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  1. It's not necessarily a failure. You opened up You were willing to take advice, even through the stubbornness of anxiety. You are willint to take a look back. Overcoming anxiety is a process. Each one of these situations is a chance to analyze and learn. How we think - how we react. The goal is to not react as severely to the next situation. 🙂
  2. To add to what BeautifulDisaster said here, take a look back at the process and what you were going through, the thoughts and issues you had. What did you do that was healthy versus unhealthy. If something like this comes up again, how would you handle it? The first lesson about anxiety I learned was "How I think determines how I feel" - well, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  3. God Bless you for allowing yourself to open your mind enough to step out of the anxiety situation. Part of the deal with anxiety is that we aren't stepping out enough to see the entire picture - we tend to only focus on the worst case scenario - the catastrophizing. It could even be that deal where your skin gets pinched real bad and it leaves a mark that looks creepy, but it's that blood rising up to the skin business and it just takes time to go back into the body.
  4. Yep - don't google. You'll scare yourself!
  5. It's hard to do. The doctors will know what to do one they have their info. It's early in any case so it would be faster to treat.
  6. Lymphoma of the skin can look like other skin issues. Skin lymphoma is something that grows and spreads, but is rare. If the mammogram pinched, it could cause a mark that looks like it, too. It's apparently early enough that they are just trying to figure out what it is. Treatment goes like that. The thing to do is avoid doing something my father always told me I did......he would always say "you are putting two two and two together....and getting EIGHT!"
  7. Was the bruise caused by the mammogram itself? That's really bad!
  8. Ironman


    Anxiety can do all kinds of things. I think I had a bit of what you had recently myself. I am under a LOT of stress at work and despite having improved with my anxiety issues, it can still cause issues. It's not a tumor; it is the mind trying to adjust to the body - we think faster than we talk.
  9. the site is up - awesome work. If you see spam, report it!
  10. I would let the antibiotics work. See if the lymph node shrinks more.
  11. Aripiprazole is Abilify. I don't think I was on Abilify. I was on Ambien for a while and Geodon for a while. I would think the Abiify would be taken at night, especially if you are having trouble sleeping. At the time I was taking Geodon/Ambien, I had trouble sleeping due to worry.
  12. Then, it is triggered by a stressor. That is something you need to monitor.
  13. Are the symptoms increasing with stress?
  14. Yes - everyhting is still mending.
  15. The calf soreness is probably from having adjusted your walking.