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  1. To be clear, I am a personal wreck right now and feel like I’m living a lie when I try to appear “normal”. It’s beginning to effect all aspects of my life. It consumes my thoughts nearly every moment. The twitching, muscle tension, achy hands...ugh. I don’t say this for anyone to pity me but to say I understand all of your posts and empathize. I just want to say I wish you peace and love and lessened anxiety in the new year. Personally I’m going to try and accept how I’m feeling, go to the numerous appointments and try to find my own version of peace
  2. Hi. I have been having muscles twitches over entire body and finger pad pain. I’m a mess. Can’t sleep low appetite but no strength loss. Acupuncture helps for an hour or so after but it always returns. Nervous should probably see a neurologist it’s just a feedback loop. Terrible. I have had bouts before but nothing like now. Personally I am too the point where I need to rule out everything. It may cost me more money than id like but this doesn’t seem to getting better. That’s my take. Not sure if it’s the right one
  3. Says it all in the title. I have had anxiety stress depressive bouts in the past but short lived. Extremely worried this is my new life. And of course that this is something more serious. Hard to get out of my head. When I’m engaged in activity I’m generally ok but still feel some symptoms. I have osteoarthritis of the hip so my usual regime of exercise has gone. Don’t want to bitch and moan but this sucks as you all know. Any thoughts?
  4. Hi everyone. I had an earlier post about penile numbness and I guess there’s not much to say until I have it checked out. Trying to not think about it or tell myself the old “well cross that bridge when we get to it”. I have hand and arm twitching/pulsing, gastrointestinal problems, etc. I’ve always been relatively healthy so I’m freaked out. I also have osteoarthritis of the hip so hoping it’s related to that possibly. nothing in this life is guaranteed but it doesn’t change the fact I’m a mess
  5. Hi everyone. I was diagnosed with hip arthritis of my right hip about a year ago. Since then I feel like my body is slowly breaking down. Now I have penile numbness and muscle twitching and stomach issues-bowel movements. I’m worried about the usual worries-ms, als, cancer you name it. Help!