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Found 7 results

  1. Hi So I came out about my story a while ago on another forum that I lost because I'm a big idiot. However, I do need advice. I'm 17 years old, and I have a lot of symptoms of anxiety. I had a therapist some time ago but she didn't believe in diagnosis. She gave me the "you likely have GAD/Depression" spew and then my guardian pulled me. I haven't been allowed to get help since. That was 2017 in December and my anxiety has been on the fastest moving slide downwards. My symptoms used to purely be mental, I'd ruminate for hours, I might get shaky and paranoid, I'd have panic attacks every so often. After I was pulled and a confrontation occurred, it's gotten worse. I shake day in and day out depending on how stressed I am, I get dizzy frequently, I disassociate often. Every day my body is constantly tense. It's to the point where if I sit still for too long my whole body hurts, and when I stretch my bones and joints pop (the same way it does when you crack your knuckles). Recently, it's gotten even worse with me getting the head zappy symptom. My school offers free professional counseling at this place nearby, but I need to be 18 to sign my papers. I don't know if I'll even last that long;;; it feels like a forever wait and it's 20 days away. Does anyone have any good coping techniques I can use to wait it out???? I can't stand these pains and symptoms.
  2. Is there actually a good way to do this? I found this post to be helpful in explaining how to tell a therapist your worst thoughts : Anyone have good input on this? Interesting topic..
  3. well today was a bug day for me and hopefully one of the first steps to finding my old self again or hopefully even building a better stringer self. I was in a very unhealthy relationship for eight years and have had a very hard time not only removing myself but figuring out who I am now on my own. After years of abuse from my spouse I don't recognize the person I see in the mirror anymore. Some days are good, some are ok, and some I can barely get through the motions. I am however very optimistic and hoping that I'm on the right track.any support, advice, or just kind words are very welcome as I make my way on this journey. Thank you
  4. So I was looking around for a fit category to my post and just decided to put it here. My mom is addicted to heroine. I do not live the same house with her so I got really worried. I want to help her to quit because I know she can't stop taking it on her own. A family member decided to live with her so she can check her and i'm currently looking if her place could offer her the best treatment. She lives in Texas and I did a ton of research about therapies offered at most Drug Addiction Recovery Frisco. Does anyone here have experiences in quitting drugs? Please let me know if you have advice where I could find a good place. Thanks.
  5. One huge step that I recently took in my recovery journey was to follow my doctor's suggestion of joining a therapy group. I was referred to a 12 week group, its 5 days a week in the mornings. I am now 7 weeks in. Going to this group was one of my best decisions. Everyone in the group is super supportive. The staff are all wonderful and I know I'm in the right place. This is a mixed group using interpersonal, psychodynamic and Cognitive behavioural therapies. It is very structured, which helps people get back into a routine. It can be very serious and hard to be in the room at times. There are also sessions which are more fun. We like to laugh and have a lot of fun when we are given the opportunity. I have never really been a fan of individual therapy, because I always found myself running out of things to say. In a group, if you have nothing to say, someone else will, and that might trigger memories. You can address so much more than you otherwise would.
  6. What non-drug devices do you use to ease out of a panic attack? My therapist always recommends different meditations, but I find it so hard to focus on a meditation when the time actually comes.
  7. http://www.crayola.c...onnections.aspx This is an exercise for kids but it sounds fun and interesting. What worries you? Turn your concerns over to a Worry Warrior and you may find courage to conquer them! What do you think of when you hear these words: concern, connect, conquer, and courage. What does each word mean? List worries that you and other kids have, such as pets, storms, bus rides, and friendship troubles. Build a Worry Warrior - Create an imaginary creature or contraption to help gobble up your worries! Here are some construction ideas. You can use any handy craft materials to make yours. Cut paper to fit a recycled cereal box with Crayola® Scissors. Decorate the paper with Crayola Erasable Markers and Gel Markers. Attach paper with Crayola School Glue. Air-dry the glue. To make a mouth, tape a container with a lid to the box. Tape two decorated craft sticks to the bottom of the box for feet. Cut recycled cardboard into a half circle for a forehead. Draw or glue on plastic caps for eyes and one for a nose. Attach to the box. Poke holes in the head and push in chenille stems or yarn for hair. Poke holes in the box sides and push through craft sticks for arms. Feed your Worry Warrior - Write something that bothers you. Put it into your Worry Warrior. Create a Courage Connection - While you imagine that the worry is being digested, make a Courage Connection. Maybe you talked to a friend, family member, or teacher about a worry you faced. When you take the worry back out of the Worry War If you are comfortable with the idea, share your Courage Connection with other people. You may be helping them to conquer their concerns! Save your Courage Connections in a notebook--they might encourage you in the future!