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  1. Hi @liveinthenow, thanks for the post! I’ve been anxious about this for 6 months. Started twitching in December during a stressful couple weeks then after googling obviously assumed the worst - once I calmed myself down most twitching went away and I was at ease for a couple months. And then the twitching started up again. This morning while holding my phone my thumb started moving and trembling on its on. Naturally, I’m freaking out again and came on this site. I’m a 30 y/o Female and I know the odds of a*s are slim but I can’t get it out of my head. I’m going to go find some chopsticks now.. lol did you have symptoms before you started googling?
  2. Hi, I had a stressful month of December and started twitching. Last a couple months - went away for a few months and now has returned. It freaks me out but I have no other symptoms. Seems to pop back up during times when I’m stressed and not sleeping enough (I also have a 6,3 and 1 year old). I’ve been freaking out about the als search but I don’t have any weakness so I’m sure we can both crack it up to anxiety
  3. @Holls thank you SO much for replying! This makes sense. I really appreciate it ♥️
  4. So I have been twitching for two months and once I got over the twitching it has mostly gone. I still get internal vibrations in my feet/legs a lot. Do others experience once your initial stress is gone?
  5. @How are you doing?? I went through the same symptoms starting two months ago. Once I realized that it started during a couple weeks of stress I was able to get the twitching to stop. I’m still having the inner vibrations/tremors that make me want to spiral but I really do feel it is all anxiety. I never went to a neurologist but got bloodwork done which was normal. I also started to think that my hands and feet looked like they lost muscle but it’s probably because ive never stared at them up until my anxiety about it. Like the fact that I can see the tendon in my hand move to the side when I put my finger down- probably always been able to see it but didn’t notice until I studied my hand.
  6. Also, does anyone take cbd oil for anxiety? Does it work?
  7. @Cubanborn87 yeah I’m sure thats a foot cramp! My hands and feet tighten all the time. Of course it started with twitching - I had als fears for the past two months but when I take a step back and realize it all started on a week when I was very stressed. Thanks for responding and making me feel normal guys!
  8. Does anyone get hand and foot cramps from anxiety/stress?
  9. I get tremors in my legs. I’m sure it’s anxiety for the both of us. They drive me nuts.
  10. @Meghansherf same thing here. All I can feel is tightening in my hands and feet
  11. @Meghansherf hey! I’ve been having the als fear for a month now - started with muscle twitching. But my hands and feet have been cramping for a week and half now. I’m sure it anxiety. Are you still experiencing cramping?
  12. @Spazmom that’s very helpful! I don’t mind spending that money at all. Thanks so much for the suggestion
  13. I seriously appreciate you replying - you have no idea! I’m trying to bury my anxiety so I can “let go” of my symptoms. Pretty sure my muscles are only cramping from holding tension in them. Definitely not at the point of staying in a position - they only feel like the start of a cramp for a few moments and then dissipates. Thank you for clarifying - I needed it. I sometimes wish google wasn’t invented lol! No one would be searching in the library for their vague symptoms!
  14. Thank you for writing this! I know I am not alone. Mom of three young kids here - only 30. I started twitching on what I know was a stressful week - my husband was traveling and I found out our dog had cancer. Of course I googled twitches and what do ya know?! ALS RABBIT HOLE. I have been twitching for a month - which I’ve been trying to talk myself down from. I also have been living on my phone reading every article - thinking - could this be me? (Currently writing this in a locked bathroom). I almost got over my anxiety until I developed hand and foot cramps this week. I don’t have any weakness - just went to the gym today - but did anyone else develop cramps from anxiety?! I am back down the hole again. I went to my gp to have B12 levels checked. I really want to cry and go to a neurologist but I deep down I feel like this is stemming from anxiety