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  1. Google is almost always wrong. How many times have you Googled and it told you something bad? I am thin and I can both feel and see my abdomen moving. It’s not necessarily peristalsis (food moving thru the digestive tract) but can be gas or abdominal muscle contractions. Stay off Google!
  2. Bodies aren’t symmetrical and if you look at a picture of the inside of the abdominal cavity you can see there are different organs on each side , some overlap and cross the midline and some don’t. Then there’s fat and muscle and connective tissue, etc...I don’t think it is anything to worry about.
  3. There have been more posts about ALS over the years than just about any other issue. Holls, who is on here once in a while and had her own worries about ALS says it best. ALS is failing, not feeling. ALS is not feeling weak, but failing at doing normal, everyday things like picking up your keys or using a fork or buttoning your shirt. Clinical weakness is different than feeling weak, so you can put that fear right out of your mind.
  4. It will happen, just take it one day at a time, even one hour at a time. You can get thru this! The Lexapro should be out of your system after a few days.
  5. I don’t have any experience with meds other than having worked in pharmaceutical development, but many anti-anxiety and depressant meds have suicidal thoughts as a serious side effect and I would definitely contact your doctor ASAP to see if they want you to discontinue taking it. It shouldn’t make it any worse at all going off the meds but they might taper you off or give you something else short term. Do you have someone you can talk to that knows what you are going thru? If you feel worse don’t hesitate to call 911. Don’t give up on yourself! Whatever you’re feeling is temporary and will get better, the doc just needs to adjust or switch your meds. Please do reach out to someone along with your doctor or therapist if you can and let them know you need some help getting through this rough patch, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it!
  6. Marc, one of the studies of how an asymptomatic person spread coronavirus to 9 others in a restaurant indicated that the air conditioner sucked in the virus and then blew it out onto customers and those sitting in the path of the air flow got sick. I believe it was similar to a window unit, not a stand alone exterior system. You would have no issue with your home system because the virus is not airborne (meaning it doesn’t hang around in the air long after being expelled, it drops to the ground) so the air outside isn’t a problem. Even in a shared system like a an apartment building the virus would have to travel such a long distance and get thru numerous filtration steps it is highly unlikely you could catch it that way.
  7. I hope this doesn’t sound scolding but asking what the symptoms were is a lot like googling. You will start looking for things and making connections that aren’t there.
  8. Twitching is not a first symptom of ALS as I’m sure you may know from your previous worries with the disease. Twitching only comes after muscle death and you would have other significant issues if that were the case. Toes and fingers often twitch as they are some of the most used parts of our bodies. It just happens and is normal.
  9. I know people are avoiding the doctor because of Covid, but where I am they are taking many precautions to avoid unnecessary exposure to people in doctors offices. Not sure about urgent care places, but our regular doctors office is doing it’s best to prevent contamination. You cannot enter unless you have an appointment. They are triaging people before they can make an appt to determine if they need to come in or not. They are limiting the number of patients at one time so there are not people in the waiting room. They are cleaning rooms thoroughly between appointments. I don’t think you need to see a doctor, but if you did it is safe to do so.
  10. Pain is not a symptom of ALS. Listen to what Holls said on the other thread. She is the resident expert and wants to spare you from suffering. Anxiety is hard on the digestive system and I’ve had abdominal cramping and spasms that are stress related.
  11. Exercise is a great way to lose weight, keep your blood pressure in a healthy range and also manage anxiety. Even with an injury there is always something that can be done to stay active. Walking is great, but I would talk to your doc and see about trying physical therapy to help with the injury and get you to a point where you can do some cardio or weight bearing exercise.
  12. If you have had it for years then no, you don’t have MS. Anxiety can also cause this. I know you have a hard time accepting it’s anxiety but your tests have all been negative and you say you’ve had many of your symptoms for years. That all screams anxiety.
  13. Right under the headline it says “Most cases are not life threatening.”
  14. Ok, with that knowledge that you have had similar sensations in the past and have allergies (our weather has been weird in the Midwest and lots of people are having allergy issues this winter) then I would say let it be and if it gets worse then go in. You can always go to an ENT and have them take a look. Even if it’s allergies they know what to look for and can prescribe something if they feel it’s necessary.
  15. That sounds like your typical ear infection. I would go in and have it checked out so they can give you ear drops or antibiotics. My rule of thumb is if it isn’t obvious what is wrong (UTI, sinus infection, other minor stuff I’ve had before) I usually wait at least 3 weeks to see if it goes away. In that time if it gets worse or progresses to something else then I would go in. Sometimes I wait longer if it is just a mild annoyance and isn’t getting worse. In that time I work on my thought patterns and work on resisting what ifs and catastrophic thinking. Every time it’s different though, based on past experience and knowledge so I don’t have a hard and fast answer for that one. In your case the warmth achiness and swelling make me believe it’s just an ear infection and for that I would go to the doc. As you mentioned above, though, even if you think it’s just a minor problem, DO NOT Google. Google is a very poor replacement for a doctor and puts nothing in perspective, everything is just out there and no one thing is more likely than the other when you’re reading it online. That’s where we get trapped in catastrophic thinking. Google mentions things a doc wouldn’t even bring up because they have perspective and a long history of treating people which the internet does not have.