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  1. I really appreciate everyones response. it is very difficult time for me, since i understand that left leg weakness and sensation can be sciatica, twitching can be anxiety and arm weakness (where the emg was done) can be perceived. last 3 months have been hell to me and i was told that cipralex might take time to show effect, i am hoping it will help in next couple of weeks
  2. Thanks Zencube you are 100% right, thats why i started taking cipralex since i came to a point where i have realized that i cant do it without help/medication/just by myself. not paying attention to twitches is obviously the hardest, due to that i have stopped working out (since it makes it worse i believe).
  3. Also my worry is not very comprehensive EMG (4 muscles), however I understand my symptomatic limb at the time was just my left arm (now also left leg).
  4. Thanks trainwreck for your reply. I am sorry for your loss. I really hope that you are right, altough today I woke up and today my right deltoid was twitching. From my research, I am really not sure if twitches from the disease and twitches from anxiety and stress actually are different. And I am really not sure if the perceived weakness in my left leg is not real one. I guess time will show. I am scared sh*tless.
  5. Hello all, first of I would like to thank everyone who will take time to read my story and reply. You have no idea how much it means. Late December I woke up with my left arm numb with very weird dull pain. At the beginning I thought I slept on it after night of drinking. Since no painkillers I visited orthopedist and started doing physiotherapy which helped a little. However after that painless weakness remained for several weeks I decided to visit other orthopedist and also neurologist. The second orthopedist ruled out shoulder impingement and neurologist did some basic clinical testing and to my question he said its not ALS. But he sent me to other neurologist to do NCS and EMG testing (end of January). He poked 4 muscles in my left arm which showed no major active nor chronic denervation / reinnervation and even asked why do i fear of it (i replied cos of painless weakness). Kind people on the ALSforum told me it is not the dreaded disease since the neuro cleared me, had clean EMG and asked me not to come back. My fears remained though. Weeks later in February my muscles in my legs (foot arches and calves) started twitching. I visited psychiatrist as per recommendation of my family and started doing CBT but so far with no improvement. During March I went to Thailand to visit my friends who were vacating there. No crazy partying, I thought it will help to relief my stress but one day I started feeling weak also in my left leg. Also couple of days later, I woke up and my shoulder muscle twitched for like half hour constantly. I shortened my trip, since I also had some nightmares and visited the psychiatrist who prescribed Cipralex. Currently I had second half of the first pill (he said first five days 0.5pill, later on full pill). I am 34 years old, male. My muscles in my legs twitch couple of times a day, especially calves and foot. From time to time also some quick muscle jerks randomly in different areas of my body (stomach, arm, thighs). Last couple of days I have trouble falling asleep due to these twitches. I understand that fasciculations and perceived weakness (since I tried running and I have no clinical weakness) are common with health anxiety, but my mind is always saying the damned "what if" question since the neurologist tested only 4 muscles in my left arm (where I have no fasciculations) and there are cases with clean EMG. At this point I am very very scared to see another neurologist or neuromuscular specialist, my psychiatrist did not even recommend to see one actually. I also stopped exercising since it seems it increases the muscle twitching. So the question is, if anyone can relate. I understand no diagnosis can be done via the internet but I cant think about anything else every second during the day. I dont enjoy anything what used to like before (watching movie, reading, excercising) since every time I try to think about something else, the jerks bring me back to anxiety state. I do understand I have health anxiety (in november/december i was diagnosed with acid reflux and I feared of throat or pancreatic cancer), however I fear of the crywolf scenario (that this time it is actually something serious). My logical mind tells me this was triggered by my friends funeral who passed away early in January from gastric cancer (I do not usually go to funerals since when I was 7 my 2 year old brother passed away from heart disease). I had big plans for 2022, registered for triathlon in summer, I just miss my oldself and hope to wake up one day that this was all just bad dream. Any thoughts are highly appreciated.