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  1. Well I don’t think any of us are doctors, so while what you say makes sense, we are not qualified to say what it might or might not be. Chances are you don’t have bowel cancer. It may be just the way your body is, we are not symmetrical at all. It could be your lower ab muscles on that side are stronger because of your activity, how you sit (desk job?) or any number of things. Speculating isn’t going to keep you from worrying. Perhaps ask your doctor and see what they say.
  2. Well then just forget the worrying if it’s over and live what life you have left in peace. You don’t really want to do that, though. You want to know you’re ok. Perhaps schedule a physical and discuss with your doctor.
  3. So you’d rather not know and worry the whole time that get a diagnosis and be treated?
  4. 6 out of 7 million is such a minuscule risk, you have much higher risk of an adverse even of taking any other drug on the planet. The pause of the J&J vaccine is not because it isn’t safe, it is because they want to make sure they have accurate treatment info for anyone who might have this rare reaction.
  5. This is not true. Do you have a medical background or are you a scientist, or are you just repeating what you’ve heard? I am a trained scientist and my husband is as well and he also works in the field and has much experience reading and interpreting clinical trial and safety data. In a normal clinical trial only a few patients are recruited each month. For the covid trials they recruited around 40,000 patients in a month. Vaccines stimulate your body’s immune response so you build up antibodies to the virus. One of the vaccines has to be stored at very low temperatures, By the time it enters body and is there for a few hours it has done it’s job and degrades and is removed by the system as waste. Most issues with vaccines are immediate or within a few weeks (which they had plenty of time and patients to study) or they are interactions with something else the patient is taking. Because of the way vaccines work they have little long term effect on anything but your immune system. All the MMR causing autism stuff was completely debunked years ago, that “scientist” faked all his data and more has come out completely dispelling the myth that vaccines cause autism.
  6. It’s lower efficacy rate is due to the fact that when it was being tested there were already variants spreading and the vaccines aren’t as effective against some of them. Pfizer and Moderna were tested in the US prior to variants being widely circulating.
  7. It can be. You didn’t cough up blood from your chest/lungs. If it came from your nose, you had a light bleed or blew it hard enough to make it bleed.
  8. The air can be quite dry during the colder months or if there is heat or AC on. This happens to me often during the winter. Nothing to worry about. Perhaps try a neti pot if you have one or use a humidifier.
  9. The side effects are your body doing what it needs to do, don’t think of it as a bad thing. Your body is making antibodies to fight off the invader and the muscle pain, fever, etc is a completely normal response.
  10. I had a similar issue and went to PT for at least 4 months. It is probably not going to resolve after one or two visits. Sometimes it can even get worse before it gets better. Give it some time and maybe give PT a try. Mine was caused by weak muscles on the opposite side of the pain twisting my pelvis. I never would have thought it could be something on the opposite side. Let the experts do their job and give your body time to heal.
  11. What makes you nervous about them? Doing your own research is fine but you really must be able to vet the information from reliable source. Both hubby and I have worked in the pharma industry and I’d be happy to answer any questions I could for you about r the vaccine. We know how to read the research and digest it so others can understand it.
  12. I haven’t but my 86yo dad has gotten both and had no issues at all.
  13. Only certain sites have the vaccine and regular doctors offices and blood draw centers are not one of them, at least where I am in IL. There is absolutely no way this could happen.
  14. Trace is so common there would be no reason to change anything based on those results. That’s why they didn’t tell you to do anything or follow up in any way. Palpitations are so common in anxious and non-anxious people and are usually of little concern. Everyone has them, we freak out about them because we have HA.
  15. It’s normal because almost everybody has some regurgitation. They still report it as a baseline to compare against future tests. Don’t use that MD you got on Google to diagnose yourself, you are not a cardiologist so you cannot deduce that what is on the report is abnormal.