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  1. My insurance emailed me a list of mental health providers to choose from and I’m not sure which type I should seek. Counselor? Therapist? Psychologist? Psychiatrist? My issue is OCD so I don’t know which one would be the best for me.
  2. @MobileChuckoWhat does your doctor mean by “it’s good to have a touch of it”? I just contacted my insurance and they are emailing a list of in-network providers so I can get some help. Thank you for taking the time to respond. It doesn’t seem like many post in the OCD forum.
  3. I am so sick of myself. I am so sick of thinking I ran multiple people over with my car and didn’t notice. I am sick of thinking I filled out paperwork wrong and will be arrested. I am sick of thinking I will do something awful in my sleep. I am sick of counting things on my fingers over and over. I am sick of having to turn around halfway to work and making sure I didn’t burn my house down. I am sick of it all. To make matter worse something was wrong with the drive up ATM machine today and I messed up the amount I entered and now am panicking thinking that the cops will come arrest me for fraud tomorrow. I cannot afford my daughter’s medicine and I just known it’s my fault because of something I must have done in my youth. Or that I was stupid to have a child when I should have made more money first. I am sick of it all. I cannot turn my stupid brain off.
  4. I lost 5 lbs for no reason I can think of except anxiety. Could just be that?
  5. This is exactly what happens to me. Waking up every morning shaky with panic. I feel like it won’t ever stop. I absolutely hate the mornings. I also just pop a pill and hope for the best. I hope you have gotten some relief if any, as I see your comment was on May 22nd.
  6. This does make sense. I have had to block any news sites from social media that I followed because any time someone was arrested or even falsely accused of something, I immediately imagine it’s going to happen to me in the very near future. This is eating away at me and I am losing all normal functioning. I haven’t been able to take a shower or eat a full meal because the panic and dread is always upfront in my mind. I CANNOT get these feelings to stop. I took more Xanax than normal yesterday because it was a particularly bad day and for the first time, it didn’t work! Which really sent me spiraling further down. Are my issues considered a phobia or a trigger or both?
  7. Not really! I just keep feeling this dread like I’m going to be in trouble for something. I constantly wonder if other people have this same issue and I don’t even know exactly what it is. Is it a phobia? Is it just panic and anxiety? It’s making every day unbearable and I ended up sleeping for about 11 hours straight last night because my mind and body were so exhausted from being in extreme panic mode for so long.
  8. Hello I am new here, a 39 year old with a plethora of anxiety and panic issues. I wake up every morning already depressed because I know the anxiety is about to settle in. I have been on Xanax for about 12 or so years and I used to be able to take months long vacations from it but recently it’s needed daily. Sometimes it’s so bad I pop one and still drink a bottle of wine just to be numb. I overthink every single choice I make to the point I’m panicking by sweating and becoming dizzy. My muscles become so sore from tension. These days the anxiety is through the roof causing high blood pressure. Everything about life has been difficult this past year - worrying I somehow ran someone over with my car to the point I have to circle around to check. The mail stacks up for weeks because I’m too nervous to check it in case there’s bad news. I google every phone number that calls because I fear I’ll get bad news. Every sound makes me jump. I see things out of the corners of my eyes. I haven’t sought out any help aside from my GP who supplies me with Xanax and tells me to calm down because I’m too young for anxiety and high BP. This morning the anxiety was unbearable because I felt like I filled out my son’s financial aid papers incorrectly so I sought out google in search of any online support groups and found this one. I apologize for the lengthy intro. I just had to find a quick outlet!