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Found 2 results

  1. For the past two years I've been having nightmares and night terrors of random families, that I have never met before. It's like the movies, they go through some suffering and then die. I'm either a relative in their family or I just witness the tragedy. I feel them so real, close enough to feel seconds of pain if I was the dying family memeber. Some were so horrific, that I've woken up shaky and sweaty. Their faces and fear haunt me, even when i wake up i still feel my heart heavy. I pray to God that they are just dreams and not real tragedies. Does anybody else go through this?? Somebody please help me. I have no explanation to this. I'm afraid.
  2. Hiya Guys, I'm not sure if this is the most appropriate place to post this but I struggled to "file" my issue. Two nights ago I had recurrent dreams where I imagined that I was having panic attacks. Normally my "episodes" are not what I would consider a panic attack because although I'm anxious and have embarrassing physical reactions I'm not actually scared?!?! However in my dreams I am terrified I have woken myself and my partner and couple of times screaming in my sleep. The issue is I'm worried that I'm actually having panic attacks in my sleep and prior to this I would occasionally wake up mid anxiety episode. So I'm now worried that if my anxiety can be this intense when I'm asleep that the level of intensity and fear I'm experiencing may also begin to manifest in real life. I've agreed a sleep strategy with my partner that I'll ask him if I'm okay or what he thinks is wrong with me and if.I can make him say sausages I'll know I'm dreaming because I'm struggling to establish the difference between dreams and real life especially when I'm tired,. If I ask him in real life there's a specific reply he will give to assure me I'm awake. I'm not sure this plan will work but it gives me hope. I'm just wondering if any of you have experienced panic dreams and whether you just dream them, or they have an effect on your physical body and also whether you experience any signs before your episodes intensify? I'm mostly confused and worried (go figure!) so sorry if this sounds a bit scattered. Stephanie