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  1. It can be deadly, but it's not going to just develop overnight, too. It's a matter of "Be aware, not afraid".
  2. I guess the only way to know is to get your heart rate checked with another device to see if it matches up with your watch. My mother had a flareup in her congestive heart failure in April 2022. It was marked by low oxygen levels in the blood - and they used a device that clamps onto the finger to check heart oxygen levels and heartbeat. I just found a blood oxygen meter for the finger and it confirmed the rate on my Fitbit. I got lucky as it was $20 on sale!
  3. You trigger words here are "could have turned into". That would leave people open to anxious reaction. Like @sTeaLth said, if it was urgent, you would have heard something. I had a wart removed fromt he side of my nose. They cut that bad boy off, told me that they were going to send it in for testing......and I never heard from them again! When it comes to hospitals and testing, no news is good news. They don't tell you squat unless it's bad. Even my blood work is like "yep, okay, you might need your cholesterol lowered when you hit 50".....blah blah blah I like CHEESE, okay?! Cheddar guilt and Paxil fat!
  4. You can feel your heartbeat just about anywhere in the body if you try hard enough....even the ears!
  5. I get the tenderness stuff on my sides. That's not MS - that stuff just happens. Remember, anxiety causes hypervigilance, too. Don't go looking into things that you know feed your anxiety. Your anxiety wants to keep you in the cycle.
  6. It's stress and thus anxiety. You are going through a lot right now, so you are going to need to focus on relaxing a bit. The body is slower than the mind.
  7. It's both anxiety and exercise. I wish I had your issue. Last Friday, I found out that not only did I gain the three pounds I lost the previous six months, I gained three more. I run five miles three times a week and still gained weight (partly on meds). I even see muscle trying to break through my Paxil fat, but I still gained. I'd lose weight for sure if I wasn't on meds. Weight loss is generally supposed to be one to two pounds a week - by subtracting 500 Calories a day, that equals one pound a week. If you are just starting to exercise and have much weight to lose, you might lose it quickly in the beginning. Be careful of water loss - make sure you are hydrated as that is lost as well.
  8. I don't know if those are related or not. That is doubtful. Go back to your original post - review what you were thinking back then. The information on there is pretty common for doctors to put down in their notes.
  9. @Ihadcancer The larger spot doesn't even look dark enough. Wouldn't that be just one of those liver spots? The smaller one isn't axisymmetric either.
  10. I am not sure that is an aneurysm. Could it just be a reaction to what you are eating?
  11. How is she reacting to this? From your side, remember that you can control the reaction. You can't control the situation, but you can control your reaction.
  12. Ironman


    Well, the only time to freak out would be if it is actually melanoma. They would have go futher to see what spread and where. You have a time frame, so it shouldn't be that bad. She only found one spot. They did a biopsy on a wart that formed on the tender part of the face between the eye and nose. She cut it off and sent it away - I never heard from it again. Did you have to use petroleum jelly and a Band-Aid to cover the spot for a while?
  13. I have not had an ovarian mass, but I want to commend you for approaching this the way you have here. The more information you have the better and NOT to catastrophize or speculate. Anticipatory anxiety will likely come up with your wife. You know the anxiety deal, so you will know how to help her. My issue isn't this serious, but after having a vitreous/eye hemorrhage in 2016, I have been going to the doctor every six months to get a check up. My father died of a heart attack in 2007 six weeks shy of his 61st birthday. I get a lot of exercise (but have anxiety med weight gain and minimum hypertension (both parents have it - I am doomed lol). The doctor told me to get a blood test before I even go in....this coming Friday. Normally, I would get the blood test after the checkup. There isn't anything I can di now since the test is done, but I start speculating lol.
  14. Well, you are assessing different areas to make sure you are well informed. Bloating can be extra water.