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  1. Its been bugging me for months. I went to the cardiologist in July and he said everything was fine. My lungs have been examined and there was no fluid in them. I don't have asthma or any sort of respiratory problems. I exercise often but I am overweight. I've been worrying so much over this symptom. I have trouble falling asleep because of it. I get anxious because I hate that sensation of not being able to breathe. I try to take deep breaths, but that hasn't helped. I'm at a loss. And my parents won't take me to a doctor, so I have to suffer. I've had times where it's caused me to break down and cry. Luckily it's not constant. It comes and goes pretty often.
  2. I usually talk to my mom about my health anxiety because she usually knows what to do if I'm not feeling well.
  3. I got the opportunity to go to a 4 week pre college art program. But I feel like this thing has been putting me under a lot of stress. First, by diet got worse because I overindulged in junk food Then I keep getting homesick I have to sit for several hours in the studio doing a bunch of hard work My neck, back and eyes are sore I'm always tired I'm borderline anemic And I've been having cardiac symptoms like left sided chest pain and arm pain. Pain in the jaw and shortness of breath. I've also been getting aoot of headaches. It's only day 3 of the college and I feel like this. What should I do?
  4. In worried if these symptoms I'm getting are cardiac related. I have left arm pain along with chest pain and jaw pain. I do get shortness of breath but when all of this occurs, nothing happens. It always comes and goes everyday. I've also felt more faint. Such as feeling light headed and dizzy a lot. It goes away but the sensation makes it hard to focus. A few months ago I went to a cardiologist and I basically was told my heart was fine. I just had a slight thing caused by my anxiety that caused it to palpitate and leak a bit.(PVC) Luckily its diminished significantly during these few months.
  5. Long story short, I was feeling very nauseous yesterday, so I drank some water to feel better. It didn't help at all. In fact I felt worse. I felt dizzy, uncomfortable, and because of that I now have a constant cold wet sensation throughout my body. I don't known what I did. I thought it would go away with drinking tea or sleep. It didn't. I'm sure that I just let the nausea pass I wouldn't be feeling like this. Every time I look up something related to this, I don't find anything that helps.
  6. Pilulu

    Heart issues

    @bin_tenn that might be the case, but it's strange how I'm suddenly getting these cardiac symptoms all of a sudden. Plus, I was told about my heart's health in January, though my personal habits and diet haven't changed much.
  7. Pilulu

    Heart issues

    @Trainwreck Yeah, kind of. Mainly because it was ruled out as anxiety.
  8. Since yesterday evening ive had left arm pain. This morning, and throughout the day ive had these bodily aches, but the left arm pain, along with jaw psi t and chest pain kept coming and going. I'm really scared and confused since I was told by cardiologists that my heart was fine. I don't know why I'm getting these symptoms all of a sudden
  9. @Walking Circles when I found out about the PVC they gave me a 24 hour Holter Monitor and the results were normal.
  10. Its been a while since I've been on here. It turns out my anxiety was actually partially from PVC,but its mild so the doctor said I have nothing to worry about. Well a few months later, I feel worried again. Why? Because whenever I lie down (it doesn't matter what position) I get shortness of breath. I did a research binge and its a symptom of PVC I think. And now when I breathe it feels constricted and tight in the chest. Since yesterday morning. I was playing the clarinet in music class, and we do a bunch of breathing exercises and holding out notes for a long time. But every 2 seconds I need to stop playing and taking a gasp of air because I'm losing air. And my lungs feel tight from it. I'm not sure why I feel like this. Oh and the rye twitching is a minor worry. It appeared over the weekend and I'm not sure why it keeps twitching. It also feels more like a muscle spasm,because I looked in the mirror to see it twitch, but I didn't see it. But along with that my eyes get a bit blurry and water a bit.
  11. It's been a while once I've posted anything. Mainly because my anxiety hasn't been that bad. But here's the thing. I found out something a few days ago that explains practically everything as to why I'm so anxious. It's because I have leaky heart valves. When I went to the cardiologist, she said that mines was mild to moderate; it wasn't that bad. In fact,they all said I was completely fine. But I'm worried about getting a heart infection because I'm going to the dentist today. I already gained anxiety from going to the dentist because of my shortness of breath,but this makes me feel even worse. Even though I've been told I'm fine, I can't help but feel the opposite. It's been consuming my thoughts. I read that people other it can live with it but... It just doesn't feel right.
  12. I've been getting heart palpitations lately. They usually happen several times in a row,then it stops. I had some after I had dinner today(meatball subs) I haven't really felt anxious lately,but I did feel emotional pain this morning after ending a friendship. These palpitations are worrying me,but whenever I tell mu mom, she just blames my period coming soon or my anxiety,which I haven't been feeling lately. So,last week I went to the doctors,and they said everything was normal. My EKG was normal. So,I have to wait until January to see a cardiologist to get a heart monitor to see if there's any underlying issues. The problem I have is that when I lie down,I get shortness of breath and I get a constant dropping sensation in my chest. It's still happens when I sit up or if I'm standing,but itd not as bad. But,I'm worried that its some type of underlying heart issue even though they've confirmed that I'm fine.
  13. I haven't been to a doctor.
  14. It's been a while since I've been on here,becausr my anxiety has gone down a bit. But now its getting really bad. Ive been struggling with shortness of breath for the past few days. But,its gotten more intense. To the point where it feels like I'm suffocating. I'm not sure if its anxiety. I noticed I've had symptoms similar pneumonia and I'm worried that it's going to kill me since my mom keeps saying that I'm fine and there's nothing wrong with me.