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  1. That makes a lot of sense. Thanks for sharing that info. I just had some toasted bread and Gatorade and so far, knock on wood, no diarrhea yet.
  2. Sorry for the TMI. I am 3 mos pregnant and have been constipated for the most part. I have a bowel movement every 3 to 4 days. After 3 days of no BM, I had 1 yesterday, although very small. Today I had a rather satisfying, solid bowel movement which made me believe I had gotten rid of everything. After 2 hours I felt the urgency and almost didn't make it. I had loose stools mixed with solid ones. Less than 30 mins after I had another one and it's watery again. I'm so scared of having diarrhea while pregnant. Has anyone ever experienced this?
  3. It's 3AM where I live and this upper abdominal pain is keeping me awake. It started as constipation for 3 days. Yesterday, I had 2 normal bowel movements in the morning then a watery one at lunch time. I thought I was having a diarrhea but I didn't have any bowel movements anymore after that. Towards the afternoon the cramps started. It comes and goes. I'm extremely gassy and I keep belching. I'm about 6 weeks pregnant. Planning to visit my OB later. Thanks for any advice.
  4. Hi, everyone. I'm 6 weeks pregnant with my 3rd child. Today I felt dizzy at work but it went away after a few seconds. I continued to feel slightly lightheaded so I rested a little bit and afterwards continued to work. My hypochondriac self decided to go to the office clinic to have my bp taken and it was 130/100. After a few minutes it went down to only 120/100. My heart rate was also high. I'm pretty sure I was palpitating and running out of breath a little from anxiety and moving around. In my 1st pregnancy, my bp was also elevated but it was controlled by meds. I delivered normally. With my 2nd baby my bp was normal throughout. I'm afraid because this time around I'm slightly overweight. My anxiety is also worse. For those who had hypertension during pregnancy, hope you can share some encouraging words. Btw, before getting pregnant my bp was always normal. Thank you!
  5. That's what I thought too. And this is my 3rd pregnancy already. Apparently, I have the chronic type of hives which can last for years. Normally, I would go ahead and get tests done right away. But lupus scares me so much. I don't wanna have anything that is remotely linked to it. So although I'm really curious to find out, I'm afraid this will put a strain on my pregnancy, if I'm tested positive for vasculitis/lupus. Yesterday was supposed to be a happy time for me, knowing I'm pregnant. But all these thoughts ruined the moment.
  6. I've never had the butterfly rash. I'm just too anxious to have any tests done at the moment. Being pregnant makes my anxiety 100 times worse. Btw, my hives have been around for more than a year.
  7. I am 5 weeks pregnant. I have been dealing with urticaria (chronic hives) for more than a year now, and I have a strong feeling it could be urticarial vasculitis. My problem with this disease is its link to lupus which is what killed my mother 19 years ago. Lupus is up there on my list of fears, alongside colon cancer. I brought this up to my derma and she suggested to have a biopsy done. I have just also visited my OB and she said that at 36, my pregnancy is already high risk. I'm just so overwhelmed right now, crying and feeling really worried. I can't control my hives. The only thing that work contains steroid which I cannot take anymore. I am so worried about having lupus especially now that I'm pregnant. I hope you guys can help put my mind at ease. Thank you so much.
  8. It was supposed to be Sep 2018, 3 years after my last one in 2015. But work got in the way. 😔 Now I tested positive, will repeat test after 2 days. It makes me worried because in 2014, a 1cm benign but precancerous polyp was found in me. My doc said (in 2015, 1st year follow up colonoscopy following the polypectomy) 5 years after is okay but I insisted on getting it after 3 years. I know I've been really careless. I guess there's no way I can get a colonoscopy done when I'm pregnant right? What are the chances of another 1cm polyp to grow big within 4 years' time? This is assuming I get the procedure done as soon as I give birth. I am so scared. I know this is my fault. It's so scary - I've read of so many stories where cancer was discovered during pregnancy or after giving birth. Would really appreciate your advice. Thank you.
  9. My idea of DP/DR is when I get that random feeling of not owning my body. Like my arms or legs don't feel like they're my own and I can't seem to control them. It's like the opposite of having phantom limbs. It's there, I can definitely see it, but I feel like it's not mine and it's detached. I don't know how to explain it. 😞 It doesn't last very long though, but I've had moments when I was awoken by this strange feeling and I would feel so scared, thinking I've lost all sensations. So I stand up, move my arms and legs, to bring me back to reality. And yes, this happens when I'm extremely stressed out, anxious and tired. I hope this makes sense.
  10. I agree with the previous comments. I had a phase like this when I was obsessed with my tongue because I thought I felt something weird, or it felt inflamed or I though I saw a weird bump. I over analyzed all the bumps and red spots and tried viewing my tongue in all possible angles. Boy did it hurt doing that. Sometimes, when I was at work, I'd even go to the bathroom just so I could inspect it again and again with a small mirror that I could insert as far back into my throat as possible. I highly doubt yours is anything like cancer. Your tongue looks very healthy! Yes, you're being hyperfocused. As Bin said, the chances of having cancer at 20, with no risk factors, are very slim.
  11. Clindamycin is notorious for causing stomach upsets and diarrhea. My friend's IBS started with that antibiotic, and it was confirmed by his gastro doctor. So I agree, take probiotics. When I took a 7-day course of a much milder antibiotics, I ate yogurt and probiotics daily.
  12. Because of my chronic urticaria, which from my Google search is looking like urticarial vasculitis - this disease is highly linked to SLE. My mother died of this 19 years ago. I'm going crazy googling stuff about this. I'm hoping to find anything that could convince me I don't have urticarial vasculitis but it looks like this is what I have. My individual wheals last more than 24 hours and they leave a very faint brownish spot once they heal. They are usually worse before and during my period. Please talk me down. Currently trying to book in an appointment with my dermatologist. Thank you.
  13. Does she also get light pigmentation on the spots where the hives were?
  14. Going crazy thinking mine could be urticarial vasculitis which is a symptom of Lupus. I've been Googling nonstop and I am so afraid I have the disease that killed my mother. I've seen comparison between chronic idiopathic urticaria and urticarial vasculitis. The only thing that happens to me that makes me suspect I may have Lupus is sometimes the individual welts last for more than 24 hours and sometimes some of them leave a brownish pigmentation on my skin. This is what differentiates vasculitis. I don't have the pain, purpura, bruise like scars, or any other symptoms. Btw, my urticaria has been around for a year now. Really hoping someone could talk me down. I'm otherwise okay, health wise. But my hives are killing me, they won't go away. Been to many doctors already. I suggested maybe this is Lupus and they didn't think so and didn't order any tests either except the usual CBC. Please, anyone?
  15. I don't wanna Google because it will be the end of me. My hives have been on and off for almost a year now. My doctors have not been able to determine the cause. I've just learned of someone who has been suffering from chronic urticaria and later on discovered she has a form of lupus. Did anyone's lupus start as hives? I'm so scared right now. My mother died of lupus in 2000.