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  1. Ok, with that knowledge that you have had similar sensations in the past and have allergies (our weather has been weird in the Midwest and lots of people are having allergy issues this winter) then I would say let it be and if it gets worse then go in. You can always go to an ENT and have them take a look. Even if it’s allergies they know what to look for and can prescribe something if they feel it’s necessary.
  2. That sounds like your typical ear infection. I would go in and have it checked out so they can give you ear drops or antibiotics. My rule of thumb is if it isn’t obvious what is wrong (UTI, sinus infection, other minor stuff I’ve had before) I usually wait at least 3 weeks to see if it goes away. In that time if it gets worse or progresses to something else then I would go in. Sometimes I wait longer if it is just a mild annoyance and isn’t getting worse. In that time I work on my thought patterns and work on resisting what ifs and catastrophic thinking. Every time it’s different though, based on past experience and knowledge so I don’t have a hard and fast answer for that one. In your case the warmth achiness and swelling make me believe it’s just an ear infection and for that I would go to the doc. As you mentioned above, though, even if you think it’s just a minor problem, DO NOT Google. Google is a very poor replacement for a doctor and puts nothing in perspective, everything is just out there and no one thing is more likely than the other when you’re reading it online. That’s where we get trapped in catastrophic thinking. Google mentions things a doc wouldn’t even bring up because they have perspective and a long history of treating people which the internet does not have.
  3. You can also take a probiotic which will help with the digestive issues. My doc recommends it if I have to take an antibiotic.
  4. Are you in California by any chance. I’ve read that just about everything has a cancer warning on it there because of Prop 65. If they could, they’d probably put the warning on the air there 😬 The ones I have from Trader Joe’s do not have a warning on them.
  5. It is only a certain type of seaweed that is prone to absorbing arsenic from the seawater. My son eats these all the time. They are good for you. Do the research and don’t believe everything you read, make sure it is current and comes from a reputable site. https://www.kqed.org/bayareabites/96307/savoring-seaweeds-what-you-need-to-know-before-diving-in
  6. Yep, all the stuff I feel on the left is digestive. Being pregnant will make digestive stuff happen too. I was so gassy during pregnancy, and your digestion in general changes because now you’re absorbing nutrients and such for two! Don’t be surprised if you’re constipated one day and have loose stools the next. Perhaps read one of those pregnancy books to get an idea of what is normal during pregnancy, as there will be lots of changes and feelings/sensations over the next 9 months!
  7. Is the pain all night and keeping you from sleep or do you feel it first thing in the morning when you wake up and start moving/stretching?
  8. Again, anxiety talking. If it happens a few months in a row, then talk to the doc. Even then it’s most likely nothing. But a single episode of spotting is not a death sentence. Beating down health anxiety is all about defeating the what if response we have to our sensations and symptoms. One headache-brain tumor? Back ache-ovarian cancer or bone tumor? 99.999% of the time it’s nothing. What would you tell someone who had your symptom? You’d say, “My doc said it’s super common and they get calls all the time for that. I had it too and everything checked out fine. It’s probably just a one time thing because of the stress you are under, you’ll be fine!” Tell yourself that EVERY TIME your anxiety tries to tell you otherwise.
  9. All of that is your anxiety talking. Your doc said it’s normal once in a while and very common, just search this forum and see how many posts there are! Your anxiety is making you think the worst. The stress of the last few weeks doesn’t help, and yes, it can mess with your hormones and your cycle. However, you do not know it will come back, nor is it the beginning of the end. You need to let those feelings go and listen to what your doctor said. Whenever your anxiety tells you otherwise, talk back to it and tell it what you know. You’ve seen the doctor, you know it’s very common, they were not concerned.
  10. I’m going to be 50 this year and for the last 6 months have been dealing with hip and leg pain. Worse in the morning, just like you. Gets better with activity and not sitting a lot. The “worse” thoughts crossed my mind a few times, I won’t lie, but the number of people that have back pain once they reach 50 is something like 80%. Get the X-ray if for no other reason they can use it as a baseline if you have other problems in the future. Mine showed some degeneration between two discs and SI joints, but it’s probably not what is causing my issue. If you can swing it, try physical therapy. It’s helped me quite a bit. Because a pain in the middle/upper back can be caused by tight or weak muscles in other places. A PT will be able to check your muscle balance and strength and figure out where the issue is.
  11. If it happened one time I wouldn’t worry about it. If it continues it can’t hurt to mention it to the doc. Stuff like that happens all the time, a weird feeling or sensation that passes. Most people wouldn’t think twice about it. Anxiety makes us hyper focus and worry about a single episode.
  12. With anxiety when it rains, it pours, or so it seems. You recognize all of your sensations can be anxiety but that doesn’t make them any less worrisome at the time. You rationalize correctly that if you did have heart troubles they would be more frequent, more severe, more debilitating, than what you’re experiencing. I’ve felt the same things and worried about heart issues as well, but in time I realize that I can still go to the gym and work out (where I feel fine), if I’m distracted I usually feel fine. I went for a walk yesterday, long and fast, and it was hot out. I hadn’t eaten or drank much and by the time i was almost home I was shaky, sweaty, nervous, dizzy, etc. I made a quick PB&J and after that felt ok. Just wanted you to know you’re not alone and anxiety is a bitch, but you are doing a great job of working thru it and not letting it take over. Recognizing it and acknowledging it is huge.
  13. If you are taking vitamins they can indeed change the color of both stool and urine. I take a B stress complex that makes my urine bright neon yellow and stool a yellowish brown. If you are having monthly checkups you can always mention it but it doesn’t sound concerning to me.
  14. White or gray is worrisome. As long as it’s still a shade of brown it’s fine. Are you taking prenatal vitamins or anything?
  15. I can’t tell you if your sensations are caused by anxiety or not. I can tell you I had many similar issues when my FIL died suddenly at age 69 while we were all in FL on vacation. It was probably a heart attack, his second one (the first was on my wedding day, that’s a long story!) and it was fatal. My anxiety didn’t get bad until we had returned home after vacation (yes we all stayed, even my MIL, and made arrangements from there) and then traveled to NY for the service and funeral. I was dizzy, freezing cold, shaky, bad reflux, heart palps/hard beats, blurry vision, tired, you name it I felt it. That lasted until we got back home and I was in my old routine again. With all you’re going thru right now it’s not surprising your anxiety is skyrocketing. The one thing that helped me (it was all I could do, really, since I wasn’t at home) was walking. I must have walked 20 miles in 3 days. Whenever I could I’d take a walk. Whatever you can do to work some of that adrenaline out, do it. It’s really hard to take time for ourselves when we are taking care of someone else, but the best thing we can do for others who need us is take care of ourselves.