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    I would have this as well. It aggravated lactose intolerance issues for me as well. Heart palpitations - body rigidity (that actually happened to me in college before I even knew what it was!). During my "pseudo-nervous breakdown period" in 2004, I was even sitting in the fetal position rocking back on forth trying to calm down. Then.....there was the derealization! Yeah, I was non-functional for several weeks.
  2. You'll have to post about side effects. I haven't scheduled yet :( I have been working from home, so it's been a blessing on my car....and me! I got my very first flu shot last year when I saw the state flu map go almost all purple - Widespread flu.....then Corona hit and it took over. At least if I had caught something, I could rule out what the flu shot had. There is a lot of that hoax crap. I am Christian and have even heard about people saying there are baby body parts or DNA stuff, and even Mark of the Beast in the shot. I am like, people, Read Revelations again - the Mark of the Beast specifically says it is in the hand or forehead and that who doesn't take it can't do business and all that - that "vaccine passport" is probably where they are getting it. It's a completely different issue. We are counted to make sure the CDC knows the demographic and the count of people vaccinated. I waited as long as I did because I knew there were people who needed it more than me. My age group has among the most cases, but fewest hospitalizations and NO deaths! My aunt and uncle are in their late 80s - they should have been first in line, but my mother in her 70s got it for being in an assisted living home. They were all completely vaccinated by the end of January. My stepmother (married to my dad - I can't believe I have specify that in the today's world) was completely vaccinated by the first day of Spring.
  3. Yep. I am one of those. I remember having it so bad that all I ate in a day was half a sandwich and a handful of fries. That's if I could eat at all.
  4. How did it go? I ended up getting the Pfizer. Muscle soreness for the day, but that's happened with allergy shots to me - she went through muscle no big deal. I just got notified for my second vaccine today, so I have to schedule it. Unfortunately, for me, I have to fill in for a coworker who decided to go on vacation (although she has been ranting to me about our boss for several weeks, so I think she may need it lol), then I have to lead my men's group this week, and then taxes (which I started tonight, so I think I will be okay here). I may wait until Wednesday this time instead of going for Tuesday since Tuesday night is my group.....just in case. I heard there were side effects with the second dose, but not with Pfizer???
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    It's anxiety. Tests would have definitely revealed something otherwise. I exercise to burn off the nerves.
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    Awesome! Anticipatory anxiety - fear of the unknown!
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    You could be pregnant. Just kidding - I hope it broke the anxiety. If you got sick after a workout, when you admitted that you hadn't worked out in a couple of years - that would do it. I started running 21 years ago and the first time I ran, I nearly vomited in the park. Didn't puke - and I only ran 3/4 of a mile. By the end of the first summer, I was at two miles three times a week. Pre-Corona, I was running 6miles 2-3 times a week, and then the lockdown - five weeks no running. I am only now back up to 4.5mi twice a week.
  8. Any kind of pain in the mouth is a mess. I would bit the insides of my mouth due to bruxism (teeth clenching). Even my tongue would bleed! Then there are the broken teeth that can happen!
  9. I wonder if it's just a canker sore. Canker sores are a bit painful, but they go away.
  10. Rinse with hydrogen peroxide and keep the area as clean as possible. The gum boil will eventually go away. I don't know if I would lance it, though.
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    Check in

    Welcome back, You have to first look at what you have accomplished - and it is understandable that it would cause stress that could aggravate anxiety. Anything can happen in that, so you can tell something is up. If the mole is something you have had for a while, then nothing would just appear out of nowhere. A mole itself is usually not cancerous, though. The ALS fears are probably the muscle issues with stress and having a baby. Your issues are likely tied to stress and not anything else. :)
  12. If you already have some things to bring you relief in the meantime, you should be okay. Stay hydrated and take your vitamins.
  13. And my point is - to go to a doctor as a last resort. The thought of spending a lot of money to show nothing is happening....might be a deterrent on its own. The appointment was already scheduled.
  14. Well, if you haven't seen a doctor, I would. Don't diagnose yourself unless you really know what is going on. It could be something different.
  15. It's hard for that kind of pain to stay out of the mind. Is the pain muscular, or in the organs, or nerves?
  16. If it is at your thigh, a different location, then maybe you should have it checked.... or at least let your doctor know it is there so he can determine if you need to come in.
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    You will know if you are okay, though. If not, it would be caught early and you'd know there would be things that can be done.
  18. I am not sure what a hemangioma is, but if you had that spot before and it fell off, This one would fall off without an issue, too, right?
  19. A lot of this might be in your mind, but if it goes on for a long time, maybe a test would help. Granted, it will be an expense If you proceed with a test. It sounds like a combination of your job and stress.
  20. I wouldn't think it would be lymphoma all of a sudden.
  21. That's only a panic attack. The heartbeat is from going up stairs and panicking - nothing more. If you really wanted to work it, go for a walk. That'll get the stress out.
  22. No problem :). It will get easier. It's just rough and seems like it takes forever. Use the time to get to know yourself a bit more.
  23. Ah - that kind of anxiety. I deal with something similar, but without the relationship. I think she gave you her response - it's not you. You mentioned that she has anxiety, too, so that tells me she has her own issues. It's a tricky area having this kind of issue because if one of your grows in one direction, the other may have a weird reaction. It's hard to explain in words. :) People do grow apart and if the relationship isn't constructed to handle it...then it may not be the right thing. You will find someone - even I have hope and I am probably older than you. The key is turn the anxiety into motivation for improvement to things YOU want. Become more confident in who you are. You worked more to earn money and you explained yourself.
  24. Well, the known symptoms of ALS won't change so there is no point to repeatedly Google information that hasn't changed. If you don't have it now, you won't have it tomorrow, or the next day. It doesn't appear out of the blue even for those who have it. Twitching muscles - you probably need hydration or a stretch. Tingling sensation - a bit of movement :)