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Found 10 results

  1. Hi everyone, for the past 2 years I have been experiencing the weirdest thing during sleep and honestly I would just like to know that maybe someone else in the world has been through it too. The first time it happened, I just woke up in the morning feeling something happened in the morning. I felt very confused not understanding what’s going on, i got up to wash my face and the water felt weird on my hands and face. Then I realized I had the craziest bruise on my arm and scratch marks from my nails from where my other hand was resting. Since then this phenomenon changed a bit, it happens to me every few months, sometimes 8 months can go by without it happening but sometimes only one month. It happens during the night closer to the morning i think, i feel myself coming out of deep sleep, and then i just feel like my brain is melting. I don’t think my eyes are open. And i feel as if I’m turning over on my stomach and banging my legs against the bottom of the bed (which should be painful). In reality I don’t even know if I’m actually moving or its just a sensation. I don’t wake up with marks on my legs or anything. It’s a very unnerving feeling and I can feel myseld thinking “oh no oh no” when I feel it coming on. After I fall asleep straight away and wake up early in the morning. The problem is also the next day, my head hurts and feels heavy, and my body just feels completely drenched of energy, as if I was really fighting something and using up all of my energy. It takes me a good part of the day to recover and feel somewhat normal again. I’ve been seeing a neurologist every 6 months for two years now and even he doesn’t know what to tell me anymore. I’ve done brain MRIs, EEGs during sleep- all the results come out normal. Most of all I would just like to know if someone out there has experienced or has heard of this. Maybe I should also note that I have hashimotos (but I’m balanced) and also tend to experience a lot of anxiety related issues quite often thanks!
  2. Hello! So I've been 'suffering' from this thing for like a year now. My brain doesn't shut up! Like never?! I can't sleep or focus on things properly. Because of this I'm always tired and the thing is I'm not thinking about spesific problems. I think about literally everything. Also sometimes my brain gets stuck on a sentence or a word and I hear it in a never stopping loop. Some nights it gets so intense that I just want to shoot myself. Music helps a lot but I can't listen to music every second. Please help
  3. Has anyone heard a voice or some other noise upon waking? Sometimes as I'm waking up or even falling asleep I'll either hear a voice like my daughter saying mama or this morning my husband woke up me up and I closed my eyes and heard "number 38". I must have been falling back asleep. HAs this happened to anyone? I mean I'm not going to worry about it until my toaster stops talking to me but still.....
  4. So this morning when I woke up my bedroom door was shut but I never closed it. I asked my son if he did and he said no. Now I'm at my parents and I thought I heard something's my fall. I'm pretty sure it was the ice maker in the fridge now I'm afraid I'm hearing things. I'm getting my period so I know that's a factor. Also my husband is traveling and that also makes me nervous.
  5. So I tend to get on these kicks where I start rearranging files on my computer, or binge watch TV, or other simaler things and I don't notice the time until several hours later. Even after I do, it takes me a while to stop. This isn't a problem when I'm working on a video project, it helps me get things done. It is a big issue when it's the other stuff, because it ends up severely cutting into my sleep time. It's tricky to because if I can bring myself to stop before I reach a comfortable end point, I'll be too antsy and have trouble settling down to sleep. Does anyone have any suggestions, or have techniques that help them shut things down and get to sleep? Thanks!
  6. Hiya Guys, I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this but I struggled to "file" my issue. Two nights ago I had recurrent dreams where I imagined that I was having panic attacks. Normally my "episodes" are not what I would consider a panic attack because although I'm anxious and have embarrassing physical reactions I'm not actually scared?!?! However in my dreams I am terrified I have woken myself and my partner and couple of times screaming in my sleep. The issue is I'm worried that I'm actually having panic attacks in my sleep and prior to this I would occasionally wake up mid anxiety episode. So I'm now worried that if my anxiety can be this intense when I'm asleep that the level of intensity and fear I'm experiencing may also begin to manifest in real life. I've agreed a sleep strategy with my partner that I'll ask him if I'm okay or what he thinks is wrong with me and if.I can make him say sausages I'll know I'm dreaming because I'm struggling to establish the difference between dreams and real life especially when I'm tired,. If I ask him in real life there's a specific reply he will give to assure me I'm awake. I'm not sure this plan will work but it gives me hope. I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced panic dreams and whether you just dream them, or they have an effect on your physical body and also whether you experience any signs before your episodes intensify? I'm mostly confused and worried (go figure!) so sorry if this sounds a bit scattered. Stephanie
  7. I'm sorry I've been posting a lot, in the past two days I've had about 4 panic attacks. I went to the doctors and they said I just have a common cold, but all the congestion is making my chest feel tight and it's causing me so much anxiety. Right now it's 2 in the morning and I woke up with another panic attack. Me chest feels really tight and I keep coughing because I feel like the congestion is just sitting there and I feel like I need to get it out. I've been coughing so hard I coughed up some blood twice. This cold is really beating me up anxiety wise, it's so bad. I don't know if it's because I haven't gotten enough sleep because of my school project with the electronic baby or something else. This weekend has been really stressful and my dog has dropped on the ground twice because he has fatty tissue near his arm pit and when he jumped yesterday it got lodged into his joint and he gets into extreme pain and my parents are saying that if this doesn't get better and they don't get enough money to pay to get it removed they're thinking of getting him put down so he doesn't have to suffer. There's just been so much stress this weekend and that could be why but my anxiety is worse than it's ever been and it's taking a huge toll on me and I'm scared about later today when I have to go to school because I'm always afraid I'm going to get a panic attack at school. I've gone down to the nurse for one before but she really doesn't do anything and she just has you lay down on this cot but it has no privacy and usually the nurses room is full so everyone can just see you so it doesn't help at all. I just don't know what to do, I've tried everything.
  8. Right now where I live it's two o'clock in the morning and I'm having an anxiety attack. It feels so hard to breathe and my chest and throat feel tight, I can also feel acid that wants to come up. I also feel really weak and I don't know what to do to be able to sleep again and I really need to because I have to get up at 5:00 for school, most of the time I'm falling a asleep during school because of a lack of sleep and I end up missing important things, I just need this feeling to go away
  9. It's midnight where I live and I just woke up feeling like it's hard to breathe. I can't go back to sleep because it feels too uncomfortable and like I can't breathe. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to go back to sleep and help this pass at such a late hour? Thank you to anyone who replies
  10. Lately when I'm about to sleep or when my sleep is interrupted my feet start feeling numb and they move a bit on their own under the sheets. My hands sometimes do it too, and my face has also started to feel numb. I feel like I'm losing control of my body. Feeling detached in general, makes it worse. Has anyone experienced this?