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  1. After 4 years on a CPAP, I can get a bit freaked out in the first few minutes. Like it's forcing air into my lungs
  2. Funny story, I had one one my toe after having my teeth cleaned. I went to the doctor armed with all of the information about endocarditis. He asked me 2 questions; Are you running a fever of 103 or above? No Are you too weak to walk a flight of steps? No Are you sweating through your clothes at night? No. Then he said, "Let me diagnose. You have stubbed your toe".
  3. I have responded to a number of posts about ALS as I had to watch my brother die from it. I'll make 3 points- 1- ALS is extremely rare. I understand that while true, but people get it. Even rarer yet are cases of clean EMG's turning out to be wrong. It almost never happens. When it does it is generally a specific type of ALS that presents unique symptoms (that you will certainly get if I tell you). 2- Twitches are part of life. Everyone gets them. And as your stress level increases you are far more prone to them. I have pretty chronic twitches. I dealt with one in my abs for months. In ALS, the twitches are very much unlike what you see. 3- ALS is a disease of CAN'T, not FEEL. You just lose the ability to use the muscle. This progression is rapid. So if it were starting in your arm, you would see atrophy and REAL muscle weakness, not perceived weakness.
  4. For a month my wife has had right side pain. She went to Dr. Blood tests fine. Urine samples fine except for one note that said, "multiple bacterial specimens isolated from urine". The Dr. has scheduled a CT scan. She only has pain where there are no organs. Dr. suspects kidney stones but she has no back pain. The pain comes and goes but is not overwhelming as it was when I had a kidney stone. I guess my question is could a kidney stone cause pain, but not intense doubling over pain for a month?
  5. I high pulse rate isn't necessarily going to be a huge thing. But I think you need to push your doctor more for answers. A holter monitor to measure it over time? If you have anxiety, they act of measuring your heart rate can cause it to go up. I used be be tense just going to the doctor. They would take my pulse rate when I arrived and when I left. Both PR and BP were much lower after I had finished my visit. But seriously, this is just a simple visit to your doc to get some answers and put your mind at ease.
  6. Jessi, It is a monster. The thing that you have to keep in mind is that medical people don't like to be sued. So the radiologist read your scans pretty closely. I had 2 ultrasounds done on my gallbladder. Both times they found a hemangioma that was less than 1/2 wide inch on my liver. (These are weird benign tumors that are very common.). My point is that they don't just look for one thing. They look at every picture.
  7. A clean ultrasound and good blood work is going to be the end of testing. There really isnt a reason to do a ct scan. You have probably read a bit about liver issues. Your doctor has seen them a lot more than you have. At some point, especially after 2 ultrasounds, you have to accept that yes, the pain is real, and no, it is nothing serious and will resolve itself. Check your posture when driving, at the computer, etc. That is where most unexplained ab pain comes from.
  8. The nature of health anxiety is that once you put one disease out of your mind, another pops up. There is a pretty strong link to OCD and HA. Once a negative thought gets into your head, it plays over and over. For me, Prozac really helped. For others CBT works very well.
  9. Healthworrier, You mention your hands and your voice. You are mixing up 2 very distinct types of ALS. If it starts in your hands, it will be awhile for your voice to be impacted. If it starts with your voice (bulbar), it is pretty apparent to everyone. I speak from experience on this, having lost a brother to the disease. After that I volunteered with the ALS foundation. Here is one thing I know. People who get ALS don't wonder if they have it. They KNOW for sure that something is wrong with them. It is not subtle. Every person I have known with the disease has had a sudden onset of symptoms that were very apparent to people around them. ALS is also a favorite disease of people prone to HA, because it is ugly and fatal. If you had it, you would know it.
  10. Why are you sure it's not a bite? Looks like one to me.
  11. Often there are times that a dosage needs bumped for a bit. I did great on 10 mgs Lexapro. No side effects at all. Then noticed a rise in anxiety and bumped it to 20 for about 6 months. Then went back down to 10mg when I felt very good.
  12. I have been married for most of my life, so I wouldn't even know how to approach a serious relationship. But do you now have to ask your partner to be tested?
  13. Walking, "Now for at least two years now I have had some issues with my throat. Basically anytime I drink I get air with it and burp afterwards. I can feel solid foods go down when I swallow etc." Problems with tongue and throat would suggest bulbar onset. In that case, after two years you would either be dead or in a wheelchair on a ventilator. Again, as I have said before, this is not a subtle disease. When they symptoms start, you don't think "Is this all in my head?" It attacks your body and destroys your body, quickly.
  14. Reproduced by touch is a good sign. That said, a trip to the ER or family doc involves a 10 minute EKG. I have done it twice only to be told I was fine. But I always feel better safe than sorry.
  15. You have been told by cardiologists that you are fine while having the jaw, chest and arm pain?