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  1. Same thing here... We'll never get Alzheimer's.
  2. Hmm... I have no idea, these things can put me to sleep in no time. Also writing in my diary helps, but it probably is useless for serious insomnia.
  3. Have you tried herbal pills? Like valeriana etc?
  4. I'm reading "Princess Izambo", a historical novel about the medieval times, it's full of knights, pirates, princesses etc
  5. Yes! Absolutely yes! That's how I firstly realized I should seek help. After some very stressful exams (In my country all high-schoolers compete to get a place in the universities and, to do that, they prepare by studying too much for two years, with teachers, parents, everyone acting like the exams are the end of the world ), when I should be excited, my then not detected agoraphobia/anxiety got worse, I had bad panic attacks all the time and depression. It was an awful period that lasted about a month... While two weeks before my "breakdown" everyone said how calm I was during the exams. This educational system is a failure and a danger to our mental health.
  6. It depends. If I'm reading about an experience similar to mine and see all the comments reassuring that everything is ok, I'll be happy. Same for posts with stories of people who feel better than before. But, yes, sometimes, when I read about other people's anxieties, I start to feel down and worried.
  7. My eyes and some other... parts of my face twitch sometimes. But, however bad I feel it is, when I look in the mirror, it's barely noticeable. I mean, you could think that you look like you're making funny faces but, in reality, you can notice the twitching only if you look very carefully... Anyway, this is one of the things that never scared me. It's normal. Eyelids do that, especially if you're anxious or tired, no need to worry.
  8. 6 years ago i had a really traumatic experience. Since then I often bring the memories in my mind again and again, I don't know why. It makes me feel anxious but also strong cause, well, I survived. But today, while I was (once again) thinking about it, I suddenly felt like these memories weren't mine, like it was all made-up or happened to another person. Then, my mind automaticly flew away from it and was filled with other thoughts. And now I feel unable to think about my traumatic experiences again, I try to bring them in my mind and they just disappear. I'm afraid I'm losing my memory/mind...
  9. Elf

    sore temple

    My eyesight is normal, I don't wear glasses, and I can't get checked now, I'm far from home... excavating. Thank you for replying again...
  10. Elf

    sore temple

    Hello again... Well my headache's still here. It's better cause it doesn't hurt so bad and sometimes I don't think about it... but it is still here. Also there's a feeling of pressure in my left temple, but now I rarely ever get the shooting pains. But I'm tired of having it and still afraid so I looked up the symptoms of the aneurysm... Now I feel like my left eyelid is falling, it's a strange sensation, like I can't fully open my eye. However when I look in the mirror my eyes are almost the same (well they have never been exactly the same). But I think the left lid looks lower... I know I sound insane but I'm too afraid of the aneurysm. I don't know what is real and what I feel because of my anxiety. Notice that no one knows and that in spite of being so anxious I have not let anyone suspect I'm not perfectly ok. I'm sorry for posting again, it feels like spamming...
  11. Elf

    sore temple

    I don't even know what an aneurysm is or what its symptoms are, I just heard that it's in the brain and you can suddenly die from it. I just have headaches and strange sensations on my left temple for like 4 days and I'm worried cause today it's worse. I can't rule out the possibility that I'm just anxious because it's been a long day... Thanks for replying, I need that...
  12. Elf

    sore temple

    I don't know... Now it hurts quite a lot. It comes and goes. I'm afraid it's an aneurysm.
  13. Elf

    sore temple

    And there's no way I can see a doctor here, unless it's a real case of emergency.
  14. Elf

    sore temple

    Two days ago, in the morning, while I was running to catch the bus, I started to get sudden sharp pains on my left temple every... I don't know, about 30 seconds? Yesterday I was fine, I got a couple of them and it just felt a bit sore. Today it feels sore when I touch it and I have a sense of tension all over. Could it be because of anxiety, cause I went on my first long trip alone (with the university, for one month) and I was worrying about my agoraphobia? Or I got cold... I just hope it isn't anything serious, as I'm far from home and I'd really like to have a good time here...
  15. Yes, me, though it's been some months since last time I had it. I used to think it's a virus, but I got ok with anti-anxiety meds once, and realized that I was like that only when I woke up anxious. The examinations also showed nothing... And I had tingly arms, dizziness etc all together. Chamomile helps and I think that linden helps too.