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  1. So y'all have these events where all of the sudden you aren't clear on what you've been doing the past hour or so?
  2. This evening I left the house to get a snack. On the way there I was thinking about what I had been doing up until that point and I sort of got hit with this feeling of not knowing where the time had went nor what I had been doing. I knew where I was and where I was going, I just felt like everything until that point was sort of blocked. It's a difficult sensation to describe. It seemed like the last hour or two had disappeared and I felt like I had been asleep maybe. After stopping and thinking I could put together my entire day and the last few hours without much trouble. Anyone every have this happen? Could it have anything to do with the fact that my sleep schedule has been awful here lately and I've been sleeping all day and up all night?
  3. You ever feel like the universe taunts you with your anxiety? Just a few moments ago I was on facebook and got an ad for an article on a medical site about the "Early signs of Schizophrenia". Since that is one of my fears my stomach dropped when I saw it. Why me right? I started to give in and click the article hoping I could check off this list and feel relieved but knowing it would just make things worse. Here's where the victory comes in. I didn't click the damned article. Normally I would, and it would put me in a spiral, but today I didn't. I just removed it from my timeline and kept going. Sure it's still got me a little shaken, but I'd say not giving in and going down the rabbit hole has got to be something of a win.
  4. I have a significant amount of floaters, enough that they are constantly in my field of vision. I struggle as well with fatigue and a bit of random exercise intolerance. I have had body wide muscle twitches for roughly seven years now. So yeah, I totally sympathize on this one.
  5. Every bit of what's going on with you can be better explained by anxiety and panic attacks. So in a sense it is in your brain, in the fact that your brain has phenomenal control over our bodies and our anxiety can wreak havoc on them.
  6. Yeah. This one is really getting me. I feel a bit better though, talked to my dad and he said he's done this a couple times a week for at least 30 years. Apparently my grandad has done it his whole life and he just turned 79.
  7. Thanks for taking the time to help y'all. I've noticed I do this more when I'm over tired or if I'm sleeping during the day for some reason.
  8. I was sleeping not that long ago and in my dream I threw a punch and I woke my self up because my right arm actually flicked out from the elbow when I punched in my dream. I'm terrified that this is REM Sleep Behavior Disorder because it's often a very early sign of Parkinson's or Lewy Body Dementia. Patients with REM Behavior Disorder act out there dreams and often wake themselves up or others by acting out these frequently aggressive or terrifying dreams. This sounds just like what happened to me just now. I was dreaming I had to defend my brother from a group of guys, and when I punched in my dream I did so in real life and woke myself up. I'm hoping it's just related to my sleep apnea which is very severe and untreated. Apparently apnea can mimic this REM Behavior Disorder in some people. However I've had apnea my whole life and this sort of thing is only happening recently.
  9. It's far, far more likely that you suffer from something like IBS than colon cancer. Anxiety can also wreak havoc on your body and many people have stomach troubles when they are worried. I doubt you have anything to worry about. You might try doing something to keep your mind busy, like getting involved in a hobby or the like.
  10. If it makes you feel any better, I struggle to think this way too. I know I should but often time I just can't make myself do it.
  11. I've been worried about this since at least mid March, IIRC I even posted a thread about it here. Well I was on reddit today and goofed up and read a thread that had some people discussing their fears. One poster admitted to having been seeing things and hearing voices. As soon as I saw that I knew I should back out of the thread and just carry on about my day. What did I do? I clicked the dang post and went to town reading. One of the replies was someone who claimed that phantom smells were one of the first signs of Schizophrenia, and that it would be like smelling a rose if you saw a picture of one. Well about a month or so ago I had two weird incidents like that. One was while I was reading a novel, a foul smell was described and right at that moment I smelt something sort of foul. I was sitting on my couch in the living room and couldn't find where the source of such a smell would be (unless it was one of my cats, who had been nearby). The other incident I can't really recall as well, though I believe it was the same sort of situation, read about a smell or something then happened to smell something very similar immediately. Of course as soon I read that post my stomach jumped and I've been on edge ever since.
  12. My wife's vision is much worse in one eye than the other. Her ophthalmologist has never expressed any concern over it.
  13. I agree with bin_tenn, oral cancer seems really unlikely. It's far more likely that you just have sensitive teeth, or maybe even a small cavity or two.
  14. Even if what your experiencing were abnormal (I'm not saying it is), it doesn't mean that it's a worst case scenario kind of thing. There are always more common and much less threatening causes for various symptoms.