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  1. Every change in habits that lasts more than a week (frequence of bathroom use for either the big or small game) is to be at least mentionned to a GP. At first sight, there are like a zillion possible causes for getting the urge to pee often. A bladder infection for example (cystitis) is to be addressed better sooner than later even if it's not at all a life threatening issue. Health anxiety is built in in such manner that one you either goes too often to the doctor to get iterative reassurance, or one does not go often enough out of fear to get bad news. A change in body functions is one robust reason to be checked, and 99,99% of the time will be given the all clear and move on.
  2. Jumping onto the opportunity to firmly advise you against stopping sport. To overcome anxiety I, also, stopped going to the gym in fear I would notice a decrease in muscular performance. Going under the bar or grasping at dumbells had become a topic of nervous anticipation, to such an extent I quit the sport altogether. Turned to benzos, morphine, alcohol, all that crap, which was a poor option to say the least. Then came the point where I had to choose between getting buried alive or react. I studied physiology and came to the conclusion natural endorphins where the high end stuff to keep panic at bay. Bought a diamond sharp road bike and started hammering miles, up to 15 a day, preferably at night time when the roads are smooth and empty. Let me tell you it saved my life, literally.
  3. My friend, listen carefully because there's only one way out of this hell of a rabbit hole. The more you search for information about the disease, the more you pay attention to your twitches, the more you test you strength, the more you compare your limbs against each other to find atrophy, THE MORE YOU FEED THE MADNESS. You have to let go of all that. Ignoring symptoms is enormously difficult but there's no way around it. I'm into 5 years with that ALS folly and I know what works and what don't. What you're doing up to this point won't do, trust me. ALS is not the kind of malady that can be cured if spotted early. You have a clean EMG and no clinical weakness so you most likely don't have it, but rest assured that you can ruin your life with this looping obsession as efficiently as if you really had it. Don't let a fear rob you if your life.
  4. Depending on a tumor's location the picture is usually that of a systemic neurological disorder and failure as well as change in mood, memory and balance. As Marc stated, seizures in a patient with no seizure history are of main concern in that regard. Headaches are often thought to be the main symptom of a brain cancer by the general population, however there are not a red flag for that condition if they don't come with other symptoms the like of what mentioned above.
  5. Is it recurrent? Is there any type of other symptoms associated like recent change in mood, limb weakness, morning migraines? If you can answer no to these, you really don't need to worry.
  6. No worries, I'm having exactly the same as we speak, right thumb twitch almost non stop. I shrug it off. See I'm in my 5th year of twitching and have just learned to ignore them twitches altogether.
  7. It's a fight alright. One has force himself not to look up symptoms, not to double, triple check his strength, not to compare limbs against each other or in the mirror looking for 'atrophies' or 'dents' or whatnot. Plus, one has to force himself to maintain contact with family members, all that while still meeting the challenges of work, socialisation, parenthood, despite a constant state of almost pure terror that turns your brain into a slow, confused and scared thing... Rest assured it's a fight. Besides acceptance as you state it cannot come when there's no diagnosis. You just can't accept something which you fear but which hasn't been confirmed.
  8. I can relate, it has been my adversary for 5 years now and I fought it with all I got. It's a tight and deep rabbit hole, that obsession is a fucking bitch that's second to none when it comes to eat your life away. Don't feed it.
  9. Weakness in ALS is one sided first and never bilateral, so you perceived weakness of both pincher muscles doesn't fit with MND features. Twitching is absolutely irrelevant when not associated with CLINICAL weakness which only a physician can assess. Back pain is not a presenting symptom of motor neuron condition, neither is being constipated.
  10. i regret today that post I made about benzos.I was trying to help but sometimes good will breeds bad decisions.While still true in a sole and pure scientifically regard (benzos on the long run not being healthy) my statement was inappropriate when addressing peeps going through hard times and relying on these drugs to seek relief.Follow your docror's words and advice.
  11. You're in a state of hyper vigilance. Your brain is now self tricking itself into seeing sinister omens in things it would normally pass by without even noticing. A sore throat? Tracheal paralysis setting in. A spasm in the hand? Lower motoneuron damage showing. And that dent on the quads, I bet you're positive it wasn't there a month ago. And that left calf, isn't it slightly thinner than its right-side counterpart? Sure, we're not symmetrical, but it still, why does it appear smaller? Let's test the strength shall we? How come you're one push-up short from your record? Let's try again, and it's 2 reps less than your standard set. So there it is eventually, the fate sealer, the dreaded token, the clinical weakness... Sounds familiar? Well it sure is. We've all been there and will be again at one point. Break the spiral. Stop feeding the beast. Take action. Ignore. Ignore. Let your body twitch, your throat be sore and your tour push-up record be less stellar than usual. Let your body be alive and move on.
  12. Good thing you bring that issue to a doctor. That was the move to make. Now, even if the lesion was somewhat abnormal (which it has very few chances to be), such conditions are now extremely well treated and, as Marc said, wind up with a full cure almost every time. Keep us posted once you've seen the dermatologist.
  13. Don't forget the rule: twitches without associated clinical weakness are meaningless, irrelevant and considered begnign. Ignore them. The more attention you give them the more they will take hold and pull you into the spiral.
  14. You're still at the black holes edge, where it's pull is the least strong. Break free now! You lnow the drill: stop body checks, Internet checks, and make yourself busy. When a thought pops up, dismiss it at once, when a twitch comes about ignore it altogether. It's now!