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  1. Air conditioning can mess with sinuses - air filtration can be a factor. The body is reacting to the cold. That's normal - the body shivers to generate heat and goos bumps are just a sign of that - "thickening' the hair space from the skin to hold in heat. Nausea can be just nerves, too. I can't eat when I am very anxious. Nasal sprays should help with the nasal drip. It dries out the production through antihistamines.
  2. I have a post nasal drip issue. That can contribute to nausea. I originally had a prescription for Flonase, but you can buy it over the counter. It's a 24-hour dose.
  3. Potassium can help with muscle cramping.
  4. I am going to have to look that up - I don't know what that is. I am glad you are finding things out, no matter how slow it seems.
  5. It is like a Choose Your Own Adventure. How we think determines how we feel...and sometimes, it doesn't match reality!
  6. Your nerves wpuld be normal. The tests are to see where the problems are coming from. Cancer is a bit of a stretch. It's probably an infection. Stay hydrated.
  7. Sympathetic pain-like. Illnesses have always been around. Having more people might make it a bit more in-your-face. Naturally, we want to internalize everything, so even things we know deep down arent about us....we think are about us.
  8. @Christy67It is probably allergies. I have a weird stage this time of year with my left ear and sinuses. Today isn't a good day, either lol. It tends to happen with heat waves lol. We just got out of one, but it still hit 88F with dry winds. We have another one in Ohio next week. Happy times lol.
  9. @MARC Ihear that stuff all the time. People have a panic attack, think they are having a heart attack, go to the ER, get checked out withh all the tests, and everything is negative. No stroke, no heart attack, but the panic still comes through.
  10. I think they were talking about the normal upper arm one that squeezes.. You're supposed have your arm out, with palm up, and relaxed lol.
  11. I know the feeling. I had to learn to push through the depression - it takes energy to do that. I hope things are going better for you - we do worry about you on here!
  12. And they can arrive at any time! I get hit in the morning. Technically, it's a panic attack that wakes us up from sleep mode. My heart races then.
  13. @Christy67 Stress can do just about anything to the body. Headaches, anxiety, gastrointestinal issues, nausea - that's just me lol
  14. Ketamine is also known on the street as "Special K", a "party drug". It's encouraging to know that a doctor is directly involved. The rest, like you, doesn't sit well concerning the possible danger - but that's more about the quality itself. Street versions could be dirty. Definitely talk to your doctor.
  15. It's more common than you think. Our bodies can have weird reactions to the stress so our minds are important :).
  16. I woke up from a nap with acid in my mouth! I had acid refluxed and it was eating at my throat! I had to drink a bunch of water. I need to watch what I eat. Cold pizza with sausage wasn't the thing to eat. Plus, I have been STRESSED. 😞
  17. Welcome to Anxiety Central, @Amadeus2022
  18. I can't say that I have had this particular issue. I have been on anti-anxiety medications that can cause urine flow restriction. You've been Googling, so I think that might be where things have been going awry. You had two doctors tell you that it is just inflamed and the antibiotics should be working. If they had seen cancer, they would have told you - they did check and weren't concerned. If the antibiotics aren't having an effect, I'd talk to that doctor just to be safe. It doesn't sound like there is a cancer issue unless they specifically say something to you about it directly.
  19. Stomach gurgling doesn't sound like cervical cancer. There would be much different symptoms. @Ryn079 ia right. When you look something up, it's never good. "I can't sit back hurts when I stand up after sitting for long periods of derriere feels flat.....check" "Well, I need to call the funeral home....I have the symptoms of TAILBONE CANCER!" Panic attack ensues as I walk aimlessly to make sure I don't have tailbone pain. Far-fetched, maybe, but how often do we do this?!
  20. Stress is a mess and it can cause anxiety. I had it bad recently. It is driving a lot of your symptoms. I had a lot of what you were talking about. I have to exercise it out.
  21. I am better, but I still have my I am learning to be assertive without being an ass.......and not feeling guilty anxious 🙂 But yeah, periods of stress can cause not-so-short term issues. It's okay as long as the doctor knows. He'd probably help. I am surprised I didn't have an issue - I just had the semi-nausea from the anxiety. I can't eat if I am really anxious.
  22. It shouldn't scare you. You might need an extension of the meds. The discussion with the doctor is just to let him know what is going on. If he has already seen you the first time, he will immediately know what to do. The rest is just knowing what is causing you stress and find ways to release it. I have a tendency to hold it in.....and last week for me was UGLY! I almost doubled my anxiety meds, but I forced myself to push through it.
  23. You might want to talk to your doctor about extending the meds. Some of what you have might be attributed to anxiety/stress. It might be worth a discussion with your doctor to keep him/her updated.
  24. I don't know it a virus like could like a long time in dried mouse poo. I have caught mice in my garage and in my basement where thry get through an opening under the garage stairs. No hantavirus dangers.
  25. I drink a lot of caffeinated beverages and water/Gatorade for running. That would be part of it for me. The other is I noticed that every time I sleep or nap, I have to go when I get up.