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  1. I know 4 people that have passed from ALS 1 woman and 3 men. The woman and 1 of the men had profound weakness in their upper bodies as first symptoms. 1 of the men had a severe back ache. The other man could not speak. None started with twitching. There's a long list of reasons we twitch that are harmless. I have something twitching all of the time, my eye... my ribcage.. my thigh... it's weird but I don't even care because it means nothing.
  2. Since this recommendation is causing you anxiety, maybe it's time to stop. (You've had an ultrasound, you've been told it's normal breast tissue and you can't seem to let it go, that's a problem) Maybe this massaging thing is something new, do you have trouble producing enough milk? Is massaging supposed to get the milk to let down? Nature is amazing, you can just think about your baby.. hear your baby cry and literally feel the milk tingling down your chest. ...and yes, I breast fed 2 babies (1 year each) and had a lactation specialist, no dr, nurse, lactation specialist ever suggested I massage my breasts. At this point, ask yourself if it's helping or hurting?
  3. My son's girlfriend had to get a root canal and then crown, 2 different dentists. She said they were all gowned and masked up. She felt completely safe.
  4. Cutecat, my younger son has had a string of visible lymph nodes on his neck since he was little, he's 26 now. His dr told me that lymph nodes can scar and stay permanently enlarged. They never go away.
  5. What ? Why ? There's no reason to be massaging your breasts often. 🤦‍♀️ You've had an ultrasound and been told it's normal breast tissue. What answer are you looking for?
  6. Thank you Trudy. Snopes does say it's mainly true.
  7. Ok I'm afraid to Google anything, I swore off of it several years ago. Can you please post what you see?
  8. Trudy I SO love this idea.. I am trying to learn about pandemics to help me understand their cycle. I would love to share positive news but I came seem to find much and when I do see 1 positive thing I've also seen many terrifying things as well. How are you weeding out the positive info?
  9. Yes Trudy. Something that has my anxiety ramped up is feeling like this will never end.. reading about past pandemics is reassuring, they infact all ended.
  10. When was the last time you were at the dentist? I was there for a checkup at the beginning of March, the dentist checked all of my glands in my neck... touched so lightly it tickled.
  11. Something that has been helping a little bit is reading about past pandemics, I think what comforts me is that they came to an end.
  12. That's the problem. 😕
  13. Jennifer1


    Why? Have you read any of the warnings on ANY threads about not googling?
  14. It seems like with HA once something sparks that little worry meter, it's really hard to shut it off. Something else I've noticed is when I am not focusing my anxiety on something, I feel like it's rooting around looking for something to latch on to.
  15. I'm a pee'er. Apparently one can train themselves to ignore the feeling, I've never believed that is healthy. As soon as I feel it a tiny bit, I'm off to the bathroom. Even at night, I get up 3 or 4 times and if i drink water, or tea in the evening, watch out. I can pee once and before I leave the bathroom feel like I could pee again. Could be absolutely nothing at all other than being a bit hyper aware of that little spasm/feeling.