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  1. @WorriedAndRegretful, i got the CT scan about 6 years ago. I had major anxiety over it for over a year or longer and then as time went on I still worried but it’s slowly faded away. It was horrible! I worried myself sick and needed therapy for it. All the crying and googling and now I barely think of it. Your fear will pass too. I would not give a second thought to a couple of x rays.
  2. @WorriedAndRegretful i went through this fear in the past so I know how you feel. My health anxiety made me get a CT scan for basically no reason. I struggled with fear and regret over this for so long. I was hysterical! I still to this day regret what happened and I am cautious with radiation but I no longer obsess or worry about it. Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about three x-rays causing future harm. Hang in there!
  3. Try not to worry. You anxiety is making you think the what ifs . We had a bird feeder last summer and I’ve never seen signs that a raccoon was trying to get the food..they always go for our garbage or pumpkins and they make a huge mess. It seems very unlikely they would leave poop that would get in the bird feeder. I think your daughter will be ok!!! Hang in there... I know how you feel , I think the same way.
  4. @Angelica Schuyler I’ve been to many derms and the impression that I got with bed bug bites is that they are easy to diagnose. You can also see them or at least signs of them in your bed. I had an exterminator come check out my house who told me this. I didn’t have them but I did have itchy bumps that would pop up and no actual cause. I have obsessed over this and it drove me crazy. I still want answers bc that’s what my anxiety is about the need to know . And I used a bunch of meds prescribed to me that gave me anxiety bc I also fear certain medications but I did what I had to do to rule out whatever was causing my skin to react. Hopefully the wash and cream will work for you. Try not to worry about bed bugs .. don’t sound like them.
  5. Hi @Angelica Schuyler, Went through something similar and never found out the cause. Had been given a bunch of diff meds by the derm to rule out things but i still obsess about why this happened . At one point I wasn’t sure if it was all in my head. Did you ever find out the cause?
  6. @Lalalra I know the feeling . Going through a new fear at the moment and it’s taking over . Even though I still fear radiation , I have overcome my fear of the scan I had and you will too. Hang in there !
  7. @Emigara I am feeling better from when I posted above. It’s crazy how in that moment I was in panic and re reading it now I see how my mind got the best of me. I still unfortunately obsess over things mostly exposures but I’m doing good for now. Hang in there!!
  8. I have had some fears that come up at times about other things like rabies, or things from mice but they don’t last long at all. Maybe a few hours or a day I’ll stress over it. The fear i have now is robbing my life bc i can’t live in the moment bc I’m so worried of what can happen in the future bc of these exposures. It’s a horrible anxiety bc there is no test to say all is good. And I’ve googled enough to know way too much . Not sure what to do.
  9. I have health anxiety over exposures of chemicals and radiation and medicine ( that can cause “c”) and am terrified of something my child was exposed to. I feel so sad and scared. I keep thinking it’s all my fault he was exposed. And I’ve done a huge no no and googled every study on the topic and now i wonder how i can get over this. He’s not even two yet and I’m worried Mostly because of his age. The other thing is i went through this 9 months ago w him. I think about this all day at times. I still go out and make plans like normal but every down time i have I’m stuck in my thoughts and fears. Please help! And has anyone had fears of past exposures or worries for their little ones ?
  10. You have a positive strep test that is why you have a sore throat. Try not to let your mind trick you . Hope you feel better soon!
  11. Im sure you are not in any danger from this. The amoeba comes mostly from lake water in very hot temperatures. It’s super rare. I had a couple irrational fears about this as well. Don’t worry.
  12. It could be a growth spurt and or the fact that she has a cold. My kids def sleep more when they have colds. Anxiety always makes us think the worst. Hang in there.. i know how it feels to worry about our little ones.
  13. @Iugrad91 thank you for assuring me. I’m aware my reaction to being exposed to things becomes a little much but I’ve become so fearful of things when it comes to my children. I just want to protect them so when i find out they were around something toxic even a one time exposure seems like something can be harmful to their little bodies and has me very worried.
  14. I have anxiety mostly over exposures to things that may cause “c” and for some reason i keep finding myself or my family being exposed to something. Its a very hard anxiety to get through for me bc there is no end. No doctor visit can say we will be ok from the things we came in contact with ( this time a chemical from house work) I’m mostly worried for my kids they are young . BUT i was just moving on from the last thing and Im feeling really down that this is happening again. And we actually were around a chemical the workers used so i feel like it’s real. I do go to therapy but it’s been a few weeks bc i was doing good. I have an app this week though. I probably need meds for times like this but I’m so afraid to take them. Thanks for your replies . Hopefully i will have a better day today . Im trying to face my fears right now I’m finally sitting in my living room where some house work was done bc for three days I’ve been avoiding areas in my home.
  15. Ive been having bad anxiety for days now and I’m so frustrated. I wasted almost the whole day today googling and stuck in my thoughts. Just when i was doing better with my old fear I’m on to something new . Why can’t my anxiety just leave me alone and let me enjoy myself? I’m missing out bc I’m worrying so much and obsessing . Does anyone else that has anxiety that just jumps from one thing to the next?