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  1. They will monitor things; you will be fine now. You are lucky to be where you are, so start thinking about positive things.
  2. The intestines are different than the colon. Digestive issue? I have lactose intolerance, so I know about the intestine pain that moves around. Constipation can do it too.
  3. If it's gas or a constipation blockage, it would be localized. Water might help with that to start with. That would NOT be CC for sure - that's a whole different scenario that's further down anyway.
  4. The digestive tract goes back and forth. It probably is gas or constipation.
  5. @Ryn079 - they checked for that, you are fine in the C department. As for the stool, that's something else - likely exacerbated by your stress.
  6. Are you sure it's just a muscle strain?
  7. It's a skill you have to keep working at. There will be times when stress and things might leave you vulnerable to panic/anxiety flareups.
  8. It takes time for Pepto Bismol to go through - at least a day to even start seeing dark poo. If you have not had a lot of bowel movements, you would still be seeing dark poo under your body clears it out. It's not a permanent condition by any means.
  9. Ironman


    You will need to focus on what doctors tell you so you aren't worrying every time something comes up. If there is an ongoing issue, then you would tell your doctor so they are able to keep track and step in if something needs to be done. But - the goal is to sort out when to contact him and when to rely on your own self-talk to remember what the doctors tell you.
  10. Ironman


    It's hard to do, but you have to keep reminding yourself that you will be okay.
  11. Ironman


    A stomach bug is completely different, yes.
  12. Is there anyone who has been through this who can help you? This sounds like a form of survivor's guilt.
  13. Ironman


    You said this: I saw my doctor a few days ago. He said he heard lots of activity when he listened to my stomach which I've learned is a good sign but I'm worried that that will change. He did not seem to think it warranted looking into it further at least for now. You are taking this message with a negative connotation so you can make something to worry about. You are worrying about something that "might" happen. What truly are the chances. I know we aren't guaranteed tomorrow, but how much extra worry is being created when it may not be ecessary?
  14. Floating poo isn't bad - it's just air.
  15. I would talk tou your dentist about the X-ray; don't avoid the dentist solely for that. They need to know your concerns. If something is wrong, they can adjust. They actually have a lead drape to put over you just in case. Generally, the dosage of X-ray isn't a lot. It could be swelling like the doctors said.