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    It's normal - you just have to stop thinking so much about something that is involuntary.
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    Well, it's been a while! I'm currently in the throes of a skin cancer scare. I've had this mole on the side of my foot for several years now. I never really thought much of it, but over the years, I think maybe the color has gotten a little darker? It's still brown, just a darker brown maybe. It's also not totally symmetrical, but it's smaller than the size of an eraser. Not sure exactly how long I've had it, but long enough that I can't put a number to it. I've been fixating on it recently though, probably because my husband had to get a mole removed about a year ago, so my mind went to this one on my foot and latched on. Then last Christmas, my parents were visiting, and my dad looked at it and asked what it was, and I said it was a mole. So just him asking about it reinforced to me that it's probably a weird one. After having it stare me in the face for years, I finally decided it was bothering me enough to get it looked at. Went to the dermatologist yesterday and got a full body scan by a PA. So she first saw one on my thigh that I'm pretty sure I've had looked at before, but I couldn't be sure, so she biopsied that one. Then she gets to my legs and says, "I see the one you're talking about on your foot." Which automatically makes me nervous, because I was really hoping she'd be like, "Oh, that's nothing to worry about." So she asks to biopsy that one as well, because, to quote her, "We don't really mess with the ones on the feet, because the ones on the foot have the potential to change quickly." OH GOOD. So I said, is it like REALLY weird??! And she said, "Well, it's just a darker color and it's not symmetrical, so we'd just wanna check it out." So she leaves, and another nurse comes in to prep me for the biopsies, and the PA forgot to mark the one on my foot as needing to be biopsied, so she asks where the other one is, and I show it to her. And then I asked HER, hey, does this thing really look bad?? And she said, "No, it doesn't look bad, it's just not symmetrical." And I said, "So should I be worried?!" And she reassured me that I shouldn't be that worried about it. The PA came back and removed the two spots, and I asked again, "So, HOW worried should I be about these??" And the PA was like, "Well, I'm not getting cancer vibes from either one of them, so you shouldn't really worry about it." So now I get to play the game of waiting two weeks to find out if I have melanoma or not. I think I'm just worried, because it's been there a while, and I'm scared it's too late to do anything about it, if it's cancer. 😕
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    Are you picking at your skin? I am doing this. I have been out in the sun, and then I use a scrunchie thingy with Dr. Squatch soap (Bay Rum - I have to wonder if I am either scratching too hard or I am allerigic.) I have little pimples on my arms, and I pick them lol. I have even had weird dark spots on my face, they went away, and then I find a pimple. Just keep the area clean , don't pick, and then see what happens.
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    Tight muscles can get the nerves going, too. The nerves were probably expecting the muscles to relax.
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    It did let up almost entirely yesterday and today barely bothers me. I’ve noticed that when I feel the shaking I’m super tensed up. I mentally force myself to relax and it goes away. I believe this is the same as my twitching was five years ago. I didn’t realize how stressed and tense I was and I twitched all the time. Working on rest and relaxation right now. At this point, worst case is MS and that just isn’t all that scary.
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    @sTeaLth Yes, onset of PD is usually after 60, so without a family tie, you’re probably too young for that. I’ve been in the MS fear boat before too. It’s encouraging that your symptoms go away when you aren’t paying attention to it or when you’re exercising. I used the gym as a way to prove that I was still able to do things and push myself, and I figured I wouldn’t be able to do that if I had something like MS. Keep it up if you’re doing that.
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    With doctors, no news is good news. I was lucky to get a print out from a CAT scan. I had a sinus infection so bad, I burst a blood vessel and had a hemorrhage in my eye, It was from an electric air purifier that wasn't working right.....but it scared the heck out of two eye doctors. One said I would be blind in that eye for the rest of my life, and then sent me across town to a specialst in 90F July sunshine with dilated pupils!!!! I didn't have any sunglasses - and didn't know that I would need them! The CAT scan was because one doc thought I had a stroke. No sign of one, and they really never told me!!
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    I don't have anything helpful to add besides saying I've had this too, and it definitely goes away when I'm not thinking about it. You also mentioned it felt like it would move around, and I feel like these things would likely affect one area and then spread, not jump around, you know? If one area feels better while another one suddenly feels worse, I'd imagine it's anxiety. Side note, love your avatar. 🙂 Have you played Tears of the Kingdom yet?
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    It is...believe me...I know it is. Going through my own struggles right now as well. Sigh... HA is a beast. For me, I was equally as freaked out about the symptom and then just sort of "gave up." I just stopped fighting it because I had literally worn myself out about it. I didn't "try" to stop it. I just plumb wore myself out. That's the only way I can explain it. I wish I could do that again now with my own fear du jour but alas. Anyhow, once I gave up...it's like the HA said "Darn, this isn't working any longer. Okay, bring on the next symptom." Meanwhile, I can also tell you this I have other family members that have complained about the same internal shaking/trembling feeling and they are all alive and well for decades...but of course, they too battle anxiety. I'm the calm one in the family. Ha ha! think about that!
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    I have absolutely had that and it has absolutely gone away...for years. For a while I was having it off and on, on the regular but when I finally just gave up it went away. I'm sure for me it was anxiety. Hang in there.
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    Done...nothing too sinister...but sadly and of course, had sketchy stuff burned off that I hope will go away. My dream is to one day go to my derm and not have to have anything burned off. Alas...
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    The surge is a reaction to the heat; that's normal.
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    Yes - all the time lol. Mexicans go for spicy food because it helps to give the rush of cool. Hot foods - same deal. There is a wave of heat and then the cool off.
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    It's anxiety messing with the blood flow and the meds. I am on a low-dose BP med, and can temporarily black out if I crouch down and get up too quickly. It's worse if I am dehydrated. I told my doctors I was having issues with this and they took three measurements of my blood pressure, told me there was no problem, and then said "just don't get up so fast". Hello?!?! I'm not 80!
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    I had a semi-long term issue come up this week - stress from work is triggering everything. Add to that a reduction of my meds from 30mg to 20mg a day, and I knew I'd be tested. Yesterday was my birthday and I got a surprise card that became a huge reality check in my anxious thinking that practically ended the entire anxious-mind catastrophizing spell cold lol.
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    I don't remember seeing a light in the autoflusher. I would get annoyed if it flushed at the wrong time.
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    I have to have potty protection papers or toilet tissue to cover the seat - to prevent "tropical" diseases. That and the autoflush....creepy!
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    Welcome to Anxiety Central! We're still here - help keep the activity up! 🙂
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    This is so true. Glad your symptoms are gone and glad to hear all is benign with your wife!
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    At this point I am convinced that anxiety and stress unconsciously cause ALL KINDS OF SYMPTOMS. Even when we know it is coming. Endure!
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    I am glad you posted this. It kind of resolves itself. We have to look back at this and see how anxiety played a role in our reaction. I am going through an anxious episode myself - house issues are triggering it. I just had to have what I thought was two squirrels running in my attic - it turned out over the week to be a total of five, I had no idea anything was up until I heard the three kids running around. That has had my nerves up a couple levels.
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    All of my symptoms have mostly vanished at this point. ALSO, update on my wife. She had her follow up ultrasound and was told by the Oncologist that it was just a 5cm BENIGN cyst and she could do surgery to remove it if pain was not manageable. He recommended leaving it. We are leaving it for now and trying natural means to shrink it. All is well at this time. Thank you all for all of your help!
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    ALS while well known is still pretty rare. I know it isn't easy, but try and retrain how you think. You could Google the rarest of rare diseases and you will come up with horror stories. I am all but 100% certain you do not have ALS! 🙂
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    I will try. It's so exhausting. Wake up during the night and it's right there in my head. Did my exercises and still, there it is. Praying for better days for all of us!
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    You wouldn't need to "hope"; they know what to look for. 😉
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    @Jremtx - well, the issues seems to work their way down. I have a fear about tailbone cancer. lol There is more to cancer than that. @sTeaLth - Working out messes with your muscles....the tongue is a muscle.
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    Hey Stealth! Long time no see. I always have those thoughts back of my head too man. I’m still twitching but I definitely notice it more when I have very high anxiety, you’re not alone. I hope your wife is okay too. Y’all both are in my prayers.
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    How are you feeling? Are the boobs still itching? I sometimes get itchy boobs too, but it is usually dry skin or the bra I am wearing causing it. try wearing cotton only bras and try putting on some oatmeal or cortisone lotion. My mom had a pituitary tumor and her symptoms were excessive thirst and using the bathroom non stop!!! her sodium levels were dropping and her bp was getting high she ended up needing emergency brain surgery to remove the tumor because it started leaking blood. It was definitely a scary time but the surgery was actually pretty easy and her surgeon performed the surgery through her nose. She recovered great and is doing amazing 6 years later! keep us posted on how are you feeling and doing!
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    I had basal cell carcinoma on the upper right part of my nose 14 years ago. My dermatologist sent me to a Mohs surgeon. The surgery was performed in his office. I sat in a special chair and a heart monitor and blood pressure cuff was put on me and I had local anesthesia and the surgery began. He had to go in twice as he said the tumor was bigger and deeper then he had originally thought. He said there was a 99% chance it would not come and so far it has not. I get a yearly checkup by my dermatologist.
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    If it helps, we have a friends who has cancer spots appearing every year because she liked the sun a lot as a young lady in California. They take care of them and she moves on. She has had to have surgery to remove several but it isn’t life changing… more annoying than anything. In her case, it is definite cancer and still not a huge deal. Yours is a far cry to anything scary and purely anxiety. Skin cancer is one of the easiest to deal with and almost never fatal when it does happen. You will eventually need to believe that or accept the unknown to relax. What ifs are found everywhere if you look hard enough.
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    Theirs was, yes. Mine have never concerned a doctor to biopsy. So no, I’ve never had to. My point is that even if it was cancer, it’s generally easily dealt with. Yours likely is not cancer or there would be more urgency. Breath easy.
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    It's stress and thus anxiety. You are going through a lot right now, so you are going to need to focus on relaxing a bit. The body is slower than the mind.
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    They will monitor things; you will be fine now. You are lucky to be where you are, so start thinking about positive things.
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    @Ryn079 - they checked for that, you are fine in the C department. As for the stool, that's something else - likely exacerbated by your stress.
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    Hello Nickdon321, I have a very similar problem, I've been to countless doctors and they all say I'm fine. I think it is a bad form of anxiety where the brain over analyses bodily sensations, you need to think about the things that make you feel relaxed, I find if the mind is relaxed the breathing feels ok, if you start thinking about it and taking deep breaths through the mouth, your brain becomes fixated on it, you need to divert the brains attention.
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    Nope - not throat cancer. There would be a lot more going on with the body if that was the case.
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    It's not cancer or a tumor. They would have seen it during the tests. The breathing may be partly the leftover - although it would be nice to be over walking pneumonia in five days, it is still kicking in. Beyond that, anxiety can cause the shallow breathing. You kind of have to do both extremes - walking to get thr breathing going and taking deep breaths while at rest. It's not completely the same, but my mother had pre-congestive heart failure symptoms - her inactivity caused bloating to the point she had trouble breathing and had 78% oxygen. I took her to the hospital where she was in for ten days and urinated 8 gallons for 78 pounds. Well, with that kind of weight loss so fast, she had to do therapy and use a respirometer to build her lung capacity.
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    Pneumonia isn't necessarily phlegmatic. It's like bronchitis, but further down in the lungs. The antibiotics will eventually get the bacteria.
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    Walking pneumonia? It just means you have a bacteria in your lungs that antibiotics can heal. Somebody had the bacteria and you came in contact with it. It's not the worst pneumonia...you're going to live. Worst case scenario is you'd have to go to the hospital, but they'll know how to handle it. You would already be at the hospital if taht were true.
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    It's actually a panic attack that wakes us up out of deep sleep. You are likely thinking about that - the rapid heartbeat and anxiety from that can cause fears of lack of oxygen.
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    Thanks y'all for the replies. I'm fine while sleeping it's just soon as I'm awake it's instantly thinking about it and seems worse when I'm up walking around. I'm so tired of having problems
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    @MARC and @Ironman thanks a lot for your kind words. I'm a mess. I can't understand why this happened to me. I don't drink, don't smoke and don't eat rubbish. I just can't understand why...
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    My former boss many years ago had a malignant tumor on one of his kidneys and had his one kidney removed, and he functioned fine after that with one kidney. A friend of mine growing up had one kidney removed and he is alive, and fine many years later. Many people live with one kidney and the body can function normally with one kidney. Please keep us updated and I wish you the best of luck and I am sure you will get through this OK.
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    I think there is a good possibility that they are both related to the pinched nerve in your left arm.
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    I would definitely follow your GP’s advice, which I think you deep down know makes sense. If you actually had MS and you received no tx for years, you would likely have had more attacks/symptoms. What you describe is WAY more consistent with anxiety. And yes, MS is not a death sentence at all (not that there’s any evidence you have it). There are more aggressive forms, but the treatments have advanced so much. I currently don’t have any significant symptoms and have been on my treatment regimen for several years, with no further lesions. Fingers crossed it stays that way. I was lucky in that most of my issues were sensory and not motor deficits. I tell you all this to make this point: I can honestly say that I suffered way way more from my HA than I ever did from MS. Commit to getting your HA under control; it will be the best decision you ever make, regardless of whatever actual diseases will ever come your way.
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    The levels are elevated due to inflammation somewhere. They will try and pinpoint the cause.
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    Hiii both! @Paulsey so sorry you are going through the same! Its so confusing to me that based on the same mri images; one doc says biopsy needed and the other: no further action. My anxiety is still high, pain is worse it seems. Like you i also seem to feel it in other spots and wonder if its spreading OR due to my anxiety-hypervigilance. Baby in bellyis doing great btw, 17 weeks along now 🥰
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