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  1. I had my first one 15 years ago and it just kept happening. I have eczema a get them easily due to that. Some have been really tiny and I can get all the crap out before they get bad and some have been the size of baseballs almost overnight. Luckily I haven't had many in the last year besides a few tiny ones but I swear I was on Bactrim forever and the ointments. They talked about using an IV therapy to get rid of them and possibly for good but I never felt like it was needed since the antibiotics work so well for my infections. I'm glad it's not too bad but if it get worse or really painful get it looked out.
  2. As someone who has had 100s of staph infections I wouldn't be worried about staph being a sign of cancers. That would be a huge generalization since staph is so prevalent in the community. That being said are you taking medication for your infection? Have you had it drained? If you aren't treating it get to the doctor and get some meds. If you are I have had a few infections that did not heal fully from the first round of antibiotics and had to get more. It's not uncommon to happen and happened only a handful.of times. If you have any questions please reach out.
  3. I think going to the doctor is great but maybe tell them how worried you are about sepsis. At this point I think your anxiety is running rampant. Get checked out but tell them how bad your anxiety is over this they need to help you somehow because you've been obsessing about it for long enough and that's probably why you feel sick.. anxiety can bring on so many physical symptoms. Go get some reassurance. you will be just fine.
  4. Hey I just wanted to throw my 2 cents in... So I get msra staph infections all the time... never once has it turned into sepsis. Also my grandmother died recently from sepsis after surgery complications... there is no mistaking it and you would be sicker than a dog. My temp goes as low as 95.6 at times and I have no clue why. I also have issues with breathing and fast heart rate when my anxiety is high. Trust me you are fine. Anytime I've had a staph infection the pain could linger or it may go away quickly just depends on where it was located and how bad the pain was to start with. I hope this helps ease your mind some.
  5. If we can't find the cat and make sure it's up to date on shots then she has to get two booster shots. Like I said I really think it's the cat that I know is up to date on shots but she isn't sure. The only way I will know for sure is to see the cat in my yard again. We technically have until Wednesday to verify if it is the same cat or she will have to get the shot no matter what since she was bitten. This is what the ER said the epidemiologist recommended. And yes, unless I can compare the cat that's been coming around my house to the one that I believe it is I want her to get the shots just to be safe. I also want to note another reason I don't believe this cat has rabies, whether is the same cat I think it is or not, is because he was hanging out with my outdoor cat and they weren't fighting or meowing. Just sitting there. The owner of the suspected cat says his cat bites his kids when they pick him up. He just became an outdoor cat 2 months ago when he started messing with their newborn. The cat just appeared around our house 2 months ago and shows up may be a handful of times a week. It all seems to make me think it's for sure the same cat. I've thought the cat was one of our indoor cats before. I had to really look at his face to make sure. I know I'm rambling but I don't want to put this on my kids or husband. He already has to deal with my anxiety enough. Lol
  6. Thanks for the reply. A few years back my kids were around a dog that tested positive. They swear they didn't touch it but any person near the dog within the 10 days had to vaccinated. I told him I was worried about it even though I wasn't around the dog. He said that he cleaned his brothers wounds from a rabid raccoon bite and he didn't get shots. He didn't believe that there is a need. I'm assuming I would get the same story. They always ask the epidemiologist anyway and we have a 24hour number here in Oklahoma so I will probably call tomorrow if I can't settle myself down long enough to see if the cat shows back up and I can compare it to my pictures.
  7. So.... Wednesday night my daughter got out of our car and saw what she thought was are cat. She ran after him, picked him up and he bit her. It was a warning bite that barely broke the skin. She provoked the cat by grabbing him. Anyway it wasn't our cat and I think I know who the cat belongs to so I'm certain this cat is up to date on shots. Well here comes the fun part, not, my daughter isn't 100 precent sure what cat bit her. So she will be getting shots because I'm not taking a chance. We have until Wednesday to find any other cat in our area that may look like the cat they bit her. (Like I said I'm almost 100 percent I am right on the cat who bit her) however once I unlocked the door and set our stuff down we went straight to the bathroom to wash her wrist. I've dealt with rabies fears before so I knew I needed to make sure we washed it with soap and water to kill any of the virus. No big deal until I decided that I didn't have enough soap on my hand and I had tiny cuts and I'm sure that there was wet saliva left on her arm somewhere and it got into the little cuts and now I have rabies. I don't know what to do. Should I ask for the shots. The doctors didn't even seem concerned that I had washed it with my hand. I didn't ask about myself because I truly thought this cat was the one I believe it is up until my kids have me questioning myself. We live in the USA middle of town and only 2 reported cases in my county last year. One was a cow and the other was a cat. So of course that sends me into a panic. I have a picture of the cat I think it is on my phone and the owners showed me the vaccination papers. So now I'm just waiting for this cat to show up so I can take a pic and compare to verify it's the same cat. (Also this cat meows a lot, before he bit he gave a warning meow. When I went to talk to the owners of the cat I think it is it was meowing it's head off. The cat looks like our indoor cat which is why she went to grab him.) So do I deal with this or should I call the epidemiologist and ask what I should do?? I really don't want to look like a fool, again. Lol
  8. I have gerd like no ones business. It's terrible. It seems every med I take makes it worse and drinking water is awful too. Want to know why my gerd is so bad... because I let it go and didn't treat it when it started. I personally like zantac 150mg. I take one in the morning and one at night. The pepcid a.c. doesn't last as long for me. You can also take tums it you need a little extra help. Take your med and it will help. Once your body adjust to the med you should be able to stop taking the pepcid. Also make sure you take your antidepressant with crackers or something, that will help. If the acid reflux comes back after stopping, start taking it again and ask your doc about long term meds for acid reflux or if you can stay on pepcid. IF you need a med for the long-term there are plenty of great ppi out there if you do not want to stay on pepcid. I personally like zantac so much better than ppi I stay on it. You will be okay. Treat your acid reflux and it will help prevent your fear.
  9. I was told the same thing Angelica stated above. GI doc told me this when I had my colonoscopy in the beginning of Sept. Said If i would have seen him first instead of my PCP he would have not done a colonoscopy for it. (Also want to note I'm 31 so that may play a part in his response to me) My whole reason for the colonoscopy was due to change is stool caliber ie flat stool (or narrow) it started may 23rd and I just had a normal bowel movement last week. In between that time I was either D or they were ribbon like. Sometimes thicker sometimes paper thin on the vary rare occasion they would start normal and end up thinner. Everything was normal. More than likely youve always done this and didn't pay attention. Now that you are it's hard not too. Being that it's at the end of the stool and not the whole stool I wouldn't be worried. Mine (before flat stool saga) and my kids are like that (I have 3 kids and have to wipe them occasionally.) Good luck and i hope you havent worried lately. I see this post was from earlier this month.
  10. Hey I was having the same issues for about a year. Went to the gyno because I too though OC. He did a pap and ultrasound of my ovaries and they looked perfect. In June I started having narrow stool along with the gas and alternating d and c occasional blood on tp. I assumed ibs until the narrow stool was like that for a month. Went to doc. Decided to do a colonoscopy and guess what. Nothing wrong yet again. (My poop just returned to normal shape btw so 4 1/2 months later. Lol) I still have gas issues and lots of pain where the bends in the colon are. Your doc is doing the appropriate tests and you're headed in the right direction to get the all clear. I'm 31 and both my gyno and GI doc said the chances of any of the cancers I'm fearing at our age are low. You are going to be okay and I will say a prayer for some relief from your worry!! I want to note I too felt like if they order these test that must mean they suspect it too. When my PCP said he was rx a colonoscopy I freaked big time. He said I just want to make sure it is IBS and not something else, Chances are I'm correct but I wouldn't be doing my job if I didn't make 100 percent certain you're fine. I'm betting your doc feels the same. :)
  11. I feel ya on that. If I try to vent about my worries then I'm just freaking out. I've learned long ago to talk to "my kind". Hahaha glad she's on the mend.
  12. I've taken cymbalta twice, for months at a time. Worked well the first time. The second time not so much so I was only on it for a bit. However I never experienced any issues starting cymbalta. Withdrawal wasn't nearly as bad as other antidepressants I've tried. Mainly just physical symptoms. Headaches, felt my pain start back up in my body and body zaps. What are her issues with starting it? The first day I felt high as a kite. My back hurt like hell for the first few days but that's about it. By week 2 I felt way better emotionally and by week 3 I felt like my old self. The second time it didn't help with any of my psychological issues just my pain.
  13. This was me last year except my doctor found a lump in each breast. Luckily it wasn't anything. I had to have a mammogram to be sure but they saw nothing at all. It's just my breast tissue. I read so much on BC and I even asked questions on the BC forums. I self checked every chance I had seeing if it changed or if it was still there. Well 1 year later both are still there and I have learned how important it is to self check once a month. The week after your period is when you should check. I had a 3d mammogram and learned that my breast are entirely fatty, which explains why I never could produce enough milk for my babes. However most women at our age have dense breast tissue and the mammogram wouldn't put your mind at ease. Interestingly enough my mom got a mammo with me and they found a lump, did ultrasound and she has to watch it and report any changes. I cried myself to sleep every night thinking the worst. Reading all these stories of women who are like your friend. It's so heart breaking and it just puts into perspective how fragile our lives are. You want to be a good friend and be there for her but you have to remember it's her story and her struggle. Not yours. You are fine and will be fine physically. Just try to remember that when helping her because this is going to be one of your biggest challenges with HA you will probably have. I will pray for your friend and hope she can go into remission for years to come. I will pray for you to have peace and guidance through this.
  14. Thanks for your response. You helped me through my ALS fear a year ago!! Anyway it's my PCP, I will meet the GI day of. But he looked at me and said I'm sorry I have to refer you for a colonoscopy. He's like I know how you feel about this but a change in habit needs to be evaluated. He said hopefully this will give us answers for your IBS you've had all these years. The man is very fatherly towards me and knows I freakout about any testing that needs to be done but damnit I did not want to hear I needed a test. I know flat, wide stools are common with IBS and I'm crossing my fingers this is all it is. But dang HA isn't helping.
  15. I suffer from hormonal headaches and let me tell you it doesn't matter what time I cycle I can have one. Haha I also have pcos. I don't ovulate like a normal person. Mines a week after I have a period, should be 2. I also have horribly heavy periods. Typically they last 7 days but have been known to last 2 weeks. I don't have my period every 28 day it's more like every 30 to 45 days. Which makes my bleeding worse due to not having a normal period. Also, I had a headache every day for 3 months straight. I was convinced it was a tumor. It was nothing. Hormones adjusting after having a baby is more than likely what it was. (About a month after she was born they just wouldn't go away) I started BC after I was told MRI was clear and it helped. I only used it 2 weeks and it got my hormones in check. However headache is a common side effect of BC. (Side note I pushed for the MRI doctor didn't think it was necassary)