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  1. I have a chest cold, went to urgent care wednesday, and now im worried i was misdiagnosed or will turn into bronchitis... the logical side of me keeps saying your fever is down and if it was bronchitis my phlegm wouldnt look normal... I tried to go to work yesterday but only lasted a half hour, and I called out today as well I feel so bad, but on top of feeling like crud from the cold I got my period which is always enough to have me call out from work on occasion... I just want to feel OK, and to not feel guilty about calling out or always thinking the worst about my health... I have a drs appt on monday and i have to talk to my doctor about my hashimotos diagnosis because I have been having issues with that as well. I just hate when I'm sick and alone in my apt with my thoughts and think the worst. My anxiety isn't so bad when I have my bf or family with me, but I think I need to eventually look into therapy or something when I am feeling better.... I can't keep living like this
  2. So for the past couple of days I've been getting an off and on lower pelvic pain. Almost like a cramp. Not due for my period for another week but could be related? Idk. Its not too painful just a dull ache. Just on one side. I don't have my Dr's appoitment till January 2nd but ill bring it up. But until then its just annoying... In just scaring myself. In sure if its an emergency the pain would be worse right?
  3. Thank you all for the positivity I do appreciate it!! The drs did call me to say they found some abnormalities so I scheduled another appoitment with them to see whats up. My anxiety is actually not that bad right now surprisingly even though I do have a lot going on. Found out I have a bill that got sent to collections and its from my former apartments so thats not fun to deal with along with my symptoms I've been feeling that has been interfering with my work. Other than that I'm just trying to see the bright side of things and keeping myself busy. I did pick up a new hobby, I am teaching myself to cross stitch. lol its very relaxing and I can do it while watching netflix or at my desk at work when its slow
  4. I haven't been on here in a while because I have actually been doing really well... got a new place and a new job and things have been going amazing. Some things have now happened that have been stressing me out and as a result it is causing my autoimmune disease symptoms to flare up. I keep having to tell myself "I am not my illness" I will not let it take over again. I need to push it back, push it away, not think about it.... lately I have been feeling some new symptoms around my throat/thyroid area and that is where my autoimmune disease (hashimotos) takes place. I have been overdue for another thyroid ultrasound so I scheduled one and while the lady was doing my scan she asked me if I felt pressure in the area she was running the wand over. I'm like "yeahhh." she awkwardly changed subject and I'm like "crap did she see something" Anyways, this was almost 2 weeks ago and I'm wondering why they haven't called me yet and I keep telling myself "no news is good news" then today on stupid facebook one of the first articles that show up is signs of thyroid cancer and I am freaking out and I did a stupid thing and ended up clicking on it and I do have some of the symptoms.... I should not have read it because now I have just spend my whole day off worrying about it. I guess I just need some reasurrance or some distraction right now. I'm going to go read a book in my bathtub to try and relax. I am having such a hard time not letting my "illness" define me. How do you get past that? I have been doing so well, too....
  5. Not yet. Since I got shut down so quick last time I mentioned possible mold Im going to wait til we get the results back from the lab and then ill definitely let them know!
  6. So this explains why I have been sick since I moved in... Found mold in my main AC ... It has been leaking water since we moved in and I've sent multiple maintenance request throughout the past 7 months and not one maintenance man as opened the vent where I found incredulous amounts of dust and black mold.... All they did was suck the water out from behind the sink... And that only stops the leaking temporarily.... I was healthy before moving in and now Im pissed I still have the lease til october. I may have to get lawyers involved. My bf sampled the mold and its going out to testing... I want to slam them with proof because I always got shut down quick when I told them my mold concerns.. No doubt because of this I now have an autoimmune condition that i will have to manage for the rest of my life. Afterall everyone was telling me its in my head...and just anxiety (parents coworkers etc) Sorry guys just have to vent. Anyone else experience this? Lol
  7. my fatigue has lessened significantly but if I overdo myself on some days I feel it tenfold the next day so I just have to pace myself accordingly.. overall I feel A LOT better than I have been, thank you for asking I haven't gotten my immunoglobulins checked.. I had to cancel two very important drs appoitments to attend job interviews so I'm hoping I can reschedule my appoitments soon!! I'm starting a new job and will be put on a probation period that I can not miss so I'm a bit nervous about that but will have to tough through it... I know EXACTLY how you feel, if its not one thing its another and what hurts the most is having people after a while just become skeptical of it all... or they think its in your head... and I agree maybe a lot of it could be anxiety... but we do have underlying autoimmune issues that its SO hard to differentiate... like a dr in the ER once told me.. if you hear hooves pattering on the ground its hard to tell if its coming from a zebra or a horse WHAT IS NORMAL!!! That is how I have been feeling!! Its so incredibly frustrating but I think the last time I felt like myself was a year ago.... wow.... Hang in there... hopefully answers will come soon! It helps me a lot to try and stay engaged in outside hobbies... getting lost in a project helps me forget my symptoms for a while.
  8. I just wanted to pop in and say in currently getting rashes too. On my arms and sometimes on my cheeks... I haven't seen a dermatologist yet because I haven't had the time or energy... I too have hashimotos and am worried about the similar immune deficiencies.. I work with kids and I get sick so quickly and it hits me so hard and seems to last longer than for others... Another random thing im noticing is im bruising a lot... Idk. .. I guess I just wanted to let you know you're not alone in feeling like this and I hope you can find some peace soon!!
  9. Thank you both for your replies. I appreciate it so much. Since I posted this I have sent out sooo many job apps and all of key efforts have paid off. I have found a great new job that i start in June. Making more than I am now and will be easier on me physically. I have had a horrible and toxic work environment the past week and my boss has made me work life a living hell so I have this new job lined up at the perfect time. My boyfriend and I have talked and he's been more attentive. Once I start making more money Im going to go see a therapist and better myself mentally Im excited to grow.
  10. Hello I just wanted to peek in here and say unfortunately anxiety can mimic many things I have anxiety but I also have an autoimmune condition and stress definitely doesn't help it but causes it to flare up. I have taken care of the stress in my life (some of it) and am feeling better already. Hope you get some answers and peace soon.
  11. I have kind of disappeared from this site for a bit and being more focused on my hobbies, like journaling, making jewelery, drawing, etc... it has been a good stress relief for me and I haven't had too many physical symptoms and have been managing well with my heath (ebv, and hashimotos) I even went on vacation to Minnesota a couple of weeks ago and that was nice. So all in all things have been really good.... Now though i am again stressed out and I work at a school as a teachers assistant and haven't been able to find a job and i only have 2 weeks left... Im so nervous.... the place that hired me last summer has marked me as unhirable because my anxiety got SO bad I just walked out on them so thats understandable and I even explained the situation but oh well.. Now its kind of crunch time and I'm nervous but I've been putting out 10 job apps daily and have a couple of interviews lined up right now.... I'm looking for stuff close by to me because I've really come to hate driving any sort of distance. My parents live a half hour away and its even a chore to go over there sometimes... I've come to hate even being in my own apartment. But I hate going out. Everything gives me anxiety and I don't even see my dr for another 2 months... I'm just so overwhelmed. I know thats life.... thats how it goes... but lately its been more bad than good for me, especially in the past year or so. I wish I could find comfort in things and my art was helping me for a while but what do you guys do when you can't focus??
  12. Just thought I'd pop in to say I feel your pain!! I currently have one in the back of my mouth close to the back of my throat so eating and drinking really hurts right now :/ oragel is my friend hopefully yours goes away soon!
  13. I'm flying tomorrow.... I am so scared!! I got this "rescue remedy" stuff and hopefully it helps me....
  14. That is insane! This year has taught me now more than ever we have to be our own advocates for our health.... sure having health anxiety doesn't help and we seem to be over perceptive of our body sometimes but think of the times where we trusted our gut and just KNEW something was off...
  15. Oh no that is horrible! Hopefully she can get her strength back up soon! Glad everything was good with her heart!