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  1. It's the toilet. Part of the hard water business going through the pipes. I have to clean my toilet at that point. It wouldn't be from a person.
  2. Ironman

    *** fear

    Post nasal drip causes itching - throat, uvula, etc. Yep, part of the internal runny nose deal.
  3. For me, I get jarred awake earlier than I plan to - and I have only been getting five hours of sleep at night. This morning, I had a dream that I was surrounded by people who didn't like me at work. One person was upset because I said something about raspberries. A second lady was walking around me giving me weird looks. A third lady was crying because I said she looked like she could handle being in New York City. I accused her of faking, and threatened to report her and then I woke up. I have decided to look into what I was dreaming about and then take a nap lol.
  4. Uric acid. Drink water! :)
  5. If you had a urinary tract infection, you would know. The entire urethra burns like you are passing razor blades....and there would also be a discharge and odor in some cases.
  6. Ironman


    Heart palpitations and hyperventilation are part of anxiety, yes.
  7. Once in a while, yes, but it usually passes.
  8. Well, sometimes, you gotta vent. :)
  9. It doesn't sound like cancer, but I am not a doctor. Drink some water or something with electrolytes. That would take care of cramping muscles. The rest, it sounds like you are scaring yourself.
  10. Are you eating well enough, getting proper nutrition and fluids? Cramping/muscle issues can be dehydration. If you have cancer, you would need to take note of what your doctor says and do not look into anything more than he does!
  11. I thought you go whenever you have to go. There is no set time, even if you eat/drink on a schedule.
  12. Ironman

    *** fear

    Many people won't notice mispronounced words, or would let it slide. It's not a big deal. I have post nasal drip myself - the doc told me to take antihistamines if it bad.
  13. Ironman

    *** fear

    It's almost as if he has shifted his concentration to swallowing and breathing. That's supposed to be subconscious - pulling it up into the conscious is going to make you freak out more than you should be.
  14. We need to try and be civil here. We have enough anxiety triggers these days. I am not sure why there needs to be a persistent link advertisement when pertinent information can be cited.
  15. Guess what?! I bought a big cookie platter for half price and it has a bluish-gray frosting on it with purple borders and sprinkles...…… …..and the food coloring has turned my poo dark green! LOL It looks like I binge ate broccoli like a total vegetable eating disorder!
  16. Use thoughts that will pull you out of the anxiety. Reassure yourself that you now have knowledge to overcome the fear.
  17. Yep, some meds are worse than others, too.
  18. Anxiety tends to increase when we are stressed. It turned out to be something completely different. You said yourself that many things cause twitching. Now - you have a plan of action instead of a route to anxiety!
  19. I have been seeing psychiatrists for years. At this point, I am well enough that I talk to the doc every 4-5 months. I just get refills of meds. The goal is for me to actively test out what makes me anxious to learn to react differently - like the link Jessica James provided. How we think determines how we feel. There is no shame in seeing a doctor. In fact, here in the United States with the Corona, it is being actively advertised. People who have faced depression and anxiety are speaking out about how important it is to open up.
  20. I have an eye twitch that comes with anxiety. Annoying, yes, but ALS? No. There is a LOT more to the disease than an eye twitch or lethargy.
  21. Do these anxiety flareups occur when you are more stressed? It sounds like you are trying to distract yourself from something when you think about ALS.
  22. Kidney stones are urinary, though. You should be okay with the poo you describe. You aren't constipated and you aren't leaning toward diarrhea. happy middle ground. You have to fight the thinking with each poo until you realize you are going to be okay.
  23. Just poo and flush. If there is pain, then maybe it's a sign - unless you're really just constipated. There are all kinds of scenarios, but we should only focus on the most realistic. But yeah, corn kernels and some pepper skins don't digest well and will go right through. Don't get that confused with losing your internal organs! And remember......everybody poops!
  24. But, it's startling to think that even with tests stating that you were okay......the mind couldn't accept it. I have wondered if that is kind of a trust issue.
  25. If you feel the behavior is hindering you, then it it's a disorder.