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  1. I need some help here. I can’t get out of this rut I’m in. I went so far as to go onto the ALS forum and read some of the stories. I’ve had a cramp on/off in my left foot for sometime. And today it’s pretty painful. Now that coupled with the twitching I am realizing it’s making me believe this is the onset of it. Please help talk me off this ledge!!!!!!!!!
  2. Ah yes. I have had MRI’s, CAT scans, Stress Echos, you name it. The reason always depends on what my HA is focusing on at the moment. Mine always fluctuates between my brain ie: aneurysm, and my heart ie: undiagnosed heart condition. Most recently being ALS due to body-wide twitching. All my testing has always come back clean (thank God), but there’s always that HA creeping in to suggest the test may have missed something. It’s all very exhausting and expensive. Having discussions like these always seem to help calm me, so thank you:)
  3. @Ow1984 Oh how I feel your pain. No pun intended. HA sufferer here as well, and had conveniently been able to steer clear of this site for close to 3 months thanks to CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy). But guess what, I’m back too. I’ve had twitching all over my body as well for the last 6 months. So just know you are not alone. Try not to go down the rabbit hole of ALS like I have. Try to stay present and focus on your surroundings. It helps alleviate some of the symptoms, I promise.
  4. Wow, thank you so much for that reply @sTeaLth. Sometimes a pep talk like yours is just want I needed to get my head back into the game!!! I need to accept that my body is like a car, and sometimes doesn’t run as smooth as I’d like. But keeps on movin nonetheless!
  5. Hey everyone!! So great to have this site back up and running!!! The past 4 months I haven’t even really come to the site, cause I was going to weekly CBT (cognitive behavioral therapy) appointments to conquer my fear. HA is so tricky. Just when I think I have it under control, here I am back again lurking for the unknown. Its been 6 months of constant body twitching. It’s a quick singular twitch that pokes up everywhere on my body, and I mean everywhere. I went to a neuro who said she did not believe it was ALS. I asked for an EMG, but she said she would not recommend the pain of the test for simple twitches with no other symptoms. While this of course set my mind at ease, it has slowly crept back in due to a lot more twitching today than most. Is it most likely my anxiety? Sure. But my HA mind is wanting to google for more answers, more reassurance that I don’t have ALS. I am hoping to get some feedback from fellow sufferers. Love you all and thank you:)
  6. Oh @bin_tenn!! You have helped guide me on a post a did a while ago about the same exact thing! While our rational brain KNOWS this is a reflux flare...our irrational mind makes us doubt it. We obviously know all the hallmark symptoms of a heart attack, and you better believe reflux happen to have the same ones. The pain in the chest, radiating to the back, shoulders. And then suddenly you have left arm pain, imagine that?!! But remember to focus and breathe!!!! I know that’s hard to do when you are in one of these downward spirals, but it’s what you have to do to distract your brain from creating a snowball into a full blown anxiety attack. But I will tell you one thing, red sauce gives me heartburn every👏🏼Single👏🏼Time👏🏼!!!!!
  7. Be so damn proud of yourself!!!! YOU DID IT!!!!!!!
  8. My goodness! Fear of flying...that’s me too!!! Anxiety is a real PIA. My anxiety with flying is more the fact that I’m not in control, the fact I can’t get off if I need to. And like you said, the days leading up to the flight are brutal. I honestly have still not conquered my fear, but I don’t like traveling in general, so it’s been a non issue for the most part. But my husband and kids want to do things, so now I have to nip it in the bud. Unfortunately self talk and a low dose of Xanax is the only way I get through it. I would love to not be dependent on anything and just have the right mindset, but it’s one step at a time. Just keep telling yourself “I CAN DO THIS!!” And focus on all the exciting things to come for this trip. Trying to push the idea of flying on the back burner is the key. It’s still obviously there, but you’re focusing on the front burners!!! Best of luck!!!
  9. I also have been having twitches all over my body since April. I can pinpoint the exact day they started. It was after the worst panic attack of my life, and it’s almost like my nervous system still hasn’t gotten over that. But of course I had to google what the possible twitching could be, and you guessed it, ALS popped up. I have never in my 40 years had this particular health anxiety before, and this took me down a rabbit hole of hell. While I believe I have moved on from the ALS scare, it still creeps up every once in a while and I find myself doing strength testing for reassurance. Can I ask what your twitches are like @Holls and @Lolo95? Mine are like a singular twitch or two and move to the next location. I try to watch them but by the time i feel the twitch and look they are gone🤷🏻‍♀️
  10. Hey girl! Just know you are NOT alone with these heart fears. We all seem to have our “weak organ”, which refers to the area of our body where the anxiety seems to always reoccur. I am also a heart worrier!! I went to the extreme of downloading several different apps that tell me my pulse rate. I also have been having heart palpitations, and have post my worries on this forum as well. I feel like I’ve always gotten them, and have always took the reassurance route by seeing a cardiologist and getting many tests done, ie: EKG, Holter monitor, Stress echo, and all of which have come back normal. That never seems to settle the nerves when the palpitations hit. Mine also can be so strong it startles me, and takes my breath away. Not to mention a night after drinking....oh Lordy. I sit on that palpitation train all day. The butterflies in your chest in between feeling the palpitations is always in the hangover sequence. It’s BRU-TAL!!! I believe that is totally the anxiety piece of this puzzle though. Your body trying to rid it self of the toxins can go into overdrive, ESPECIALLY if you already have pre existing anxiety, we become so attuned to our bodies that we feel every little change and freak! So obviously while drinking is fun in the moment, sometime the after effects are just not worth it. Stay strong and again know you are not alone in this fight!!
  11. @bin_tenn I swear I am you!!!! I have done the checking and reassurance for years. My heart always seems to be my anxiety’s choice organ. I’ve had EKGs, echocardiogram, Holter monitor and finally a stress echo! All have come back normal. But like you, I think to myself that this was a year ago...what if something new developed? I get palpitations on the daily, which are so disconcerting. This causes me to check my pulse on my iPhone app regularly. I know this is something I eventually need to delete from my phone, but I am not quite there yet. So @MeghanSherfey you are not alone. I truly believe in my heart (see what I did there) that this is strictly anxiety related, but scary nonetheless. Just try and focus on the here and now and eventually the uncomfortable sensations will pass. We always try to stay one step ahead of the “problem” with the reassurance checking, but this then becomes our problem because we are only making the symptoms worse. Stay strong!!!!!
  12. I initially came on to this site for body wide twitching!!! At first it can be completely unnerving, no pun intended. But mine always seem to coincide with my anxiety levels. I get them all over my body as well. Name a place, I got it there. While they always seem to be present, I notice them so much more when I am at rest. But you just need to accept this is the new norm now. Until your body can calm from such an anxious state, they will persist. I’ve had mine for 4 months now. I got them checked by a neurologist who said it can be caused by many things BUT nothing sinister. Hopefully this gives you peace of mind that twitching and anxiety go hand-in-hand. Stay strong!!
  13. Oh @bin_tenn, unfortunately we have the mindset that truly feels/experiences everything we are told. Oh did you know “this” was a symptom of XYZ, guess what, we have it. But wait, did you know XYZ also causes “this”, and guess what.....you guessed it, we have that too. And so on. Our mind manifests our worst fears into what we think is reality. But be excited, it’s not!!!!! We are our own worst enemy in this game. Remember that.
  14. Oh @Sallyhart that’s part of our problem. The reassurance seeking. We constantly need to be told we are okay, but then our minds flip and question if we really are okay. Did they miss something, did I come in too early? So many questions. It’s a repetitive cycle that doesn’t end unless we focus on the here and now. It’s tricky af, but it works.
  15. Hey folks! While I’m still somewhat new here, I can’t tell you all enough how much your responses brighten my outlook!! I’ve been diagnosed with panic and anxiety since I came out of the womb, but in the last decade or so it’s been debilitating health anxiety. Side note: recently started Cognitive Behavioral Therapy! But as soon as I overcome one illness, next rolls in another! I feel like a train conductor should say, “next stop Crazytown!” Anyway, I have finally moved on from my lastest obsession of ALS due to body-wide twitching, and sure as shit here comes the heart attack fear AGAIN. (I had posted about this months ago.) Mind you I did have a stress echo about a year ago with normal results, but now convinced since I just turned 40 it was missed in the study, or maybe it just started to develop. I swear I have all the classic symptoms, pain in my chest, pain in my arms and in between my shoulder blades, and oh, here comes some jaw pain. Yup. There you have it folks, I checked off every box of a heart attack and Dr. Google telling me to go to the ER!!!! I know deep down this is most likely my HA rearing it’s ugly head, but the the other part of me is wondering if it isn’t. The self doubt is exhausting. Help a sister out!!! (P.S. I have no family history of heart issues, but it has to start with someone, am I right?!!)