked by this at first. Try to avoid red food and check your stool later.
  11. Acie


    Hi rugger. I was experiencing lots of nausea during last summer and during this January. It just started suddenly and was persisting for more than one month. At first it presented mostly during second half of day, then it switched to firs half. At the moments when I was distracting to some activity I felt like nausea goes away. After I was returning back to my thoughts I felt nauseous again. I gave some bloodwork that time and everything was fine. Except for small intestine all other parts of my gastrointestinal tract was inspected one year before, no findings apart from esophagitis. Nausea ended as suddenly as it has begun. January episode lasted a lil bit longer but it seems like it is all associated with my mind and maybe diet. During some previous anxiety episodes I convinced that our minds can cause great amount of various and weird physical symptoms. I think your diet can make you feel nauseous. In any case it is worth undergoing medical examinations just in case but with great probability your nausea may be caused by anxiety. How old are you btw?