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  1. Thank you @MARC!! I’m wondering if it was a pre cursor to the ocular migraine I am currently experiencing. Ugh.
  2. Thank you so much @jonathan123!!! I feel like even these last couple days I have been so much more sensitive to everything I am seeing. Like I am questioning my sight. I’m so scared it will happen again. But praying this is all what you think. All anxiety related. I’ve had anxiety and panic for over 30 years of my life, and nothing like this has ever happened, so that’s why I am so disturbed by it. But thank you again for giving me some peace of mind.
  3. Hello everyone! I haven’t been on here for a while! Missed you all. Been struggling today. I have been on an RV trip with my husband and 3 young kids, going on day 7. I’ve hit a wall. I am so anxious being 17 hours away from home and it’s spiked my anxiety. Not to mention alcohol and dehydration playing a part in the summer heat. Anyway, I was sitting in the passenger seat of the RV, when all of a sudden my vision got really bright, and I almost got like an aura tunnel vision, with sparking lights. Only lasted about 10 seconds, and happened about 6 hours ago, but my body is still in panic mode wondering what the heck I just experienced. We are currently heading back towards home but won’t be there for at least another day. Does this require an ER investigation? I’m panicking pretty bad and I feel so bad for my kids cause I’m taking it out on them. Please help!
  4. @Holls, I did inform him of my tingling. And his response was “ahhh, you waited too long for this adjustment.” Either way, the tingling is gone. Guess it was all due to my neck/spine being misaligned. Thank you so much for your hugs! They are so greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Thank you so much @Holls and @jonathan123!! I so appreciate your feedback. I got my neck adjusted today and it feels better, but tingles are still in some areas of my left side of body. I just don’t know how much longer I can chalk this up to anxiety?! But if you both think MS is unlikely, that helps my nerves tremendously. Obviously still disconcerting to be having these feelings at all. Should I give it a couple more days? Should I contact my primary doc? Or am I again letting my health anxiety get the best of me? Sorry to keep reaching out. I’m just scared.
  6. Hello all! I have not been diagnosed with MS, but am asking if some of these symptoms warrant another Neuro visit. So thank you for taking the time to read this. For the past 4 days I have had a tingling sensation in my left wrist and thumb, pointer and middle fingers. Also a little bit of a band-type pain a little above my left elbow. I have been doing weight training during quarantine and lifting weights over my head, so assumed maybe it was related to that. But being someone that suffers from health anxiety, I of course googled my symptoms and MS came up. I am a 41 year old otherwise healthy Caucasian female with a 22% BMI. Now I swear my left knee, left foot, left side of of face, and left side of my mouth feel tingly. Along with the forearm and three fingers. These feelings have been waxing and waning throughout these 4 days. I am beyond terrified. And now i was just lying on the couch in a rather strange position neck-wise, and it’s like the symptoms flared up big time. As soon as I got up and moved around, the sensation drastically reduced. Is this something I should see my neurologist for to get a MRI of my c-spine/t-spins, etc. I already had one of my brain a couple years ago due to migraines and vertigo which came back clean. Thanks for any type of advice!! Stay well:)
  7. @Holls Thank you for your reply. I am hoping mine is sinus/allergy too. I guess this is prime time for it too. Have you taken anything that helps? My ears can feel full too. Stay well:)
  8. 40yo otherwise healthy Caucasian female. History of general anxiety disorder, panic disorder, migraine with aura, sleep apnea. I’ve had bouts of vertigo on/off for years. Lately it seems a little more intense?! It’s lasts for only seconds each time, but it literally shakes me to my core. I feel the sensation at least a couple times a day, and it’s usually when I’m in motion. I feel slightly unsteady on my feet, and it’s scary. I’ve had CT scans/MRI’s within the last couple years, and everything came back clean. It’s still very disconcerting to feel so out of control. Being the anxious person I am, I get caught up in the rabbit hole of this being a sinister diagnosis ie: brain tumor. Could one have developed in the last couple years? This COVID business hasn’t helped my cause either as I know I can’t get into my neuro office anytime soon and that increases the anxiety. Please help talk me off a ledge!!
  9. Ekr4eva


    Hi friends! Haven’t been on here a while, I guess that’s a good thing! But of course I am back. And anxious as ever. I’ve had bouts of vertigo on/off for years. Yesterday and today it seems a little more intense?! It’s lasts for only seconds, but it literally shakes me to my core. I feel slightly unsteady on my feet, and it’s scary. I’ve had CT scans within the last couple years, and everything came back clean. It’s still very disconcerting to feel so out of control. Please help talk me off a ledge!! Like this COVID business isn’t already enough stress.
  10. For the past 4 days, I have had this almost burning/tingling sensation in my left arm/wrist/hand. It’s really freaking me out. I know I shouldn’t be googling symptoms, like EVER, but of course I did. Now I am convinced I have MS. I had a CT Brain scan x2 a couple years ago and both were clean. Could MS just start forming at 40yo? Or is this my anxiety destroying my mind again?! Please help!!
  11. 40 yo female 22%bmi. Work out 4x week. For the past 2 days I have had pins and needles from my breasts up (neck, arms, face/lips). It’s off and on. But very scary. Is this heart related????? Or an anerysm??? I will also add I have a mild headache. Current BPM is 84.
  12. So excited to see the site is back up and running. I gave up on y’all towards the end of last year when it just sort of stopped working! But thank goodness here you all are!!! Anyway, previous chronic poster of my crippling ALS obsession which began in April 2019 with body wide twitches. Was cleared by a neuro with a clean exam and saying an EMG was not required. Worked on some CBT and felt finally free. Fast forward to these past couple days, I’m back pestering the poor folks at the ALS forums. Long story short, 40yo otherwise healthy female. The past couple of days I have felt a strange sensation in my throat. It’s almost like swallowing is not coming naturally for me, like my brain forgot how to do it? And of course then I also feel like I’m clearing my throat a lot, I am aspirating food or water more, and I have twitching/spasm/tightness in my platysma muscle/throat area? I am obviously freaking out thinking the worst, cause that’s just what i do best!!! My speech seems fine, as I know Bulbar onset ALS usually starts with slurring, but I have noticed I stumbled a few times on words. Not sure if this is because I am so hyper focused on it all now. Please help! I can’t go down this rabbit hole again...
  13. I need some help here. I can’t get out of this rut I’m in. I went so far as to go onto the ALS forum and read some of the stories. I’ve had a cramp on/off in my left foot for sometime. And today it’s pretty painful. Now that coupled with the twitching I am realizing it’s making me believe this is the onset of it. Please help talk me off this ledge!!!!!!!!!
  14. Ah yes. I have had MRI’s, CAT scans, Stress Echos, you name it. The reason always depends on what my HA is focusing on at the moment. Mine always fluctuates between my brain ie: aneurysm, and my heart ie: undiagnosed heart condition. Most recently being ALS due to body-wide twitching. All my testing has always come back clean (thank God), but there’s always that HA creeping in to suggest the test may have missed something. It’s all very exhausting and expensive. Having discussions like these always seem to help calm me, so thank you:)
  15. @Ow1984 Oh how I feel your pain. No pun intended. HA sufferer here as well, and had conveniently been able to steer clear of this site for close to 3 months thanks to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). But guess what, I’m back too. I’ve had twitching all over my body as well for the last 6 months. So just know you are not alone. Try not to go down the rabbit hole of ALS like I have. Try to stay present and focus on your surroundings. It helps alleviate some of the symptoms, I promise.