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    It's almost as if he has shifted his concentration to swallowing and breathing. That's supposed to be subconscious - pulling it up into the conscious is going to make you freak out more than you should be.
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    Hi. Bin. You are so right. Acceptance is in no way giving in, more a giving up. There is a big difference. Acceptance is a positive action. Giving up is also a positive action, strange as it may seem. Giving up and accepting all of it is trying not to control anything. If we give up trying to control we gain control That is one of anxiety's paradoxes. Let it all come. No fighting or struggling with 'IT'. It's a battle you will never win. 'You must fight this thing, you mustn't let it get you down'. WRONG!!! Also, getting to the root of the problem can be so helpful. Understanding why we are in this state can help us. Fighting is 'entering into combat with'. Combat allows more adrenaline to flow into your system, and that's the last thing you want! Calm (as calm as possible) acceptance works wonders. It takes perseverance and patience. Lots of it. Sit down, breathe deeply and try and let the anxiety go over you without any reaction. This is so difficult I know, but it can be done as many have proved. Calm acceptance gradually slows down the rate of adrenaline and eventually gives relief.
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    Woah, your problems sound exactly like mine and from probably the same issues as well lol.
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    Thanks guys its like we feel miserable and afraid of the other shoe to drop then on the other hand I feel guilty about my issues because by comparison other people have way more drastic issues and here I am complaining can't win for losing.
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    Thanks for the reply, I really appreciate it. I'm glad to say I'm doing a lot better now. The twitching and soreness isn't nearly as bad as it was, and taking a few days to go hiking around outdoors and get myself out of my own head helped a lot. There will definitely be bad days in the future, but I'm glad I have all of you here to talk to whenever things get bad.
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    A number of years ago I had crawling/tingling sensations on the top of my head. They persisted off and on for a while and I got a little concerned. I went to my ENT physician and I talked him into giving me an MRI of my brain. For the insurance to pay for it, I had to say I had tinnitus. The MRI was clear and the tingling and crawling sensations were attributed to tension in my neck, back and/or shoulders.
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    As I have said in numerous previous posts, I have known around 5 or so people who had ALS and twitching was not a symptom they had. ALS is an extremely rare disease with only 5,000 cases per year diagnosed in the USA. Compare the incidence of ALS with heart disease and cancer and there is no comparison. ALS is a progressive disease and you would be in bad shape by now.
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    My appointment went well. I'm glad I went in, but it was a really tough time building up to it.
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    Ellebel!!!! Just saw your notice. I don't get on hardly at all anymore. I'm doing well, I got a new job at the very start of the pandemic 🥺 it's been a wild, hard ride so most of my attention has been focused on that. Luckily it's part time and I work from home! I am sorry to hear that your worry is jumping from 1 thing right to another. Is it any wonder though with all that's been going on? Our minds always go to old worries when we are anxious hence that pesky als fear. You have zero to worry about. Then throw in hormones after baby and I have to give you a pat on the back !!! You are doing an amazing job and your baby is so very lucky to have you as a momma. When the worries come in, pack your baby up in a wrap or stroller and take a brisk walk to clear the head. Your mind can run away with lies so fast.. don't let it. Biggest, warmest hugs. You are healthy and amazing! 💕💗💜🧡❤️💙
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    Hi. Ellebell. I remember you from old. Welcome back, and I am so sorry you are feeling stressed again. As you say, such is life. But it need not be so. Babies often pick up anxiety if their parents are anxious. An anxiety 'atmosphere' can cause a baby to to be fractious and often cry a lot. Now this is not your fault, so get that idea out of your head. It's just how things are at the moment. I don't doubt you are a good mother in every respect. It's good you are having counselling again. There is no real substitute for good one to one counselling with someone you trust. Mindfulness is a good way to concentrate the mind. We don't do we? If we brush our teeth we are thinking about what we shall have for lunch! As Buddhists say, when you walk, walk, When you sit, sit, but don't wobble. Concentrate on the task in hand. Meditation is also good in anxiety, but it can be difficult to keep one's mind on one thing when anxious. You will win through again. You have the right attitude. It's not a huge succes yet, but hey every extra minute of peace and enjoyment is precious right? Yes, absolutely right. In anxiety we often appreciate the quiet times and the beauty of this world more than would a person not suffering. Anxiety people are sensitive people. They pick up negative feelings and emotions from others so easily. An argument of some form of altercation can upset them for days. That's why it's so important to try and live in a calm atmosphere, not always easy. Good to have you back.. Best wishes.
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    Hi. This problem of when to go go to a doctor crops up now and then. Some say do it as a last resort. I say do it as first resort. For two reasons. If it is a physical problem of some sort then it can be treated, Secondly, it will give reassurance that you are OK. You can then concentrate on the real problem. anxiety. Some dislike going to the doctors for fear of what they may find. But surely it is only sensible to get any problem sorted as early as possible? I know, being sensible and logical is very hard when we are in an anxiety state. Of course, here in the UK going to a doctor costs nothing, and I can appreciate that in some countries you do have to pay. But even that can be worth it if it gives peace of mind. Getting the courage to go is another problem. We tend to put any sort of examination off as long as possible. This is, of course as always, an individual choice. But surely peace of mind and some reassurance is worth it. Whatever you do in anxiety will cause stress. Go or not go!! We dither and procrastinate in anxiety. Up one day, down the next. It seems so right one day only to see it as a danger the next. It is often better to grasp the nettle than live in constant fear of it. This is, as always, a very personal opinion.
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    Ah - that kind of anxiety. I deal with something similar, but without the relationship. I think she gave you her response - it's not you. You mentioned that she has anxiety, too, so that tells me she has her own issues. It's a tricky area having this kind of issue because if one of your grows in one direction, the other may have a weird reaction. It's hard to explain in words. :) People do grow apart and if the relationship isn't constructed to handle it...then it may not be the right thing. You will find someone - even I have hope and I am probably older than you. The key is turn the anxiety into motivation for improvement to things YOU want. Become more confident in who you are. You worked more to earn money and you explained yourself.
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    So I was doing better and then my life became a Sh*t Show. I won't bore you (or trigger you) with the details but suffice it to say, I'm dealing with my mother and mother-in-law both having severe health problems with a sudden onset (like overnight)...and my dog had what the vet thinks was a series of seizures...which I witnessed, while alone...not good. I adore my dog. Vet has no explanation. Long story short...things are what they are and I know that things with my mom and mother-in-law are not likely to improve too much. AND there's a lot of sibling family drama. Oh and yeah, the pandemic, social and political unrest, you know...the state of the world as a backdrop. So I was doing good...and then bam...the burning skin reared it's ugly head. I've had other symptoms but for some reason that one in my groin area always freaks me out. It's all external so likely not yeast. I see NO redness whatsoever. I've had burning skin there and elsewhere before. I've had this before and it has gone away on it's own for no particular reason. I've been seen by my gyno before and trust derm before but not this time. No one ever found anything though they both prescribed some kind of cream which I never used and it spontaneously went away. I've switched soaps...and that helped. I have chronically dry skin all over my body so a milder soap can't hurt and it did help...I think. Anyhow, can someone please talk me down from the ledge.
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    I have had Tinnutis for so long I am used to it. A friend of mine who is a physician has it too and he at one point had trouble dealing with it too. At this point I wish my Tinnutis was my biggest issue to deal with in my life so I try to put things in perspective.
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    And in answer to the thread, everything!!! I had every disease known to man, and some unknown ones of my own making until I learned to accept that it's how I am. I still get anxious from time to time, but accept that this will be so and let it pass. It always does. I have known many people with chronic health anxiety live to a good age.
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    UPDATE! Ended up having a spinal MRI and not a brain scan. My insurance denied it on grounds that it wasn't "medically necessary". I took that as a sign. Test results came back completely normal. Neurologist said there was no reason to follow-up. So, while I didn't get an ironclad answer to my worries, I feel much, much better. Also, my wisdom teeth surgery went great! I'm still on soft foods, but I'm 90% better. And I've lost 8 pounds in the past two weeks while still drinking milkshakes most night, so that's pretty awesome.
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    Magnesium is good - I was on that for a while. It helps the B vitamins with anxiety and also helps muscles and joints! Vitamin D helps immune system AND lifts your mood a bit - until you can get enough sun to offset it.
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    Many years ago i fell and my back began bothering me when I bent forward and I got a bruise around the center of my back. It hurt pretty bad. I called my physician and he told me to go to the ER. I went to the ER and they xrayed my back. Next thing you know I was admitted as an inpatient for 6 days for observation as I had a compression fracture of the vertebrae. I had to wear a back brace for a few months and it healed and I was told by the orthopaedic physician named Jayasanker Menon that I should have no further issues and so far I have not.
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    Hi MAK-KAMO. Absolutely right. It is NOT an illness, and that is why so many find it difficult to understand and help. The times I have heard 'pull yourself together'! That's just what the sufferer want's to do but can't. If it were an illness and visible then we would get a lot more help and understanding, but because it's not understanding is rare. Even some doctors fail to recognise the effects of anxiety. People will go on endlessly about a physical illness, but clam up when it comes to mental issues. Most doctors get very little training in anxiety, and most will just pack you off with a pill when you need some care and understanding. You can have everything and feel nothing'. How very true. The emotions and senses become numb. Howard Hughes, the American billionaire, had very bad OCD, and all his money could not rid him of it. When some people with no understanding look at us they see a healthy looking person with, apparently, no life problems. Unless they have been there they will never know the agony of anxiety. If counselling is available then take it. One to one talking can be so effective. If you have trust in the counsellor then being able to talk to someone who is objective can help a lot.
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    Oh, the MRI isn't until the Monday after next. Yesterday was just an initial consult. I'm having to wait on it due to me getting my wisdom teeth out next week 🤮
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    Yeah I've had a couple of decent sized stones in the last six years that caused horrible pain so I've definitely been there
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    Hi ty for the info I am in wkly outpatient therapy and I am grateful for it
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    My wife has had a couple of callbacks after her mammogram for an ultrasound and all has been fine.
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    Many people won't notice mispronounced words, or would let it slide. It's not a big deal. I have post nasal drip myself - the doc told me to take antihistamines if it bad.
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    She hit you in the head, and you got a lump/bump. I know it likely seems like it isn’t that, but that’s a pretty clear cut case of cause and effect. I know the what ifs and fears, but the bump is most definitely from the accidental hit.
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    I would not feel selfish as anyone would be worried.
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    Hi. Well Worrygirl, if you want to believe that pure unadulterated nonsense then go ahead and make yourself even more ill. Superstition is one thing we want nothing to do with in anxiety. Many believe this kind of thing, but life is life. Things happen and mostly we have no control over them. So take life as it comes. Try not to get caught up in superstitious nonsense. You have enough on your plate already. Now what I have said will not go down well with believers in this kind of superstition. I stress this is my opinion. But do you really believe? Think about it! Most people who believe in this sort of thing do it for reassurance. They seek answers to the unknown. If you allow your life to be governed by such stuff, you will surely finish up making yourself worse. Live your life in the best way you can. Be kind and honest and give love and compassion to others. By helping others you help yourself.
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    Trying to put ALS out my mind, but a well known woman in the UK has just passed away from it at 29, and someone has posted on social media drawing light to it, saying it isn't rare, you have a 1 in 300 chance of developing it. She was beautiful and so brave, and I hope she rests peacefully. I'm trying to take each day as it comes, when my toe twitches, accept it's probably an inflamed nerve from sitting for work so much, making conscious efforts to do my physio stretches etc, and just let time pass. There's nothing I can do, so just work on it, and the more time passes, the less likely it is that anything is seriously wrong with me. I just need to accept this, and give it time. I'd be lying if I said it wasn't still scary at times, as you can all see from my posts, but that's because I'm just starting to try and come out the other side, I need to give myself time. I'll get there. I hope you're all doing well and having a great festive season ❤️
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    Hi Aria Ren. What a lovely and uplifting post. It shows how valuable good counselling can be. You emphasise once again something I have been trying to put over on this site for seven years. There must be a cause. In physics the law of cause and effect apply. They do in anxiety. Effect, symptoms and so on, must have a cause, just as a cause will have an effect. It seems to me that we make the mistake of trying to cure symptoms and not looking for the cause. There is always a cause in life for anxiety. There must be, or are we saying it just comes out of nowhere! Life style, a trauma like a beratement are so often the cause. They are obvious causes. But so often it seems to come 'out of the blue' for no apparent reason we can see. That's where it takes the skill of the counsellor to find reasons. Short term medication can help while undergoing therapy. It gives us a chance to think more rationally. Thanks for that. Best Wishes. John.
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    A few years ago i was TERRIFIED. So so so sure i had ALS. Persistent twitching, occasional twitching, twitching all over, twitching in the same muscle for months. Then followed by increase in cramping. I thought my days were numbered. But then time passed. More time passed. Nothing happened. More twitching, more cramping, more time passing. Now i am over 3 years later, my mind has long moved on to other things and you know what? I notice no more twitching, hardly cramp, i have no more fear of the horrid disease. I wanted to test, so i sat really still for a long time and focusing on my body. The twitches are still there n a minor form i suppose. Have always been. Just background noise. Us worriers we focus on them, feel eeeeevery little thing and actually make it worse with our minds. So stop worrying, move on, you will see the twitches do the same 😃
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    it will get better for you also sweety. There will be a point where u will be the one doing the reassuring. I know this for sure :)
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    Welcome to the forum. If you did not actually have sex, then you have nothing to worry about. The use of condoms is probably your best bet to protect you against pregnancy and STD's.
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    Last year in the peak of the worst health anxiety I’ve ever experienced I had a twitch in my left leg that was literally constant. It would stop twitching for a few mins and then start right back up again. You could see my thigh twitching through my jeans and this lasted for a month or more. It nearly drove me crazy. Eventually it just went away on its own and my doctor chalked it up to stress.
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    Thank you both so much. He's also very skinny and so I figure you can see more things on him than you normally could on someone like myself. You both made me feel much better. As always thank you for the support. I love this forum.
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    I cannot even begin to tell you how much this helped me, made me smile, and realized I am not alone! Thank you so much! It is very often that the appearance of a mass, or lesion can easily be distinguished by sight alone. They typical have physical features and blood flow that would change the appearance if abnormal. I do not believe they would tell you benign, if they're was any doubt, and they most likely would have ordered a lot of blood work and an ultrasound of the area to further investigate. Masses are very common within the body! I believe your doctor will confirm the benign diagnosis and we will both be ok. Thankfully it is not them who are lying to us. Its our anxiety that is lying to us! Praying for you ❤❤
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    Look for private places that do MRIs. Not sure where you are located but I’m in Florida. And I can either wait a couple of days/weeks to get testing done like an MRI through my insurance OR I can call private MRI imaging centers that do it extremely quickly if you pay out of pocket. It usually isn’t much, could be anything between $200-$300, but to me it is worth it 100%.
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    Yes stealth! We have three under 5 years old. And im Homeschooling. Stress abounds here. Not sleeping well with littles ones just makes it all worse! My nerves have been on the top of my skin. It’s our minds that need a break but it’s hard to take a break from our own bodies! Try and learn to not read every sensations as bad. It’s what I’m trying to do and it’s hard!!!
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    this has been an exceptionally bad year for me too with allergies....post nasal drip, sinus congestion & headaches, blocked ear, throat clearing....not sure why it's so bad this year but i've been feeling pretty crappy with it for a few weeks now....dr has me on nasonex spray and singulair pills....they help a little but it's still bad......hope you feel better soon
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    Well, it happened. Co-worker tested positive. This co-worker was in my office for a few minutes a few days ago. We both had masks, but they did stand over me a bit looking at my computer monitor. Signed up for a test tomorrow, first available, and not rapid. Can't find those anywhere. Isn't that terrible? So now, I wait. I thought I wouldn't be anxious if this happened, but I guess I am. All of a sudden I feel symptoms of course! 😒
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    Welcome dear! I am also new to this forum and fell in love instantly with the interesting topics and amazing community this forum has. I hope we all stay like this. Whenever I used to have a anxiety attack, I always have irregular palpitations and weird heartbeat sounds. I got my ECG done and have been to so many doctors but they all said this is not related to your heart health, rather a symptom of anxiety that makes your feel that. My doctors recommended me to change my lifestyle and make healthier changes. I was prescribed some heart-related medication and also some for my anxiety. I felt a lot better. I also tried these simple tips and tricks https://ezcareclinic.com/3-ways-to-deal-with-work-anxiety-according-to-top-18-experts/ and made it a ritual to practice these simple tips and felt a huge difference. I was energized for a longer time. I hope you try them too and consult a doctor for your palpitations. Take care 🙂
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    I'm sorry this happened. But latest observations for highest risk exposure is someone symptomatic, within 6 feet, no masks, and longer than 15 minutes.
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    I have had 8 colonoscopy's and 9 EGD's and have never had any issues. The anesthesia they use today is quite effective and with low risk. It is the best sleep I have ever had. The last 2 EGD's I had, my GI physician asked me if I wanted to participate in a study, whereby they go deeper and take a few more samples and I signed off and said yes. I would not worry at all!!!!!!!!!
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    Your blood pressure was a bit high because of anxiety, which is normal. The doctors offices and ER take extra care in cleanliness so you are in good shape there. Good luck with the mammogram results and I am sure you will be fine and be sure to keep us updated. I am glad you made out OK with your visit.
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    Oh my word yes. I’m 35 and I just recently got over my mouth fears. I had white spots, hard spots, pain, inflammation, etc. All normal mouth sores. Doctors and dentists both didn’t find anything wrong. Big thing to remember is it isn’t going to be a subtle little thing. What your fearing is obvious. So obvious that you know you need to get checked. Our anxiety blows up tiny little nothings into huge deals. Not to mention mouth cancer is incredibly rare. VERY certain you’re fine. Rest easy and just wait for that good visit. 🤪🙂
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    I've had this too and I remember when you posted it Bec I thought it was just normal lol. I have it maybe two - three times a year. It has never worried me.. it's just one of those things. Hugs. You are okay. It will go away soon.
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    I just had a follow up appointment for a root canal from a year ago. I had to go back to an endo’s office. He did a full mouth check, which I was not expecting. He said it all looked good. I hadn’t thought about my mouth for a week. All the symptoms have gone. Another crazy thing my mind created. Good news though. Anxiety free for now guys. Hope you’re all doing well.
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    @ZenCube found this post to be helpful. I too am a sufferer of health anxiety particularly focused around Motor Neurone disease. I was managing ok for the past while but find I spiral into sever anxiety when I hear or see something in relation to this awful disease. Again, I know we just have to remind ourselves we are healthy and well and to ignore the devil on our shoulder that appears in the form of twitches, weak (fatigued) muscles even clumsiness. I’m trying to meditate finding it to be kind of tough to settle me erratic thoughts but hopefully will get there. I find it comforting to know I’m not alone in my fear over this illness, it seems to be a very common topic on this forum. I wish everyone well who is currently suffering with this fear and we will get through this together.
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    I've had this too. The buzzing usually happens in my left thigh but I have had the buzzing/vibration feeling in my chest. I really think this is a normal anxiety symptom.