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  1. Yes, I think I'm going to urgent care...but I also feel like if I do that, I'm constantly feeding into my anxiety. This will be maybe the 4th or 5th time I've ended up in urgent care this year. After I go, I feel fine for a small amount of time, then I'm ruminating over something else. Last night I was actually looking up Dr. Google memes to laugh, and reassure myself that everything is going to be ok. Scrolling through the images, I found a picture of a bald young lady hooked up to a bunch of IV's. I clicked on it, even though I know I shouldn't have. The article was about the girl in the picture, and how she diagnosed her own ovarian c****r through googling her symptoms. What made it even worse for me is the fact that she is/was 23 years old, the same age as me! They said that the doctors overlooked the possibility of her having it because of her age. Like I said, I did have a sonogram of my ovaries in April, and the doctor said everything is fine. However, I'm nearly back in that same place I left months ago...and now I'm worried about everything! I tried to talk to my mom about the situation, but she just got annoyed with me - but she did give me a book called "the power of the subconscious mind". I'm going to start reading and see if it helps. My mom and my boyfriend are the only people I have to talk to, and my mom just gets pissed with me.
  2. I've already talked to two people on here who told me not to worry about it, but this pain of the left side of my abdomen has been freaking me out! It started in my lower stomach, I'd feel a sharp pain when I sat down. Now it's moved from my lower stomach to the entire left side of my stomach. It also doesn't help that I have back pain, but I've been having back pain on and off for months now, which believe is due to my job, but I never can be sure. I googled it. Yes, I used doctor google, and I google everything. I'm so scared of what this pain could be, even though in the back of my head I know its probably nothing serious. I don't know where it came from, but it started last week, and I've already had two anxiety attacks because of it. There's too many things that it could be, from kidneys, to ovaries, to bladder, to uterus, to digestive tract...I'm so confused. I'm seeing a urologist on the 31st, but I'm debating on whether or not to go to an ER or an urgent care. Advice!
  3. Thank you! I've actually started something called a "reality book", where I create small collages on each page about positive things that are going to happen in my life, like having a family, starting my career, getting married, etc. I haven't had a chance to continue working on it in a couple of weeks, but I need to get back to it. Thank God for my boyfriend too, he helps me manage my anxiety attacks, which can get out of control if I'm left up to my own devices. & you're right about google, its my absolute downfall! There's so many bad results. Everything somehow ends up being a terminal illness.
  4. Hi everyone! I'm new to this anxiety forum, and I'm hoping I can relieve some stress by chatting with people that have similar issues. I can't remember exactly when it started, but I've developed extreme health anxiety. I never used to be this scared of anything! I'm only 23 years old, and know that I am way too young to be going through this self-inflicted emotional trauma. Even though I don't remember when it began, I'm pretty sure I know where it comes from. Unfortunately, I've been to many funerals, and have had many of my loved ones die. Ever since my grandmother passed away of ovarian c****r in 2003, it seems as if my small, dwindling family has suffered at least 1 death per year. My aunt passed away of uterus c****r in 2009, and though I wasn't close to her, I was there to witness her decline. Though it seemed as if it didn't bother me as much back then, I'm totally freaking out about it now! I spend my days suppressing, or trying to suppress this unbearable c****r/death phobia. I've been to the doctor more times than anyone I know this year alone, and I'm still not convinced that I'm totally fine. I've recently been experiencing pain in my back, lower left, and upper left abdomen. I'm seeing a urologist on the 31st to address an issue I've had since a child, which is frequent urination. I've had a sonogram done of my bladder and kidney's twice, the last time being exactly 1 year ago in October of 2015 - and I recently had a sonogram of my ovaries in April (all normal). Even still, I'm horrified at the things I read online, from kidney failure to bladder c****r, and I'm driving myself and loved ones insane! I'm nervous about this random onset of pain and have almost reduced myself to hysteria on more than one occasion. I can't stop googling, crying, and over-thinking. Even sitting at the computer right now isn't enough to distract myself from constantly thinking about what this pain could be, or how scared I am to go to the doctor and find out, even though I'm more frightened of not going! Someone, anyone, please reach out with any reassuring words of advice.