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  1. Im super scared cuz mid cycle i was spotting with a bit of lower abdominal disconfort o brush ot off but today i went poop and there was a really dark gooey poop i panicked because i though i habe some masive bleeding somewhere. I went two more times and pooped diahreah bit only yellowish brown. I still have some abdominal discomfort but nothing excruciating. Im super scared i have massive bleeding in poop please tell me something should i run to the er. Im alone and scared my hisband is away for 4 days im scared he will find me dead. Excuse my writing im too scared to type
  2. Hi Bob, I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I kinda know a lot of the reasons why im feeling like this but it is kinda lengthy to explain it. And one thing that really keeps me from doing anything even going to a therapy is my anxiety and physical symptoms im too terrified of going anywhere i barely manage to make it for some doctor apps. :( and i wished i had someone to talk about this but i have no one.
  3. Hi i post this in this thread because i feel you guys are the ones that have helped me before with my HA issues. Im in my late 20s and even tho im mostly extremely scared of terminal diseases rn i feel completely alone and lost. It would be complicated to explain it all but bottom line im very depressed. Among some other things HA has made me totally useless. And i have nothing, the only thing that kept me going is going away so now i feel like all i can do and want to do is crawl to a corner and stay there. :,( any advise is appreciated
  4. Thank you. Your reply has calmed my nerves have to read it every like 2 hours but it helps me. My 2 doctors are on holiday today but tomorrow ill ask the dentist to prescribe me antibiotic before doing anything else to the tooth and im also gonna ask for blood test Just to be sure. Ill keep everyone posted. If anyone had more similar experiences and want to share would be appreciated. I keep freaking put and getting adrenaline rushes. Since yesterday
  5. Hi everyone. Like a month ago i had a root canal. I was scared of pericarditis or heart infection because i developed a splinter hemorrage like a few days after getting it done. I ended up brushing it up but now im super scared again. The treated tooth bothers me sometimes when i bite on food that gets like in the crease of the filling it bothers. It also bothers me if i tap on the tooth. It aint bad pain but i do notice it and avoid it. It makes me think that there is something wrong with tooth and im terribly scared of infection going to blood , heart or brain. I have read of people dying from that and i feel it might be my case. I asked my husband to ask dentist for antibiotic to take before next appointment to recheck tooth but im scared it wont be the antibiotic that kill the specific bacteria. Please advise and help me. Also will a blood test checking for bacteria show if i have sepsis and what kind of bacteria?
  6. Im so scared because i just had a root canal so i thought maybe i got sepsis and heart infection
  7. Please im having a bad crisis right now help me
  8. Hi need help asap im at the dentist for the second part of a root canal and just saw a slpinter hemorrage on my nail. Im scared its the heart. Wjat should i do?
  9. Ill check that i dont drink water at all other than once in a while like less than once a month
  10. ZELDA

    Scared help

    Thank you all your words help me. its so bad. I feel a bit better a few minutes then it all comes back and again. I made an app with cardiologist but its for september.
  11. Its creeping me out because its happening more frequesntly this last few days. When im lying down and turn one side after a few seconds i feel like my brain is falling to that side and i automatically feel like im falling and jump.
  12. I feel like my brain moves when i turn my head scared
  13. ZELDA

    Scared help

    Feel weird heart and warm in stomach, kinda lightheaded. Dont wanna die of heart or something =,(
  14. Hi. Im not much help but Im going thru that exact same thing only adding that i also get lightheaded and a weird chest feeling. Ive thought about it being ibs, heart problem and even parasites Xp but anxiety is also a possibility. I hope you start feeling better and at least know you are not alone.
  15. Thank you very much. ^_^ My psychiatrist once told me that i think too much and thats why i worry too much and i believe it but its like my mind has a mind of its own .