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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, for the past 2 years I have been experiencing the weirdest thing during sleep and honestly I would just like to know that maybe someone else in the world has been through it too. The first time it happened, I just woke up in the morning feeling something happened in the morning. I felt very confused not understanding what’s going on, i got up to wash my face and the water felt weird on my hands and face. Then I realized I had the craziest bruise on my arm and scratch marks from my nails from where my other hand was resting. Since then this phenomenon changed a bit, it happens to me every few months, sometimes 8 months can go by without it happening but sometimes only one month. It happens during the night closer to the morning i think, i feel myself coming out of deep sleep, and then i just feel like my brain is melting. I don’t think my eyes are open. And i feel as if I’m turning over on my stomach and banging my legs against the bottom of the bed (which should be painful). In reality I don’t even know if I’m actually moving or its just a sensation. I don’t wake up with marks on my legs or anything. It’s a very unnerving feeling and I can feel myseld thinking “oh no oh no” when I feel it coming on. After I fall asleep straight away and wake up early in the morning. The problem is also the next day, my head hurts and feels heavy, and my body just feels completely drenched of energy, as if I was really fighting something and using up all of my energy. It takes me a good part of the day to recover and feel somewhat normal again. I’ve been seeing a neurologist every 6 months for two years now and even he doesn’t know what to tell me anymore. I’ve done brain MRIs, EEGs during sleep- all the results come out normal. Most of all I would just like to know if someone out there has experienced or has heard of this. Maybe I should also note that I have hashimotos (but I’m balanced) and also tend to experience a lot of anxiety related issues quite often thanks!
  2. Hi! I'm a college student who has been dealing with ADHD, anxiety, and depression for many years. In the last couple years, I began to exhibit symptoms of excessive daytime sleepiness, in a way that is very characteristic of narcolepsy without cataplexy. However, getting any answers in finding a diagnosis of what is causing my sleep issues has been difficult, and it may be a year or more before I am able to even try again to get answers. I'm currently feeling quite a bit alone in my struggles with sleep issues, and this is exacerbated by my anxiety. Hoping to find some common ground among others here!