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  1. You're not going to go crazy, trust me. You're obsessing though and that's a waste of time. You're making yourself a nervous wreck. Breathe deep or into a paper bag for a while, it will calm you down. You've let fear rule your life and like I suggested before get yourself into a psych ward for some relief from this negative thinking and your symptoms. I've had to go there over 40 years ago and it was a huge help to me. You write the same thing every day so I'm thinking that's all you have on your mind is yourself, not good. Get some real help, join a support group in your community, do something besides thinking about this all the time.
  2. I know two people that take Antivan and they both are doing much better. Take the medication the doctor gave you and stop worrying for goodness sake. You are making yourself sick with this worry. Listen to the doctor and do what he says, he's trying to help you.
  3. If I felt as bad as you do I would admit myself to a hospital even if it's on the psych floor they can run all the tests you need to show you that your heart is just fine. Your mind is what's making your heart beat like it is, the doctors have cleared you for heart disease. The fast that you've been to the ER 20 times in two weeks tells me you have a psychiatric problem and not a heart problem. Try going in another direction and get into some mental health facility until this is cleared up for you either with medication or counseling. I feel bad for you because the doctors have cleared you of heart problems and you are creating them with your obsessive thinking and our own mind. I hope you get some proper help.
  4. I would listen to the doctors and believe them when they say your heart is fine. You're having panic attacks from what I'm reading and heart palpitations are part of that, and of anxiety too. The doctors would have treated you if you indeed had a physical problem but if nothing was done in those 17 times I would listen to them and not dwell on the issue. Sure it's a scary feeling but obviously the doctors believe you to be a healthy person physically and I would believe them. You might consider a psychiatrist of a psychologist for some help, I see both and am on medication and I'm doing very well after years of anxiety and fear. Take care and deep breath, keep a journal, read books, anything to distract you from obsessing about the physical feeling you're having all the time. I wish you the best.
  5. I don't know what to say but at least he realizes that some people have anxiety. I hope he gave you some medication to get you through the hard times. I see a psychiatrist every two months and we talk for 45 minutes and he refills my medication for me. I'm 75 and have a lot of anxiety at times, holiday time is especially bad for me. Maybe you should see a psychiatrist and get a second opinion.
  6. I think she has low self esteem and needs a counselor to help her handle herself better. Nobody is wrong or right all of the time and her little hissy fits are not productive. You can't be her caretaker forever unless you choose to do so but I think she needs professional help. I would not get married until you have some PRE marital counseling and I wish you luck.
  7. I miss the old me too but now I am 75 so I'm really old period. Try a hand specialist if you feel there is something wrong with your hands. All your symptoms scream anxiety so I would get that checked out by a psychiatrist. You are having panic attacks it sounds to me and I used to have those too, ran out of a grocery store once and left my basket full of food in the aisle. I got into therapy with a psychologist back then and did a lot of gestalt work with him in a group therapy session many times. You can't die from an anxiety attack, just doesn't happen. I would go get a good physical and then see a mental health specialist for a true diagnosis and get on some medication to get you through this.
  8. Sounds like anxiety to me so believe your doctors, they are probably totally right. Your symptoms are those that many people with anxiety have so I would suggest seeing a psychiatrist and getting on some medication for a while at least to see if that will help. I also have anxiety but I take medication for it and that helps me live a normal life.
  9. I've never had this happen to me but I'm sure others have experienced it. You know nothing is in your nose so get a check up and make sure all is OK. Anxiety can show up in many ways and this might be one of them. Get a check up though for your own peace of mind.
  10. Glad to hear this and let us know how you are doing.
  11. I strongly suggest that you see a psychiatrist asap, you have a lot of disturbing symptoms and might need some medication to help you. I have had anxiety and depression most of my adult life but I see a therapist and a psychiatrist and do take medication for it. Please see a specialist, could be something that is easily taken care of.
  12. I have anxiety too but I take medication for it too, would be a wreck without it I think. I just got done with treatments for stage 1 lung cancer so you can imagine what I've been through and it's not easy I can tell you. Have you had your blood pressure checked lately? That feeling in your head could be high BP but you're only 20 and I doubt that that is the problem. Fear is a terrible thing to deal with and I have fears too. Write down your feelings and do it every day. Also make a gratitude journal, things you are thankful for. You work a job so that's a good sign, you get out and mingle with other people. I am more nervous when I'm home alone than when I'm out with people so try to be with people as often as you can. I would suggest some counseling too, I'm 75 and see a counselor every week to talk about my problems and get them off my mind. You aren't losing your memory, that's anxiety that is scrambling your thinking. Don't give up, you're not alone.