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  1. So i recently found out im pregnant (i already have 2 children) before pregnancy i suffered with social anxiety/agoraphobia but i was so so much better than i have been in a long time, socialising, doing the school and nursery run, going for meal, cinema etc... genuinely felt like i had my life back! Now im pregnant my anxiety is all over the place, i feel like i have gone back 100 steps! Im anxious at home when im alone, im anxious to go out, im anxious just in general! So i was basically wondering is there are any other ladies out there who are pregnant or have been pregnant and suffered really bad with their anxiety ( my first pregnancy i didnt have anxiety then and my second i did but it wasnt this bad) did it get better? Did it get worse? Did you feel normal again afterwards? I'm awaiting a referral to the specialist mental health drs for pregnant women but im suffering now and its upsetting me to see myself go backwards any help or advice would be appreciated thanks
  2. Hey so basically ive had a switch of medication I've come of pregablin and gone on to buspirone for anxiety/agoraphobia and i am really struggling, i was doing sooo well and was really proud of myself but pregablin made me put so much weight in i was depressed about my appearance so wanted to try something else, and now i feel like i did 2 years ago, always anxious, hate being alone, can't leave the house AGAIN, basically just crappy! I hate feeling like this, i have 2 young children and i want to be able to do stuff with them like i was before the med switch but i feel like ive taken 20 steps backwards ? Has anyone tried buspirone? Does it work? Or have i made a stupid mistake because of vanity... I just want to feel 'normal' again
  3. Thank you! I'm actually on pregablin myself too for anxiety although I'm not impressed with the unwanted side effect of weight gain! But it does seem to be working! i think im just stressing about stressing, its defo more of a mental addiction. I have begged various drs to prescribe me vitamin C an put it in a diazepam box an id never know the difference but obviously they can't.. Which is a shame as im pretty sure it would work! i already have my sister walk to the school with me as im still not able to leave the house alone but like i said ive still come so much further than i had a year ago! may i ask what dose of diazepam you were on? And did you have any withdrawal symptoms if you don't mind me asking
  4. hi so basically I've been on diazepam for probably 2 years now because my drs was basically bored of me an gave it to me to shut me up i guess. Well now my new dr has decided to not give me any more, i take probably 6mg a day but thats only if I'm going out, if i stay in the house i take 0.5mg so it basically depends on the day, if i stay in I don't take them if i go out i take how ever much i need and now i am completely freaking out! Like i am worried about withdrawal symptoms, worried that all ive done to come so far with my anxiety an agoraphobia will be lost. I really have come sooo far from the person i was a year ago im so much more sociable and happier and able to do things that I couldn't before and that is only partially because of the diazepam the rest has been purely me wanting to fight this horrible disease. so has anyone come of diazepam? It won't be cold turkey i have enough to come off slowly im just worried about little things like taking my son to an from school, without diazepam that seems petrifying. Any advise is greatly appreciated
  5. I don't think I've ever posted a positive post on here so here goes!... Today i had to go to my sons nursery for just over an hour for a parent/child workshop, i was petrified! As you can imagine!! I did bring my mom along for support but still was petrified as i am completely agoraphobic, but i did it!! I walked there and back and stayed the whole hour an a half an had fun with my son!! I did have a little help from diazepam which i am prescribed for such situations, but the point is i did something so scary and so hard and you know what it wasn't scary or hard! It was fine and i enjoyed the fresh air! small steps!!
  6. Seriously! I need a change of scenery, damn agoraphobia the whole workd is so close.. Yet so far
  7. Hi jon, thanks for replying, sorry I didn't reply sooner. My fiancé is fully aware of everything, and i went through feeling angry at him an thinking he was selfish but he has dealt with this with me wvery step of the way and my anxiety and agoraphobia has effected his life, so he did deserve the break. In the end my mom and sister cane to stay with me, was still weird but i got through it. The last night i was on my own and dreading it! But after i out the kids to bed i was ok, a good film, some munchies and a friend to text to occupy me and i got through it! I fell asleep no problem and i was fine when he came home. I suppose the worst part of anxiety is the waiting for the thing you're anxious about to happen! Then once its happened, you realise that actually it was no where near as bad as you thought!
  8. I have 2 young children as well so they will be a slight distraction but not once theyre asleep. And its the not even being aLe to text my finace or call him if i need him. I really miss my grandad too, he was my rock and he helped me so much
  9. Im so scared, my fiance is going on a stag do tomo for 4 days in prague, since having agoraphobia ive never been left alone over night and i am petrified. Ive inly ever had my fiance and my grandad who past away 6 months ago and that was struggle enough, i just dont know how im going to cope for 4 days alone i am so scared
  10. Just generally feeling extremely anxious lately, had a few panic attacks, which I haven't had in about a year. Can't sleep, constantly anxious and generally feeling very down and stressed! I just want to feel 'normal' ive been dealing with anxiety and agoraphobia for 3 years now I've had enough, i have 2 children 1 is 4 and the other is 6 months and i feel so sorry for them stuck in the house with me all week. I wish there was a magic cure i really do
  11. Had anxiety for pretty much 2 years now, well yeah 2 years i left work November 2012 because i became agoraphobic and have remained that way since. I can leave the house but only with people i feel comfortable with an only go places i feel comfortable, if i have a good day i can go places i normally wouldn't... and that's great. Any way, about a month ago i got put on pregablin (i can't take ssri's) and continue to have my diazepam as a back up, well for 2 years I've been house bound and although I've obviously been bored I've been comfortable but the last few days i feel completely stir crazy! I literally am hating the sitting here, i have 2 kids an its so unfair on them too, but i am so bored i just want to walk out the door an go anywhere!! I do believe this is something to do with the pregablin as I'm slowlt increasing the dose with my drs advise of course, but i mean surely because I'm getting bored an want to get up an go this is a good sign?! Could i finally be over coming agoraphobia?! Obviously I'm cometely petrified and i don't want to throw my self in the deep end and go running to the local shopping centre but maybe just start with little walks and go from there...
  12. Thanks Jonathan. My only worry is i am extremely sensitive to medication. Ive tried every ssri going and couldn't tolerate them. I've heard pregabalin can make you really sleep- which wouldn't be good when I've got my kids to look after! I just wish the Drs would listen to me when i say I'm happy on the meds I'm on and don't want to change! Ah well. Today is the day of the appointment so we shall see!
  13. Thank you, yes it helps as my main worry is side effects! I'm home alone all day with my 2 children who are 3 and 8 weeks so i can't be dealing with horrid side effects... fingers crossed they work for me!!
  14. I am being prescribed pregabalin at my next appointment which is on Thursday. I will be starting on 25mg twice a day.. has anyone used this medication before?! Is it any good?! I'm a betvous wreck when it comes to taking medication but i am agoraphobic and quite frankly i want my life back! I know medication alone won't do that, but could do with the help!