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    Challenge your thinking. Change how you think. "Don't know how" and "I am trying to stay positive BUT" generate a negative vibe, and they feed anxiety. I learned in therapy to turn these thought patterns around into something positive, such as "I'm sure I will make it despite a lot going on" and "I am trying to stay positive AND there is a so much going on". Another example is "I am dreading so much the next 2 weeks." We can't always be positive, and it's healthy to experience various moods, for many reasons. However, we must learn when it is appropriate and when it is not (e.g. when it's feeding our anxiety).
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    Every time I seem to get myself worried about something I wake up the next day and I am stiff as a board. My entire body is just basically one giant cramp. The worst is the shoulders. I have tried a hot shower, I have tried tea and I have tried light exercise. All of which helped, but none of which seemed to make it fully go away. I'm at the point where I'm almost in tears because my shoulders are so tight. Any help would be much appreciated
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    My allergy test is next week and I am already worrying over it. I understand how you feel so much.
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    Well, the neck MRI I presume is to see the cervical spine. Nothing really bad can come of that. Sinus CT will show the specific sinus related issues you and the ENT know you're dealing with. As for the mammogram, you're 42 and if no history of early (under 50) breast or ovarian in your family, highly, highly doubtful there will be any issues.
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    Same. Anxiety caused a lot of stress and makes us cranky, myself included. I have read that believing in some sort of afterlife or higher being can make one less anxious but I just can’t do it 🤔 I try to stay in the moment and not worry about the past or future. We are here now and that’s the only moment we can truly live in. Yoga and meditation have helped me but I have to do it every day.
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    You can't be serious...you have the flu. Let it be! You don't have sepsis and have never have. LET IT GO! You have already been checked, and it was shown you were fine.
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    Probably just muscular. I've had anxiety for the past 27 yrs, most of my health anxiety focuses on my heart. I've had those same pains, they feel like twinges that come and go. Even tho we don't always feel it, us anxious ppl have very tense muscles and that is what I attribute the pain to. I used to run to urgent care or ER also, but that just feeds the fear. Now I'm too afraid to even do that because I'm terrified of more testing and waiting for results. I'm sorry you are going thru this, I know how awful it is.
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    Oh goodness, this sounds just like me. I'm super focused on my heart lately. I'm just the opposite tho and aside from work, I have idle time at home since I'm an empty nester. The idle time makes me think too much and it's constantly about health. Health anxiety is so tough. Your symptoms all sound like anxiety to me, I've experienced the same feeling over 20 years. Hang in there.
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    I think I'll be okay. I'm still a little worried but since I have no other symptoms I can recognize I'll write it off as one of those things. Everyone I asked seemed indifferent too. That said, why haven't I noticed this until now?
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    I think your comment helped since I seem to remember feeling something like this a while ago but I just noticed again.
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    You are creating your own misery, your hypersensitivity, hyperfocusing and anxiety are causing your symptoms, you are the classic definition of "it's all in your head". The only REAL illness is anxiety.
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    I too think anxiety has a way of affecting our muscles and if we pay attention to those sensations it becomes a never ending cycle that's hard to break. If you find a distraction you won't have time to worry or be concerned about anything
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    I know all about strange heart stuff. I’m constantly “checking.” I do have a history of heart palpitations and SVT. Supposedly, it’s fine according to the many tests performed by my cardiologist. I’m not convinced. Crap always happens when a monitor is NOT on my chest or a doctor with a stethoscope is around, listening to the beats. If I have an occasional arm pain or jaw pain that happens out of the blue—heart attack. If I have to inhale deeply and can’t catch my breath—heart attack. I’ve convinced myself I’m a heart attack waiting to happen, even though I’m pretty healthy and have no serious issues. It sucks. I try exercising the anxiety away, but I’m convinced I’ll have a heart attack if my heart rate increases too high. I just want to scream. But, that would probably increase my blood pressure and result in a—yep, you guessed it. Heart Attack.
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    @How are you doing?? I went through the same symptoms starting two months ago. Once I realized that it started during a couple weeks of stress I was able to get the twitching to stop. I’m still having the inner vibrations/tremors that make me want to spiral but I really do feel it is all anxiety. I never went to a neurologist but got bloodwork done which was normal. I also started to think that my hands and feet looked like they lost muscle but it’s probably because ive never stared at them up until my anxiety about it. Like the fact that I can see the tendon in my hand move to the side when I put my finger down- probably always been able to see it but didn’t notice until I studied my hand.
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    Hi Bella, from the outside looking in, it seems to me this is all caused by: lack of sleep, anxiety over both your and your kids health, and just maybe a UTI. I suggest you see your GP just to see if there is an infection and if so, get the Rx. Otherwise, hopefully there is some way you can find a few days of downtime where you can rest without responsibilities. Maybe hubby, a friend or relative?
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    Give it time as well... people who have neurological problems from gluten, it will take longer for those problems to improve. So the longer you go, the better. There’s a study on this guy who stopped eating gluten and it took 6 months for his twitching to stop but point is they stopped!
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    Hello everyone, I came on here to spread some positivity since I’m feeling a lot better myself today. So first let me start off my saying that the last two weeks have been every hard for me. I’ve gone through fears of lymphoma to MS to ALS to other cancers and more. My body has been twitching (still is), aching, and tired. I have had tingling, numbness and lots of itching and rashes. So yes I’ve been through it all and I’m here to tell you that it gets better. I know that for many of us we have phases where we’ll get better, feel something small, catastrophize, and end up super anxious. Trust me I do it all the time. In order to feel less anxious and reduce these feelings I think it’s important to stop seeking reassurance. My psychiatrist explained this to me and it makes so much sense. Why do we google? To seek reassurance. Why? Bc at some point google might have eased your mind or having a friend tell you that they have that symptom made you feel better and now your brains been conditioned to seek that reassurance. When you do that in stressful situations you tell your brain that there is something threatening to worry about and it continues to happen. You become extremely self aware and now notice the small things (a little bruise, scratch, random mole). Ignore it. Don’t give your brain that reassurance and slow you’ll start to stop noticing these things or maybe you’ll notice them but they won’t cause panic or high anxiety. Also guys, be nice to yourselves. Don’t get mad when you feel anxious. It’s a normal human response. Accept it and let be. I know that’s easier said than done but through practice you’ll start to realize anxiety can be dealt with and you won’t always feel this way. Eat healthy, drink lots of water, exercise, see your pcp once a year, and do things that make you happy. Life’s to short to worry this much. I haven’t figured it all out yet and I know I’ll probably be back to read this sometime in the future myself, but slowly things will get better. And even if anxiety comes back, if you’ve kicked it’s ass one time you can do it again! ❤️❤️