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  1. Congratulation John. I somehow can relate to you through my mom who still undergoing therapies in Better Substance Abuse Recovery. I hope she'll be a complete sober soon. Keep it up John, i believe sobriety is a blessing.
  2. wow, that was a brave thing to do. I salute you for coming down here and share your story congratulations on being clean, i hope you keep it up and stay away to drugs for good. I can somehow connect with you, the only difference is, my mum is the addict instead of me. But let me tell you this, it's hard to see your love ones killing herself a little by little (not literary killing, if you know what i mean). How i envy you for being clean and have a strength enough to put yourself up again. How i wish my mum can lift herself up like what you did. like i said, i envy you men i can show this to my mum and try to encourage it more to be clean. To tell you the truth, i been giving up many times try to save her life. I buried and lock my self to my room just to research some different method on how to help her quit her addiction. I'm trying to search some decent rehab center. I came to many reads, scans etc. vast of numerous info crashing to me, now i am loss and don't know what to do or what step will i do next. There are so many in my list now, and honestly i don't know what to pick, and there this Alcohol Abuse Rehab Vancouver that i am onto now, but giving it doubt cause it's too far from our place. I envy you man promise us to stay clean, not only for yourself but for your love ones too who cares you so much. You men, is a inspiration for anyone who are dealing with addiction problem who wants to quit. And i am so happy that i join a community with this such rank, not only to support people, but to re-sure them that no matter what happen, they will be here for you and will hold you back to not lose hope. ugh, sorry for being melodramatic here, i just moved to your story, and just remember my mum.
  3. So I was looking around for a fit category to my post and just decided to put it here. My mom is addicted to heroine. I do not live the same house with her so I got really worried. I want to help her to quit because I know she can't stop taking it on her own. A family member decided to live with her so she can check her and i'm currently looking if her place could offer her the best treatment. She lives in Texas and I did a ton of research about therapies offered at most Drug Addiction Recovery Frisco. Does anyone here have experiences in quitting drugs? Please let me know if you have advice where I could find a good place. Thanks.
  4. My nephews been watching that movie. I'm so glad to go back from being a kid and knowing you've play one of those and now its on movies
  5. It one of the anxiety symptoms to not get proper breathing and sleep. Avoid thinking negative thoughts and try to think of something that will help you divert your anxiety to relaxation activities. Exercise can you ease your breathing, sometimes its all we need. Try do some indoor exercise.
  6. Hi lucky. Today, one of my closest colleagues at work will leave now and I got to say that I'm a bit sad too. She's the first person who talk to me. Cry as you want until the pain will gone. If there's a problem that bothers you feel free to say it, maybe we can help you. And don't worry, tomorrow you can smile again.
  7. I did realize things too late sometimes, because I get pre-occupied to other stuff and not really listening to it seriously. It's like the same feeling when your trying to recall a person where you have seen him but you just cant get to pin point it at all and then later you will suddenly remember where is it. Your mind is okay.
  8. You are safe. The best thing as comforting to do is you enjoy your travel. To cheer you up, You are going leave and arrive securely.
  9. I might going to try hiking. I think it will be a great adventure to sight wonders of nature plus looking on a high place is refreshing and serene on the feeling. Hiking can reduced risk of depression and feeling less stress. It also good for the bone health and gives you a better sleep at night. Thanks for the idea.
  10. You love your son so much and not being able to make him go out doesnt mean you are a failure. You never want this anxiety, no one wants. Dont ever lose hope, one day you will the courage to face your fears and your life will be normal again. You will get to play outside with your son again. You are stronger than your anxiety. Are there any family members of yours, you can ask to go out with your son?
  11. You are very lucky to have such parents like yours. Not sleeping really do give you more stress and cant focus on the day ahead. Dont bother other people. You have your own business, at least you friends by your side. It doesnt matter if you only have few friends as long as they are true to you.
  12. You were taking some adjustments but dont stop going through your session. After your session, try to do things that will keep you relax. It is important that through session you keep yourself optimistic. Dont lose hope. Recovery is a long process. Your worry will gone soon.
  13. Dont think to much about it. Your not the one in the situation, your okay and fine. Remember that if you think to much about it nothings good will happen to you. Browse things like watching movies and listen to music that would make you relax.
  14. Are there any problems you have at your house? Be strong. You know yourself better than anyone but dont forget your studies. It is important to you.
  15. Hi Danielle, dont give up on your dreams. There's a rainbow after the rain. Remember that. Continue your therapy activities and exercise often. Always think of happy thoughts whenever your feeling down. You can do this.