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  1. I honestly dont know where to start. A few months ago i developed a new symtom. I got dizzy. Iv never had a problem with dizzyness before but i now notice my body feels heavy when i walk and i feel off balance. My head sometimes gets this really wierd tingly sensation and everything around me feels dreamy. Iv been having a lot of poor appi cause after i eat i feel lightheaded and dizzy. The only way to keep me from having these feelings is relaxing and sitting down and focusing on one thing like playing a game on my phone. Somedays i have really good days where these new symptoms dont come but some days they are so bad. My head feels wierd most the time. I honestly dont know how to explain it. Its just a really wierd feeling. Then i start to panic. What if i have a brain tumor or brain C***er. Im a ciggerette smoker so what if im feeling like this cause i have something wrong with my lungs and im not getting enough oxygen to my brain. A million things start running through my head. I dont know what to do about this head and body feeling. Sometimes i feel like when im walking everything around me feels like a dream. Its so wierd...i dont know how to explain it. Does anyone else feel like this?
  2. Thank you Jon for your advice! I will go to the doctors but i was diagnosed with Anxiety/Panic and there was nothing wrong but i am getting older and have been off Zoloft for years cause i also have another fear of taking medications. But i will take a Xanax even tho i only took it a couple times it really helped me. But i will go see a doctor as soon as i can
  3. Hi im Regina. I already did my introduction a couple days ago. This Morning when i woke up i felt like my eyes were turning black and i couldnt see so then i thought i was gonna pass out. I kept getting dizzy. My whole issue is that i feel like my anxiety and panic attacks are different from everyone elses and that i might have something wrong with me. What if its not even anxiety or panic and its some health problem? I also have a problem and its called White Coat Syndrome which means im horribly scared to go to the doctors cause everytime i do go i start to panic and my blood pressure gets super high and then the look on the doctors face scares me sometimes too. I hate the doctors. I know my post is which every way and probably doesnt make sense but thats because i am feeling anxious. What if somethings wrong me? But i cant go to the doctors! IDK. Another thing to that i have is that when i watch tv or hear something from someone about symtoms before something serious happens (ex: one side of your face looks like its melting before you have a stroke)(your right arm goes numb before a heartattack) when mu hand so tingly i panic cause am i having a heartattack, then my heart beats fast. Same with my face recently, my left cheek muscle like cramps and i panic. When i get panic attacks i feel i need someone around me (but push them away) at all times to talk to me but i DO NOT talk when i have panic attacks. I pace back and forth, i touch things i normally dont do, i look for things that i dont know what im looking for, i try and fix things in my house that need to be fixed but dont know what im doing. Idk. This is pretty long and now im super sleepy
  4. Hello, Half the time i dont eat cause after i eat my heart rate goes up and i feel dizzy after. Eating makes me have super anxiety.
  5. Hi My name is Regina and i suffer from anxiety/Panic! I have had anxiety for about 10 years now. I have health anxiety super bad, i havent been to a doctor in about 2-3 years. I cant keep a stable job because when i have anxiety i just run away from whatever im doing. I dont like to be alone because if there is something wrong with me i want someone here. I hate going out places, but when i do im always thinking and looking for the nearest hospital. I do have good days where i am able to go do things but its not for a long period of time. I get dizzy alot. I have like 99% of anxiety symtoms. Im so glad and thankful that a family member mentioned this site.