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  1. I meant to say, I'm afraid that this is cancer that's spread to my brain.
  2. Oh, no, sorry, I don't have cancer. I'm worried these are signs of cancer.
  3. I'm having calf cramps, one sided burning in my thigh, head tension, perceived muscle weakness, one of my toes feels numb, my one side of my face feels numb, even though it's not, dizziness, ears are right, and constant twitching of my calves and arms. I keep feeling like I'm going to faint and my eye feels weird but I don't really have blurry vision. Scared this cancer that has spread to my brain. I've been under non stop stress since summer. The only time I get relief is when I'm sleeping. I feel hopeless.
  4. I don't have much to add but I'm right there with you. Somedays, the fight doesn't even seem worth it and I only stick around for my two kids. It's exhausting. Big hugs to you.
  5. The only cancer I don't fear is testicular, because I'm a lady.
  6. Mine thumps hard when I'm anxious or lying down. I've been told it's palpations, which are harmless. Sounds like your other physical symptoms are a result of anxiety because of the thumping.
  7. Plus, Facebook keeps an eye on your Googling and feeds you a bunch of cancer ads! No thanks!
  8. It's truly awful! Thinking of deleting all social media lol
  9. Does anyone find, that when they're worried about the c-word, that everywhere they turn, someone is being diagnosed with it? And it's always like stage 4. I feel like I'm being sent a message or I'm just on high alert lately, lol. Anyone else feel like when their HA is sky high, they notice all these new diagnoses?
  10. I have gone through a lot of changes in the past few months, including moving into a new home, beginning to stay at home and homeschool two kids, and massive health anxiety. My oldest kiddo has behavioral issues and ADHD and it's been hard to say the least. I'm terrified I have stage 4 skin cancer but I'm also terrified to see the doctor, I'm achy and nauseous, I'm exhausted and I'm so depressed, I can't do much but lie in bed. We're taking care of my daughter's behavioral stuff but it's an everyday struggle, which adds to the anxiety and depression. I'm so upset and sad all the time. I hate living like this. I do therapy once a week and I'm not on meds. Any support, epesically from those with kiddos, would be nice. 🙂
  11. Thank you. In my heart of hearts, I know it's not but telling that to my anxiety! It's a terrible beasty.
  12. I get them a lot, especially at night and during times of stress.
  13. What about nodular Melanoma, though?