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  1. Hey guys, I recently discovered the book “The Hypochondriacs Guide to Life. And Deatg.” By Gene Weingarten and wanted to reccommend it to you all. It’s pretty funny!
  2. I also talked to my best friend about it. She said that she went in with 12 cavities and only got 4 filled. ? I’m worried that I have just as many or more. Ughhhhhh
  3. Thanks y’all. I cried to my husband about it last night and he was pretty comforting. He said he would go to the appt with me. I know I’ll be relieved after it’s over with. Yalls responses made me feel better as well.
  4. So I set up an appt with a dentist for a couple of weeks from now and I am terrified. I have 2 cavities that I know of but I am worried that I actually have more than I thought. I have noticed some brown spots in the crevices of my molars that I have been assuming are just stains but after Dr. Google, I’m worried that they are the start of cavities. I’m more scared of being judged I think than the actual procedures even though I brush twice a day and floss and use mouth wash. I hate this so much.
  5. I deal with the post nasal drip and throat clearing every day. Could it be seasonal allergies? Did you try Claritin or FLonase? My sister has GERD. She took medicine for a couple of weeks and it doesn't bother her as much anymore.
  6. My 8 year-old daughter dealt with a bout of the flu last week and you know what, she was fine within 4 days. If a healthy 8 year old can get through it, so can you! THe vast majority of people will NOT die from flu complications. The media has a knack for over-hyping and fear-mongering with things like this. To be honest with you, I think that is one of the main reason we are seeing so many people going to doctors and hospitals this flu season. They get s cough, go to the doctor, doctor reports that to the CDC, stats go up in the influenza-like-illness category whether or not it's actually the flu, news gets report, news shout "WORST FLU EVER", cycle continues. It seems that all the media is doing is causing mass hysteria. I promise you will be a-okay. Try to relax. Take a bath, watch Black Mirror on Netflix, eat some soup, drink some water and get some rest. Hugs!
  7. I completely know how you feel. I can always tell that I'm about to start my period based on how much I want to sleep in the morning and how tired I am throughout the day! Also, how much junk food I can eat, lol. I'm sure that is what you are experiencing. You worked out for 3 weeks and on the fourth you feel dog tired? Sounds like a menstrual cycle! I don't tend to get sore breast anymore but I used to as a teen, I do, however, get sore legs! Not cramps but an ache in the tops of my thighs! Periods are weird and can cause a bunch of hormonal crap and stupid symptoms. lol. I hope you feel better soon.
  8. Sayruh

    New here

    I'm sorry you are going through this. It seems that all of your symptoms are related to your anxiety (anxiety can come with many symptoms but they are harmless). I'm glad to hear that you took the steps in getting treatment for your panic disorder and anxiety! That's the best thing you can do! You aren't alone with your health anxiety, all of us here deal with it to some degree. Trust your doctors. Also, don't google symptoms. Google is the worst place for diagnosis because the results always lead to worst-case scenario and not the most likely cause of your symptoms based on your health history, that's something only your doctor can decide. I hope you have a better day today! It WILL get better!
  9. I am worried that since my daughter was sick that I have become obsessive over sanitizing my house. I've gone through 3 cans of disinfectant spray and 3 tubes of disinfectant wipes over the past few days. I can't stop myself from using hand sanitizer every time I touch ANYTHING. I'm still worried about her being contagious even though she hasn't had a fever in two days and that makes me worry about my other daughter. Everyone else can make it through the day without fear of leaving the house and getting sick but I have been obsessing over germs lately. I want to go for a run this morning but I'm worried that, because of the colder weather, I'll get sick from being outside. I want to go visit a friend but what if she is sick and doesn't know it yet? Ughhhhh this is so stupid. I have a hard time kissing my husband in the evening when her gets home from work because what if? I know that my health anxiety stems from my parents dying. Like, I can see that my fears are irrational but that doesn't stop them.
  10. I decided to send her to school this morning. I would hate for her to miss out on her studies just because I have HA.
  11. Her fever reached to 103 at one point. The nurse at the hospital said that since I got her tested for the flu early, the results may not have been accurate and to treat it like the flu but it still could have been some type of viral infection.
  12. As some of you know, my daughter has been dealing with a virus for the past few days.I took her to the ER on Thursday where they gave her a flu test and told me that the test was negative but could it still be the flu. As of yesterday morning, she no longer has a fever. I kept her home from school today just for good measure but she still has a mild productive cough. I worry that she is still contagious and am unsure if I should send her back to school tomorrow. The school policy is that they have to be fever free for 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medicine but I read online that they could be contagious for up to 7 days after the onset of symptoms. The stuffiness and cough is all that is left. I tried calling her pediatrician but they couldn't tell me without seeing her.The problem with that is she doesn't have health insurance until March 1st and we can't afford a 100$ office visit. Do you think I should send her to school or give it another day? I've been treating her cough with Mucinex and cough and cold meds. Honestly, my cough is worse than hers and I just have rhinitis. Also, I'm still limiting her in terms of roaming the house out or fear of her infecting anyone else if she is still contagious. FYI: She is feeling 10x better. She has been playing and laughing all day and even said she WANTS to go back to school which is a miracle in and of itself. Other than a cough once and a while and some stuffiness, she seems fine. My youngest has a cold and has been coughing more than her. UGH. IDK what to do
  13. It sounds like you had a nightmare. It is probably related to your anxiety and sleeplessness. It sounds more like a nightmare than a seizure to me.
  14. Sayruh


    It's been a trigger for my HA as well. The flu test they gave her at the hospital came back negative but they said it could still be the flu. I gave her a lot of fluids all weekend and her appetite was fine. The highest her fever got was 103 but I imagine it would've gotten worse if I didn't give her meds. I have a feeling it was the flu but her symptoms weren't as severe as they could've been if it weren't for the flu shot she got a few months ago.Luckily, no one else in the house has caught it and considering she hasn't had a fever since yesterday morning (100) and she is feeling better, I doubt any of us will catch it, from her at least. Of course, I worry about sending her back to school and her or my other child catching something else but that's a risk I have to take. As of right now, her fever is completely gone and she seems to be feeling better other than the fact that she stayed up late and has been sleeping in. I've been cleaning all morning to get this crap out of my house. lol.