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  1. I just had a head CT for the perfectly mundane reason of planning a plastic surgery and I looked at it and it shows areas where my skull looks degraded and paper thin. I'm freaking out! I've seen lots of CT scans and I know this isn't normal. I'm worried that it's multiple myeloma. I'm only 38 and I don't want to die.
  2. So this past winter I started to notice my fingernails were separating from the nail beds in the corners. I waited a bit to see if it improved but it got worse. I went to urgent care and was diagnosed with onycholysis (separation of nail from the bed) and onychomycosis (nail fungus). I must have gotten it from the manicure place I went to. I took a 12 week course of diflucan and it went away. I felt so relieved. Today I noticed my fingernail on my index finger is separating again. It's quite mild now but it's enough to make me fear that the nail fungus is coming back. I'm on the verge of having a panic attack. I'm even that worried about nail fungus but rather why I keep getting. I'm afraid I have some kind of immune disorder or other systemic problem that is allowing it to infect me. I had a thyroid test last year and it came back normal so that isn't it.
  3. Thanks! I know it's completely irrational but at the same time it just feels so weird! I can't make it stop and both legs feel kind of tired. Being at working right now isn't helping either... Hopefully it goes away on it's own or I get distracted from it so I don't have to keep worrying.
  4. I went through a phase about 10 years ago where I swore I was getting ALS. I had muscle twitches all over my body and knew it was just a matter of time. I've been doing really good keeping my worries at bay for the past year or so but they came back 100% last night. I woke up very early this morning and my left big toe was twitching. It kept twitching and kept me from falling back asleep. Even now about 6 hours later I can still feel it twitching in my shoe! I don't know what to do. It just won't go away and I know it isn't in my head!!
  5. Prostate Cancer (prostatitis) Testicular Cancer (nothing) ALS (anxiety) Retinal detachment (floaters) Heart issues (nothing) Chronic fatigue syndrome (nothing) Melanoma (benign moles) Basal cell carcinoma (dry skin) Colon cancer (IBS) Now I'm worried about leukemia :X
  6. Thanks! I'm "only" 36 so I'm a bit young for cancer, yet I can't help freaking out since I've never had an abnormal test before. edit: Also, you're right. I was looking at a portal.
  7. Thanks! It was going well until I got this result. I don't recall having a cold or the flu when I had the test last week. Maybe I was fighting something off but wouldn't I have felt sick?
  8. So I've been on hormone replacement therapy for 3 months on account of being transgender. As part of my health maintenance I need to get my blood checked every 3 months. I had my first blood test since starting about a week ago and it came back with abnormally high neutrophils and monocytes. My overall WBC count was high and the number of other immune cells almost doubled since I started. I don't know what to think about this. I'm starting to freak out that I might have leukemia. Any advice?
  9. So I talked to a nurse the other day and she said they can't entirely rule out that it's cancer until they do the cystoscopy. So now I have to think about that for the next few weeks.
  10. UPDATE: Their office called and told me that result was incorrect. They said they had it sent out for more accurate analysis and no blood was found! Still not over my bladder cancer fears, though! So I'm supposed to go for a cystoscopy in a few weeks. I had a little blood in my urine after some strenuous BMs. I was put on antibiotics for prostatitis and my urologist initially agreed, then he said there's a small chance it could be a polyp or something else! I just got a link from my urology clinic to check my results online. There was no blood in my urine this time as they said but last time, which was last year, there was! And nobody bothered to tell me they found blood! I'm freaking out. Who knows what's been growing in my bladder over the past year? I wish they would have done more tests back then instead of just sending me home.
  11. So I went to the urologist yesterday and got diagnosed with prostatitis. Yay? He said to finish off my antibiotics and I'd be fine... Then on my way home he called me while I was driving and started asking more questions about the blood in my pee. After going through it again he said he couldn't 100% rule out it being a pre-cancerous polyp. He said it was up to me if I wanted to get a cystoscopy... So of course I have to get the cystoscopy otherwise I'll never be able to put the words "pre-cancerous polyp" out of my mind! Now I'm scared that it's going to hurt or that their going to find something bad. Any advice?
  12. For as much health anxiety as I have I've decided I want to have elective surgery next year. It requires medical clearance which includes a 12-lead EKG. I'm a relatively healthy 36 year old. Should I worry about having an EKG? Could they find something wrong even if I'm asymptomatic?
  13. I had prostatitis last year. I'm supposed to go to urologist next week but I couldn't wait that long. My insurance offers a service where you can talk to a doctor live online or on the phone so I used it and told him my symptoms and history. He said he thought it was likely prostatitis and gave me a prescription for an antibiotic that will last until I can get to the urologist. Hopefully that clears it up. If not I'm going to be freaking out again!
  14. I'm on some new medicines that make me constipated. I've been straining during bowel movements and when I get up to pee there's blood. Is this just prostatitis? I'm freaking out.
  15. I was diagnosed with prostatitis in August of 2017 after having blood in my semen for a couple of weeks. Antibiotics cured it in about two weeks. Last week I had a bowel movement and afterward I stood up to pee and passed a few drops of light pink, bloody urine. I thought maybe I had injured my penis but today it happened again right after a bowel movement. Can straining during a BM cause some blood vessels to rupture in your prostate? I haven't noticed any bloody semen lately but I've always gone from masturbating daily to about weekly. I can't get in to see a urologist until next week and I'm freaking out. I just want to be healthy.