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  1. SJA22, A lot of us seem to have that extra sensitivity factor - prone to the anxiety. Fear, fear of lack of control, fear of losing control, fear of something coming that I have no control over - they all start up that vicious cycle. I was on 50mg of Paroxetine and 20mg of Geodon (an antipsychotic!) at my worst simply because I was up all night worrying and couldn't sleep! The Geodon was too strong and was in capsule form, so I couldn't split it. I wouldn't relive that time, but I unfortunately have the experience with it. You aren't alone with the Paxil fat, the bruxism (teeth clenching), the random brain zaps of withdrawal. lol There is a lot of good information here, so welcome to Anxiety Central! :)
  2. I was on Paroxetine for about 14 years. After gaining 50 pounds (even with exercise!), I switched to Cymbalta. I had to be tapered off of Paxil while going up on Cymbalta. It took about seven weeks to transition and I still ended up with lockjaw/Tetanus symptoms on one side of my jaw. My doctor was trying to prevent that, but it still happened. Do not go off the medication....and definitely talk to your doctor for suggested action!
  3. Eww yes, I actually had this happen twice in the past month. I felt stomach acid go all the way up to my throat and into my mouth.....I was freaking out, trying to swallow saliva to neutralize. There was definitely burning going on in my throat. It was definitely from something I had eaten.
  4. Everything was fine. I was worried about the doctor screaming about cholesterol, but that didn't happen. :)
  5. I learn this the hard way. Water also helps counteract the lactic acid after outside activity. I have a bit of lactose intolerance sometimes, so the cramps help eliminate so to speak. Muscles are good, but they can be a pain lol.
  6. Muscular twitches are more common than you think.
  7. Twitches are likely muscular. Blood tests would have registered something if the muscles had issues. :)
  8. Yeah, bats are big. It was likely a sting. Bats also would bite or scratch. It doesn't sound like either of those happened.
  9. This is once of those things that seems to be progressive - things just don't happen overnight. It's not worth dwelling on 24/7 because you miss out on life along the way. Just monitor symptoms and if they go on for a long time, then see a doctor.
  10. Don't let the CoVid arm stop you from getting the second dose. Just let them know. Over-the-counter stuff is supposed to work. That'll be as bad as it gets. Pfizer seems to be the best one out there so far.
  11. I had Pfizer, too.
  12. You likely wouldn't have a worse reaction that what you have already had.
  13. You will kind of have to think yourself out of a habit you got yourself into. The pains you have are from the anxiety nerves. There seems to be some depression creeping in, too. We have these meltdowns and then it is from nothing. We focus on the wrong things. If you really had cancer, you could get help from a doctor. Think yourself as fortunate that you are fine in the moment and that if something happens, you know who to turn to. Be kind to yourself, too!
  14. Try hydrating. Muscle twitches can be from dehydration.
  15. I knew someone (he's age 51) who didn't have his full sense of smell back for four months. Your heart rate is from the anxiety - Corona doesn't affect the heart; it affects the respiratory system. The only thing you should monitor is your lungs and the sinus. Keep in touch with your doctor if anything changes. It doesn't sound like it would get much worse at this point. The India Variant (I'm not PC these days) is weaker than the Wuhan Coronavirus. At this rate, we may have an American Variant develop, too :(.
  16. It can. Coffee, well caffeine, actually dehydrates. Also, after the Corona slump in trying to get back into shape....with all the coffee I drink, it actually messed me up while running to the point I had to take an antacid before running because it would slosh up and down lol. I am okay now, but it was scary thinking that I'd have to take an antacid before every run. Stomach cramps can occur with nerves. I do remember in my most extreme anxiety periods, it felt like cramps and I just couldn't eat - nausea persisted. Drinking water is good for all the muscles. Colon cancer isn't in the stomach, so there is no problem there. The stomach is pretty resilient - picture how it can handle hydrochloric acid all the time! I would be more worried about an ulcer than stomach cancer, but ulcers are caused by bacteria.
  17. It shouldn't last that long. I did some reading from the Centers for Disease Control/Prevention, though you should not on this topic (to trigger anxiety). I'll tell you what I found. As davide.h said, it is actually common. You CAN take an antihistamine for the itch or an aspirin for the pain. I do remember being told that when I got my vaccinations. This was back in April and May. They also watched for immediate effects. It also said DEFINITELY GET THE SECOND VACCINE AS DIRECTED. But, when doing so, DEFINITELY tell the doctor that you had Covid Arm and tell him which arm it was. They may switch arms for the other vaccine. Then, you follow the same protocol. Again, what you are experiencing is not rare. The fact that your reaction is delayed is also known. Enough people have had this to know it is an effect.....not totally harmful, just uncomfortable.
  18. It's kind of like the feeling you get when you are daydreaming (lost in thought) or tired. You are wrapping up in your thinking that you aren't paying attention to things around you. It's just the mind wandering and disconnecting from the body. Eventually, your body catches up (as your mind slows down)
  19. You are actually way overthinking things. My CT scan was five years ago - to determine if I had had a hemorrhagic stroke. Nope. It was an eye hemorrhage due to pressure from a severe sinus infection from a bad electronic air purifier. The biggest headache I got from that - was knowing that it cost my insurance $1,500! I ended up paying about 20% of the $10,000 I incurred for three trips to the ER in a week. I have no effect from CT scans....and I can see out of the eye that gave me problems -> an eye doctor told me that I had severe macular degeneration and would be permanently blinded in the one eye. That's scarier than any CT scan!
  20. Derealization/depersonalization is a facet of anxiety. Basically, think of it like can speak 250 words a minute, but the mind can run at 1,250 words a minute. Well, if your mind is in that turbo mode, it is going faster than the body can handle....spacey feelings. The key is to relax and focus on the present, not one exterior issues. That's a challenge for anxiety sufferers to do, and it takes practice. It can be done, though.
  21. Time would play the biggest part of that. Do anxiety surges ever last as long as a cold or flu?
  22. There is nothing to worry about with CT scans, especially if you only had one. If you had fifty in a row, then I'd scream lol.
  23. Sometimes, muscles not getting enough water can cramp.
  24. Are you guys staying hydrated or getting enough nutrition?
  25. It's allergies and sleep position. Been there and done that. In fact, July was five years since I had a sinus infection that was so bad, I had a hemorrhage inside my eyeball and was told I would be permanently blind in that eye. Even a retina specialist couldn't figure it out - it wasn't torn or detached! It ended up being allergies - a rogue electric air purifier that was making me sick. I have occasional pains in my back and neck from sleep. I take an Ibuprofen and work on the muscles.