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  1. Long time reader, infrequent poster. I posted a couple of years ago about my younger sister (50 yrs old) suddenly having Stage IV colon cancer (has since passed away) and how her wish for my brother and I was to get colonoscopies. We both did and I am on a 3 year surveillance schedule after they found 2 sessile serrated adenomas (7mm and 10mm). I am going for my 3 yr on Monday and I'm completely freaked out. Mind you, I was not this scared when I got the initial screening (or maybe I'm forgetting that). I keep going down the rabbit hole of, "They'll find cancer this time. The doctor missed something or didn't get all of the polyps removed completely..." you know the drill. I know what I'm NOT supposed to do and I know that doing it isn't going to give me the reassurance that I'm looking for. I had a consultation with the actual Dr. doing my procedure (who did my last one) and he answered all of my questions. He was very chill about it and said he doesn't expect to find anything other than maybe more polyps. Still, only temporarily reassured. I do have a question for any folks who may have experience. In general, if folks abide by the guidance and get their colonoscopy as directed, is the expectation that they would catch anything that's cropped up in between? I'm looking for anyone to share their experiences not to provide me any reassurance. I wish I could break this cycle and be able to live my life without fearing that something is always lurking around the corner waiting for me to be happy and free for 1 minute to then pounce.
  2. Thanks MARC. Intellectually I know this but HA makes it harder for me to believe.
  3. Hi. I have never posted before and I’ve wanted to for a long time. I have suffered with HA for at least 20 years (I’m 51) and I’ve done all kinds of therapy and take medication. I understand how to manage it but there are times when it can get the better of me. My sister (age 50) went to the hospital about a month ago because she was feeling terrible (and had been for weeks) and had continued to worsen. She thought she might have COVID. Turns out she has Stage IV colon cancer that had perforated her bowel and I’ve been a mess ever since. She’s out of the hospital, receiving chemo and seems to be adjusting well. I, however, am not doing so great. I’m terrified that I have it too. We have minimal cancer on both sides of our family, all after age 65 and all survived to old age. Never CC. There is no evidence that her cancer is hereditary. She started to have symptoms about a year prior (blood in stool) and ignored it. She also had some GI issues she dismissed as IBS. I too suffer from IBS and have for many, many years. I have experienced any number of shapes, shades, sizes and consistency of stool over the years. I have always had unstable bowel habits. I don’t think I would know or recognize a “change in bowel habits”. I am hypothyroid and see my GP regularly. All my bloodwork is fine. But, about 3-4 years ago I began having a mild, stitch like pain on my lower left side (pelvic region). Almost like a dull, pulling, stretch like sensation. It would come and go usually around my menstrual cycle. I dismissed it for this reason. I have not been to my OB/GYN since then (likely out of fear). It comes and goes, lasting about a week and never worsens. Sometimes I go months without it happening. It has started up in earnest since my sister’s diagnosis (still intermittent and mild). I should have had my colonoscopy last year when I turned 50 and then COVID struck. I turned 51 in May and my sister turned 50 in April. Regardless, I now have my colonoscopy scheduled for next Thursday. Before now I would have been at average risk of CC and the timing for my first colonoscopy would be adequate. Now I have a first-degree relative with CC at a relatively young age and feel like my timing for the procedure is now way too late. All this to say that I’m terrified that all the symptoms I’ve had over the years and my sister’s diagnosis is confirmation that I have CC.
  4. It definitely sounds like food poisoning (and it can feel awful but it is not life threatening).
  5. I read the whole thing. I’m sorry you are going through this. It sucks. The only thing I know is that a) sometimes a health scare is just that, scary and, b) if it is worst case your response will not be HA but an authentic one equal to the gravity of the potential situation. Your attitude seems to be reasonable. The not knowing and the waiting is dreadful. Keep talking about it here and get that support. Hang in there (as best you can).